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  1. I've had 26 days at or above 90 degrees this year so far. I've never kept such detailed records before, but I can't recall a summer with more than this one.
  2. You did better than me. Hazleton (12 miles) and Middleport (8 miles) had 3 and 2 inches respectively. Base of the Blue Mountain on 309 in Snyders (9 miles) had a half inch. Tamaqua proper? A whopping 0.08 inch.
  3. Thanks. The one good storm that we did have this summer came in the middle of the night, and I was so tired that I slept right through it.
  4. Disgusted. So much activity east of the big river and basically nothing in Tamaqua again. Sorry. My rants are probably getting old, but then so is missing out on the action nearly every event.
  5. On my ride home from work and up until twenty minutes ago it looked like we were going to get slammed. Got home put the dog out, saw some flashes of lightning, put Thundershirt on said dog, and checked radar. Good yellow, orange, and some red in the returns JUST to my west. What happened? It fizzled right the f**k out. Got 0.06" out of it.
  6. Should I make that my avatar, or wait until I get a good event?
  7. For years I've watched everyone from the Philly forum, the NYC forum, and even you guys in CPA posting that it's "puking snow", "best lighting I've ever seen", "never saw it rain so hard", etc. I just want my one day where I can be king of the weather hill...
  8. Between Mt Holly and CTP, they wrapped 'em right around the Skook. Could I be on the outside looking in ONCE AGAIN???
  9. I see you trademarked yours as well...lol Last night I missed some good ones as they formed and got everyone from Hazleton to McAdoo and over into Lehighton. Basically anything along and west of 309 got little if any action.
  10. There was some big stuff north of me between here and Hazleton along 309 and over to Lehighton. Most missed and we got 0.14" of rain with no lightning/thunder.
  11. I'm proposing a name change for Schuylkill County. Henceforth, it will now be known as STORMkill County...
  12. 95.2 for the high. Told you guys today would be hotter.
  13. Death Valley for me...lol Also, 87.4 in my backyard at 10:50am. Might get hotter than yesterday's high of 94 that I had.
  14. High of 93.7 officially here in the Eastern Skook.
  15. There is still run off in some areas down in the Lehigh Valley.
  16. 3.41" in the gauge for the event after a couple of passing afternoon showers.
  17. This was the creek and lawn behind our shop this morning...
  18. Quite surprised this morning. Event total of 3.11" as of 4:45am. We had 1.77" yesterday (8/22) and 1.34" so far today (8/23).
  19. Not quite as much as I'd have thought looking at radar and seeing it first hand, but still, a respectable 0.80" so far here.
  20. Absolutely I will. Nothing interesting or exciting happens in Tamaqua, so a big weather event at least gives me something to track/watch unfold.
  21. It looks like a nice heavy band is going to set up JUST north of me (go figure)... Current and future radar give the Poconos and Hazleton to Scranton a good dousing for the next few hours. Meanwhile, here in my backyard, the rain is so light it's not even registering a rate. I've had 3/100 of an inch since my 8:15am report.
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