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  1. verdict is still out-sometimes the blocking doesn't materialize or is much weaker...also if it's south based, that's not all that cool here-see last winter when we had south based blocking and we had a month of temps in the 40's.
  2. 72 here with east wind vs 84 yesterday and SW wind....
  3. nasty storm coming through here-lots of lightning
  4. I'm about 20 miles west of there-it's brutal out there-feels like mid July.
  5. there's been a few spotted here. They are slowing making their way up I-95
  6. cost prohibitive in areas where they are mostly above ground now....
  7. saw that elsewhere-one of the all time greats!
  8. one of the NE mets was referring how we are often over-warned for flooding. Part of the reason some too last week's event lightly....
  9. looks overdone-models don't have all that much....an inch or less and it's been dry for a week now....
  10. seems a bit much for flood watches-models seems to have mostly less than an inch for many outside of isolated pockets. 12z Euro as an example:
  11. we know we know-leaf blowers and once you've seen fall colors that's enough
  12. Quiet week or so coming up outside of a couple showers Wed night. We can use the break for sure.
  13. have to settle for 2 out of 3 this weekend
  14. Agree-if a bunch of mets and hobbyists on a message board knew it was coming so should emergency mgmt and mayors etc....
  15. politicians and energy company execs did the same exact thing in the October 2011 snowstorm here. Someone then played a montage of TV mets explaining the threat for the 2-3 days leading up to the event. Typical political BS....
  16. yep-I was down there last month-it was near the turnpike and hit a car dealership and some other buildings. More of a commercial area. Not sure if there was a Home depot/mall
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