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  1. Plus side: I get to play in some deep snow with my new Jeep. Negative side: It'll screw me up loading in Tower City. Chains were suggested by the guy who plows the well property, but I ain't throwing iron, and the boss doesn't want them on the trucks.
  2. At this point I'm just hoping that Tower City stays under an inch. Any more, and if Penndot drops the blades, I'm not going to be able to get out of my loading location tomorrow morning. See why snow is not a positive for me.
  3. Yes, I have light snow as well. Temp and DP is 30.2/20.1 at the moment...
  4. Still wants to "mini jackpot" me here in the Skook. I did see a few flurries when I was up the road from the house in Hometown.
  5. I had a Hazleton to Weyer's Cave VA run the Monday after that storm. I ran down I-81 of course and ran through Martinsburg, WV where they had over 40 inches. The three lane interstate was barely open one lane in spots. I have a video on YouTube of my trip that day.
  6. I'll find out on Monday if it looks the same way upstream in Herndon and Sunbury.
  7. Thanks! Just an FYI though, those aren't some really cool graphics on the side. It's a reflection of the snow bank across the street...lol
  8. It's amazing how close you and I are in temperatures most days. My low was indeed -4 (-4.4) and I'm currently at -1 (-0.9) at 8:45am.
  9. Dropped a little more to -4.4 which is the low so far for the morning. Can I go a little lower, or did I hit the bottom as it's already 7:30am? And for fun, I looked around the state and there's a lot of double digit sub-zero lows, including -18 at Tobyhanna, -19 at Gouldsboro, and -20 at Thornhurst, all on personal stations in the Poconos...
  10. It's -4 (-3.8 exactly) on my station this morning, so far.
  11. Look at Augusta, home of the Masters golf tournament... 30.2 inches.
  12. And then 60 and heavy rain a week later if I remember correctly.
  13. I think this is why it's so cold. Look at the name of the company that makes the trailer I'm pulling...
  14. 8.8 at my house. Not sure what it is in Tower City, but it's
  15. Thanks. I wonder if Tower City got the same. That half inch may be enough to drift across the access road to my truck loading area.
  16. So if nearly all the short range models are showing less that one inch, where is CTP getting a 1-3 range for my location? How much we get and when it stops will determine where I run tomorrow.
  17. So it looks like 1-3 for me. Just in time to mess up the morning commute. Looks like another late start for me again tomorrow morning.
  18. In the right pattern there'd be one or two per week...
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