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  1. Yup. You get to brag about walking to school, uphill, both ways, in 3 feet of snow...
  2. Yup. Mentally I'm 30. Physically, I'm 70...
  3. So who is the oldest and youngest in our sub? I'm 55.
  4. For those who are interested, this was my most recent off road adventure in my Jeep...
  5. They sure were! As I mentioned in the video, I was struggling to turn the camera off to save battery.
  6. @canderson Did you get to see my latest off road video, Florence Box Canyon, yet?
  7. Couldnt find a definitive answer, but Phoenix averages somewhere around 15 days over 110 each year.
  8. Gotta love the flame graphics on this pic from Facebook...lol
  9. It was definitely brought up on talk radio this morning.
  10. My Suns didn't. They totally shit the bed last night. I was really hoping for a Suns-Sixers championship series.
  11. Outside of our run to 100 last week, we've still been generally normal to slightly below, so you can't blame spring on me...lol
  12. Not that I'm reveling in it, but it would be fitting that after such a mild, snowless winter, you'd get such shitty late spring weather.
  13. If I remember right, a few of you did "predict" wintry weather for May back when it was actually "supposed" to be winter.
  14. Like I said, the current south to north band is just dumping on Tamaqua. 2.57" today, and 3.70" for the event now.
  15. Just looked at radar. Looks like Tamaqua is under the gun for a few more hours as the heavy rain is training from south to north without much of an eastward push.
  16. If my station in Tamaqua is still measuring correctly we (they) got 2.33" so far today and 3.35" for the entire event. Still raining at a half inch per hour rate, so those numbers will likely increase. Meanwhile, here in the desert...
  17. At the moment, a half inch today and 1.61" for the event in Tamaqua.
  18. Day two at 100 degrees. Tomorrow will be day three... Sunday Increasing clouds, with a high near 101. East northeast wind 5 to 10 mph becoming west southwest in the afternoon.
  19. I just checked my Tamaqua backyard temp, and it's 50 degrees warmer here than there. 97 - 47
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