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  1. Up to 94 for the high now. I've over performed () all week so far...
  2. 92 so far today. Storms north of I-80 may clip me later.
  3. Up to 89.4 in the backyard at 11am. Still 0.7 higher than yesterday at the same time. So far, the past few days, I've been topping my NWS forecast highs by 3-5 degrees. I'm wondering if I get a 95 today, and with that in mind, I'm also wondering if I'll flirt with 100 on Sunday even up in the cooler air of the coal region.
  4. That's not nice, but I'll get my revenge when I post palm trees in January...lol 83.8 in my backyard already this morning. Up 1.4 degrees from this time yesterday morning.
  5. 88 in Tamaqua at 11am. Same as yesterday at this time.
  6. You heard right, but I'd scream louder if those 100's made it up here...lol
  7. For anyone so interested, on August 13th two operating steam locomotives will doublehead to pull an iron horse ramble from Reading through Tamaqua to Jim Thorpe.
  8. 94.3 is my high so far. Lets see if I can hit 95, but I think we're past peak daily heating.
  9. Clouds are killing my temp. I just looked and my current UV index is only at 2.
  10. 93 in the backyard for the high (so far) today at 12:12pm. Back down to 91 at the moment.
  11. I'm at 82 which is 6 degrees higher than this time yesterday.
  12. As promised. I did a count of all 90 degree days this year to date and I have seven days. (Eight if you count the cheap shot of 89.6 last week)
  13. 88 in my backyard. Still humid though. DP is 67.
  14. I'm going to count mine when I get home. I know it's way more than two.
  15. I never saw that. All we had was the rain and a strong breeze. @Mount Joy Snowmansorry for your loss.
  16. What was it? We had good, heavy rain about 7pm, but no thunder. We did end up with 0.99" total from the morning and evening rain, though.
  17. Yay me...not That's not a victory I really want.
  18. Just hit up YouTube and search Phoenix monsoons. If you get under a potent one, you can get 80 to 100 mph winds and 2-4 inches of rain.
  19. Yup. But when a monsoon storm hits, it's a sight and experience to behold.
  20. Here's the part where I'm right smack in the middle and probably will get nothing.
  21. Well, we know where the big boomers will be. Probably still locked in a solid overcast in Tamaqua...
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