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  1. What is the predicted onset time of SN+? Looks to be around 6-ish PM from what I can tell. Got a flight landing today in Newark at 4:45 PM and not sure if they’ll divert or cancel.
  2. Last winter was not impressive snow-wise up here. Waaay below normal.
  3. Yeah, up in the northern poconos (Wayne County) right now.
  4. Well, my measuring must suck (I admit not using the approved method) because a trained spotter 3 miles away from me recently reported 8 inches.
  5. A bit over 6 inches here in the northern poconos at 1500ft elevation and still coming down lightly.
  6. I'm in the northern poconos under the "heavier echoes" and nothing is reaching the ground. Edit: just as I typed that we finally started getting some light flurries.
  7. Already some power flickering during stronger gusts here in Somerville. Not looking forward to when the stronger winds arrive this afternoon.
  8. Great sunset in Somerville this evening. https://imgur.com/a/fgQCX
  9. Monster storm in Somerville. 60+mph winds, nonstop lightning and about the heaviest rain I've ever seen. Power is on and off.
  10. Thursday late afternoon/evening definitely has some potential south and east of Regina over the top of the ridge. Considering that this is my only week of chasing for the year, looks like I might be heading to Canada.
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