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  1. 0.40" currently in Tamaqua. So far, it just seems to be a run of the mill fall rainy day back there.
  2. Those numbers are spot on. I just checked my gauge and we have 0.10" currently.
  3. For what it's worth, DT did mention the possibility of her crossing the hurricane threshold immediately prior to landfall.
  4. You did notice that his entire post was loaded with innuendos though, right?
  5. New ink? I'm contemplating that myself. I want to cover up a 30 year old dragon and skull with a half sleeve. Not sure what to get, and am definitely concerned about cost...
  6. I'd stop by Canderson's house and borrow his wind machine. You'll get it done quicker that way. I heard that thing's so powerful that it even relocates trash cans...
  7. There's something to be said about parts of that post, but I'm not going to go there...
  8. Interesting in that what would be a near perfect "up the Susquehanna" track hooks a 90 degree right turn near Baltimore. Glad I live in Arizona or I'd be gnashing my teeth right now...
  9. Wow...am I ever out of the loop. I had no idea your rains this weekend were tropical.
  10. That's one thing I noticed living out here. Even on boring, do nothing days, I don't have that desire to take an afternoon nap like I did back there. I guess it's the sunshine.
  11. Looks like Tamaqua is under the gun again...
  12. Thanks! The photos looked wild. I'll have to check out the videos.
  13. 2.64" was the final for Tamaqua, but did anyone see the photos from Clarks Summit? Simply amazing what it looked like up there last night.
  14. So far 2.30" in Tamaqua with the most recent radar scan...
  15. That storm packed at least a rain punch in Tamaqua. At peak intensity, the rate was 5.05" per hour. 1.22" and still raining.
  16. Storm in Hamburg has eyes on Tamaqua in about a half hour or so if it doesn't do "the split".
  17. From what I was told by my daughter, Schuylkill County got it pretty good.
  18. Tamaqua got up to 92 today. Currently 88, but holy hell @ the dewpoint. 73 for a heat index of 96...
  19. This is how summer broke down here in Phoenix. I'm sure there's more stats, but these are the basics. It is official. Summer 2023 (June, July and August) was the HOTTEST ON RECORD in Phoenix with a mean temperature of 97.0°F, this surpasses the previous record of 96.6°F set in 2020. By month - June average temp: 89.5°F July average temp: 102.7°F (Hottest month all-time) August average temp: 98.8°F (2nd hottest on record) With just 0.12" of rain, it is also the driest summer on record officially.
  20. I'm not sure who covers it. My mom's or the condo association. The home exterior and grounds are normally maintained through the association fees...ie landscaping, routine maintenance including new roofs every 15 years, and painting every 10. Not sure, and neither is my mom, about storm damage.
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