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  1. Out here in AZ, the monsoon can be equally impressive...if you manage to get under a good cell. It's not like PA where you get long lines of storms traversing the state. Here they mostly form in the mountains, then drift toward Phoenix metro and build and die along outflow boundaries.
  2. I figured you might have gotten a good one.
  3. Just looked at radar and it appeared that Sunbury down to Herndon got absolutely pummeled. Can anyone confirm?
  4. I just saw a video someone shot from Schuylkill County on Facebook. Pretty cool!
  5. I'm not liking the GFS and CMC maps for Ian. They keep taking him farther west and closer to the oil rigs and refineries along the Gulf coast. That would be bad for oil and gas prices in the coming weeks.
  6. Our temps out here for the next three days are supposed to be 100 to 105.
  7. I hate the NWS policy of rounding up temps. The low in Tamaqua was 39.6, but officially it has to count as a 40.
  8. I'm surprised no one is talking about the frost advisories in the northern tier counties. First ones of the season for PA, no?
  9. I don't ever switch my adblocker off. My adblocker tells me how many ads were blocked, and on some sites, it's close to 50. Just like sites (mostly news entities) that are behind a pay wall. I just go elsewhere. Screw them.
  10. Got some rain today out here in the desert. 1.21" to be exact so far since the event started, with maybe some more later this afternoon/evening.
  11. 85/54 in Tamaqua today. Meanwhile, here in AZ...
  12. Why? I haven't looked at forecasts for back there.
  13. 64 this morning in my AZ neighborhood...
  14. Missed dropping into the 60s for the first time this season by two tenths of a degree. Low this morning here in AZ was 70.1 degrees. Fall is in the air!!!
  15. Yikes...my Tamaqua forecast for tonight and tomorrow (Sept 15/16) will pretty much be my Arizona forecast in December, January, and February. Tonight Mostly clear, with a low around 44. Calm wind. Friday Sunny, with a high near 75. Calm wind.
  16. I'll be working a Petsmart dedicated account hauling from the DC to the stores.
  17. I am happy to report that I was hired today for a local, home nightly driving job here in Phoenix.
  18. I agree. The low here this morning was 73 degrees...
  19. I'm sure your neighbors are all thankful you didn't...
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