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  1. messier77

    Harvey - Main Thread

    I think it just missed the eye.
  2. Solid rotation down in Central Jersey
  3. messier77

    March 10th 2017 Clipper disco/obs

    Last winter was not impressive snow-wise up here. Waaay below normal.
  4. messier77

    March 10th 2017 Clipper disco/obs

    Yeah, up in the northern poconos (Wayne County) right now.
  5. messier77

    March 10th 2017 Clipper disco/obs

    Well, my measuring must suck (I admit not using the approved method) because a trained spotter 3 miles away from me recently reported 8 inches.
  6. messier77

    March 10th 2017 Clipper disco/obs

    A bit over 6 inches here in the northern poconos at 1500ft elevation and still coming down lightly.
  7. messier77

    March 10th 2017 Clipper disco/obs

    I'm in the northern poconos under the "heavier echoes" and nothing is reaching the ground. Edit: just as I typed that we finally started getting some light flurries.
  8. messier77

    Jan 23-24th Nor'easter Nowcast/Obs

    Already some power flickering during stronger gusts here in Somerville. Not looking forward to when the stronger winds arrive this afternoon.
  9. messier77

    September 2016 Discussion/Obs

    Great sunset in Somerville this evening. https://imgur.com/a/fgQCX
  10. Monster storm in Somerville. 60+mph winds, nonstop lightning and about the heaviest rain I've ever seen. Power is on and off.
  11. Thursday late afternoon/evening definitely has some potential south and east of Regina over the top of the ridge. Considering that this is my only week of chasing for the year, looks like I might be heading to Canada.
  12. messier77

    2/16 President Day Storm Obs

    Significant icing here in Somerville...roads and sidewalks covered and very slippery/difficult to walk.
  13. messier77

    June 18th-21st Severe Events

    Awesome aurora last night near Lemmon, SD on an in-between day yesterday while the northern plains reload after the cold front.