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  1. That'll work, but I was willing to share, for a nominal royaly fee of course...lol
  2. Interesting that the NWS has EXTENDED the Tornado Watch until 11:00pm. Not too often that happens around here... Flood Warning here as well. I only got 1.25" so far, but reports out of New Ringgold, southwest of me, are over 4 inches.
  3. Hey, I have the trademark on that, but it's called the Tamaqua Split®...
  4. So what might 225 by Pillow be like tomorrow morning? I know there's a creek that runs along side it.
  5. Hey guys, please give me a heads up on any damage out that way. I have my Tower City to Sunbury run tomorrow. I use 209 to either Elizabethville and up 225 through Pillow, or Crosscut out of Loyalton up to Pillow.
  6. Don't hog it all guys. Leave some good stuff for me. I want to witness and post about it, nut just read others' accounts...
  7. Getting another load and heading back down there, I we'll see, but by the time I finish unloading, it'll be rush hour.
  8. And as I sit here in Allentown, it's partly sunny and extremely soupy. Someone's going to get the goods later on.
  9. Any love for the coal region? I'm at work and don't have time to peruse the models...
  10. That's what I was talking about in my previous post. One to two inch forecast and near nothing on radar and broken cloud cover. I'm not seeing it, either.
  11. NWS says 1-2 inches of rain today for Tamaqua. I'm not seeing it unless the soup and some dynamics fire up storms later on...
  12. Mt Holly thinks we're gonna get a lot of rain. They just posted this on their Facebook page.
  13. Yes they are. The video actually was "Pennsylvania Style", a parody of "Gangnam Style".
  14. Yup, and since I get up at 4:30 for work, I was in bed already. I finally got the storm I'd been looking for all season.....and I slept right through it. Go figure.
  15. Looked like something decent went through from Lykens to Tower City. Small and medium sized debris along US209 in spots.
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