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  1. 53.8 here. It seems that your area and mine are very similar temperature wise.
  2. Just what I need. I'm getting a BRAND NEW trailer to run with. I pick it up Friday morning before my Sunbury loads. Why now???
  3. Hate cold and only like snow if it's a MECS/BECS. Otherwise, I'd be perfectly happy living in Florida or Arizona...lol
  4. Keep that crap away from me. I'm soaking up some warm sunshine in Sunbury...
  5. You guys got me by 2 degrees. I had 24.6 for the low. Actually 3 degrees if were being "technical" because I guess I'm supposed to round up with the point six.
  6. He could move to Tamaqua. We have both natural and man made wind diffusers here. My peak gust remained at 12.5 mph all day long.
  7. As windy as it is today (it's even been blowing me around in the truck) I've only recorded a peak gust in my backyard of 12.5 mph. I'm so sheltered by hills and houses that I'm wondering if I'll ever see a gust over 20 mph at my house.
  8. It sure did. Went from sunny to stormy looking right quick here. No rain yet, though. Didn't quite make it to 70. The high was 69.1 but now down to 62.
  9. Not sure if I'll make it, but getting close...
  10. 65.5 here currently. Good news on the health. Covid negative. Could have just been a 24 hour bug.
  11. My Ambient station showing 61.3 at the moment...
  12. I didn't know they could combine tests. Hope you feel better soon as well.
  13. Thanks guys. Whatever it is, it seems to be on the mild side. Just a low grade fever, fatigue, achy, and an upset stomach. I should know tomorrow if it is or isn't Covid.
  14. I'll be home tomorrow. I started feeling run down on my last load yesterday, and when I got home found out I had a 101.3 fever. Stayed home today and saw the doctor who wanted me to get a Covid test (so did I), so no work until I get the results back. Still feeling a bit crappy, so it's not really breaking my heart to stay home another day.
  15. 49 was all I could muster for the high here...
  16. I-81 and PA-54 interchange this morning in the Skook...
  17. And just like that...sunny, blue skies in Tamaqua.
  18. Pic from Frackville, just north of Pottsville...
  19. First, I never thought today would be a washout. That being said, radar and word of mouth is showing/saying that it's snowing on I-81 from the Hegins exit to Hazleton along the ridge top.
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