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  1. Sure we can, but do you see this current pattern breaking down anytime soon?
  2. the calls of a big hot sweaty summer are on life support.
  3. Dry begets dry....especially city on east
  4. surprised it hasn't been wetter with that trough near us...we've lucked out in that regard.
  5. Partly sunny and 73 here today. Rain will never make it this far east
  6. crappy day-we've had warmer days in Feb this year...LOL At least it was a workday and not a weekend.
  7. rounds of heavy rain here-never cracked 60 today.
  8. off and on rounds of moderate rain here all afternoon. Picked up about .40
  9. Awful here 60 with rain/drizzle most of the day
  10. Models have been horrific on this one from the get go.
  11. heavy rain backing in from the northeast, you don't see that often
  12. Holding at 60 here with occasional drizzle....just miserable for 6/22
  13. Yep just like in winter it's about a month or 5 weeks before it becomes truly noticeable.
  14. Cool rainy morning here. 59 with about .20 of rain
  15. I know it's the HRRR but it has lost the heavy rains
  16. models honing in on a dumping for someone....2-3 inches in spots but still waffling east/west Euro favors Philly to NYC
  17. storms whiffing just to my south
  18. what's the bias with these things-do they tend to verify north or south of models?
  19. missed all the rain today here so far...cloudy and 68
  20. GFS has it too but further SW
  21. Yep GFS NAM and RGEM show a fair amt of rain Sunday now
  22. People hear what they want to hear-summer is no exception lol
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