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  1. Hail has stopped, but still pouring. 1.75" in the bucket and no signs of stopping
  2. Got skimmed by a few cells earlier but getting our first appreciable rain and wind now
  3. Very interesting how localized the rain seems to be! It is an absolute deluge right now near the Target
  4. Dumping near 24-139 interchange. Loud thunder
  5. A bit old (from last night) but a great update from Levi on the future evolution of Cristobal. Looks like once the dry air to the west gets wrapped around and cuts off the subtropical, nearly frontal characteristics of the storm on its east side, Cristobal may have a small window to intensify via more tropical processes. Likely won't have a whole lot of time to do so if and when the moisture bubble of the storm becomes more consolidated.
  6. Pretty impressive bright banding all across SNE tonight. Chaotic radar for sure
  7. Solid push south on CC southwest of Boston. Elevated locales along I-95 in Sharon-Foxboro area have probably flipped over nicely by now. Flakes are working their way in here in fits and starts
  8. CC indicating that the mix line is slowly but steadily crashing SE through metro-west south of the pike. Still looks like we're on track with guidance
  9. Power is back on here. Crazy lightning continues though
  10. Huge lightning strike in Canton and the power went out instantly. The day we bought a ton of perishables too, great.
  11. It is with a heavy heart I'm announcing that my internship with @CT Rain has been suspended due to the Covid-19 outbreak. I am wrapping up my undergraduate career with the aim of entering a Meteorology graduate program, and the experience, industry insight, education/on the job learning, and litany of connections Ryan provided me with at the station have been nothing short of incredible. The opportunities for students in the weather community, be it on this site or elsewhere, are boundless and exciting. While today is a sad day, it is merely a bump in the road in what I hope is a long and fruitful path of a meteorological career. All I want to say is thank you to this community for helping me and countless other prospective meteorologists continue along the path to success, as well as stoking my passion for the weather!
  12. Nasty graupel shower for a bit in Hartford, but appears to have settled back into a nice moderate snow.
  13. Moderate snow in Hartford and stacking up nicely. Looks to be backbuilding a bit too.
  14. Dumping near I-84/Pike exchange. As others have said, it’s a mess. Cars skidding out left and right and the road is snowpacked.
  15. Man this storm is going to leave a memory for me no matter the outcome. Currently on the commuter rail en route to Worcester for a 1:30-5:30pm GRE exam. While the exam is gonna be wretched, I am applying to Meteorology grad programs, so I find it fitting that such a large scale event will be unfolding outside. Definitely not a coincidence. Hoping to emerge from the test center with a nice meaty WAA shield in place! After that, gonna be a white knuckle Greyhound or Uber from Worcester to Hartford in the middle of the storm. Will definitely be an interesting ride (sounds like blasphemy, but wouldn’t mind if the CT dry slot appears for a little while I am in transit) No matter what scenario plays out, should be a memorable day. Good luck to all everyone! I don’t have high hopes for Hartford but should be a fantastic event for those in MA
  16. Sleet ongoing in Hartford, hoping we get some flakes before the precip runs dry.
  17. That blowup of convection around the center managed to wrap around and expel dry air pretty efficiently. On San Juan Radar looks like a potential landfall on St. Thomas?
  18. Tons of thunder here. Looks like a line is trying to form behind the first cell.