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  1. Nah...I don't think I want to look at Omg...I just saw DAY 300 and not HOUR. I guess I'd be ok with a day 300 snow map. Holiday week snow is nice, even for a warmanista like me.
  2. Sorry guys. Tired of wearing three layers of clothes to work every night...
  3. Just what I need. A cold and snowy March to follow a snowy February. Whatever happened to frontloaded winters? I hate backloaded ones...
  4. I almost did. I was thinking about HR Ewell out of East Earl for awhile, but they were a bit too far from home to commute to, and too close to home to sleep in the truck in their parking lot..
  5. It's not the roads, it's the loads. Unlike hazardous liquids, or even food grade like chocolate or sweeteners, water is not as "touchy" with the loading and unloading process. Therefore, it's much easier to get wet, especially when unloading. Sometimes the trailer doesn't completely empty out, and we sometimes get a leg bath when we pull the hose. Now we could close the valve when we detach, but if we were to forget to open it back up and it freezes shut, were screwed and can't reload until we thaw it back out.
  6. Agreed. Don't even try to give them a compliment. They will flat out ignore you if you are from another region. My true region is here in Central PA as I fall under CTP's cwa, but the Philly forum has no problem with me posting over there as I live a scant 5 miles from the county line with Carbon, which is in Mt Holly's cwa.
  7. Small world. Before I became a truck driver, I worked on a golf course at Saucon Valley Country Club in Bethlehem. I was considering going to Penn State for agronomy courses/ a degree to advance, but the trucking bug bit, and here I am...
  8. Snowing big fatties in Tamaqua. Roads are starting to cave, especially shady areas. Skipped my last load of the night as I didn't want to get stuck on the Blue Mountain coming back with an empty trailer.
  9. Yeah, I looked back. I believe it might have been January 15/16, but there was one rainer in there.
  10. Over the Blue Mountain and just slightly out of the Mt Holly CWA, for us, it might have been the 12/24 storm. Not sure, but January seemed plenty dry.
  11. I washed it last night, so no more snow, please...
  12. I do know they're not directed at me, you guys love snow and want as much as possible. Truth is, while I do prefer warmth to cold, but I also enjoy tracking the storm threats. If they come when I'm off work, I don't mind them so much. As for the snow itself. My preference is to have a big storm (12"+) once a month from Nov/Dec to Feb/Mar, and then melt off in between the events.
  13. As I do you as well...and the others too. I can't think of a better group to talk weather with than all of you. I may not always like what's being depicted or forecasted, but I do know what to (kind of) expect (model mayhem). In my line of work, that's important.
  14. Once I get a permanent truck I should be able to. I've been bouncing around a bit right now
  15. It sure does! I'm actually at Lancaster Tank Wash for a sanitation right now, and I'm surprised at how little snow is left on the ground here. Lots of pure bare areas around, not just the south facing slopes. Nice sunset tonight. Can't see most of it, though...
  16. One of my favorites. Steam, snow and bitter cold temperatures make for an impressive show...
  17. Up here I measured 11" in the backyard yesterday, so today's 5+ took us back up to a 16" snowpack.
  18. Just measured. The snow has stopped. No taint at all, pure snow and 5.25 inches. Roads (the hills) are shut down all around Tamaqua because of stuck tractor-trailers. 309, 54, 209, 443. Anywhere there's a hill, someone is stuck.
  19. No offense guys, but I need it. My surgical shoulder is still sore. I can work without causing damage, but just trying to layer up for my job is painful. I usually go thermal shirt, t-shirt, sweatshirt. Then a coat when I'm loading or unloading the tanker. Putting all that on and off is quite a workout. It'll be nice if even for a couple of days I can shed some of the layers and be a bit more comfortable.
  20. Unofficially (measured on a shoveled sidewalk) I have 3 inches already!