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  1. I got 0.11" in two separate showers but all the decent activity went both north and south. The northern tier looks like it's been getting it pretty good for awile now.
  2. I just looked at radar and it looks like most storms are going to stay south of me, but I'm surprised no one's talking about the ones that were down by Lancaster and Shrewsbury. They looked like they were pretty potent.
  3. 91 with a 73 dewpoint for a heat index of 99 here at the house. No storms nearby yet, though.
  4. A brief shower knocked me back to 75 degrees. I'm picking my wife up from rehab as she's coming home today. My gauge shows 0.06". Now the shower is heading toward Lehighton, where I'm at right now.
  5. I got closer than I expected with 89.2 yesterday.
  6. That'd be cool but I'm actually joking about that. I'm not stopping at all. I'll be a "man on a mission" to "git 'er done" quickly so I can enjoy some of the day with family.
  7. Yeah. Probably going to be a long day, too. The regular unloaders are all off, so I have to rely on folks that unload milk, not water. The pumps and set up are different, and those guys don't fully know the procedure. Add to that I have three loads instead of two, and it'll probably be a solid 12 hour day.
  8. Yikes...sorry to hear about this. I guess now is not the time to complain about having to work on Independence Day. Perhaps @mahantango#1can go to Pillow and hook me up with a cookout burger, some hot dogs, potato salad, and a cold soda pop...lol
  9. Must have been a popular number this morning. I was 55, too.
  10. Where near Tamaqua? I know taxes are high here, especially in the townships. It'd have been cool to have you as a "neighbor" though.
  11. That's the thing people don't understand about economics. Wages go up, but then so do products and services. That higher wage ends up not going much farther than it did when it was lower.
  12. Getting really tired of these 40s and almost 40s mornings... 52 for the low in my backyard.
  13. Same results as yesterday (exactly). High was 89.4 again, so two days in a row I got cheated out of a 90 degree high, and now it looks like the core of the rain/storms is/are going to miss to the south.
  14. I'm a degree lower today than yesterday at this time, but the humidity is higher.
  15. Yes. I did it for a little while. 16 hour days 7 days per week was too much for me, and the wife as well. Had to get out. I have a more manageable schedule being a truck driver.
  16. The life of a golf course superintendent...ugh.
  17. 89.4 here, so I couldn't even sneak a 90 in by rounding up...
  18. Woke up this morning with 0.05" in the bucket. Just checked now after driving through heavy rain for half of the trip to Tower City, and I now have 0.91" at the house. I guess it left loose after I left.
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