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  1. 19.5, first teens since March
  2. That house still for sale in that video...asking for a friend Great video, enjoy it!
  3. Lots of erosion here. Said my goodbyes to Reynolds Wolf as they are now leaving
  4. I'm in Jacksonville beach. Got a pic with Reynolds Wolf
  5. Weather channel at my hotel. Can't attach a pic unfortunately, file too big
  6. Sea is angry here in Neptune Beach
  7. I was rocking here at that moment in that radar shot. Made it 18", then the lingering days of on and off again snows got me 20". One of best months for snow I've been around for
  8. You can have that, just need to move.
  9. I got down to 37. I was surprised to see it honestly.
  10. Big time frost here this morning.
  11. Poison Ivy usually turn that red in the fall
  12. Grass slowed down a ton after having the 4 mornings in a row below freezing here.
  13. Been in heavy mist for a couple hours.
  14. The ex-guitarist for Faith No More after leaving the band was growing 1000 pound+ pumpkins and winning contests in the early to mid 2000s.
  15. Cold on your side of town, lol.
  16. Was well above average where I am in NJ with 45". I'd take that in a heartbeat.
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