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  1. Wasn't expecting it to start raining THIS early. Thought I'd get a dry half of a work day.
  2. I've got to look closer. When I checked I couldn't find a door for batteries. Maybe it's well hidden.
  3. Does yours have a battery backup in the display unit? Mine doesn't, and as such, missed out on a high wind event the night we had the microburst and lost power as soon as the gust hit. I registered 19.5mph, then poof...darkness.
  4. 16.5 ft right now on the river at Sunbury. Can't even see the dam by the Weis milk plant. As for the low, 44.8 at my house.
  5. They didn't count Tamaqua's 1.49". Pitiful number considering surrounding areas...
  6. 4.39" per a gauge in Williamstown, just west of Tower City for the entire event. Looks like about an inch and a half for Tamaqua.
  7. Still nothing at my house. Big nothingburger for eastern Schuylkill so far. Pillow through Herndon and up to Sunbury is whole different story, though. Muddy, bankful streams everywhere...
  8. Pouring rain at my Tower City loading facility right now. Damn near dark as night as well.. Even with an umbrella, I'm soaked...lol Now to make my way through Pillow and up to Sunbury. When I left my house I still only had 0.06" in the gauge. That'll change soon I suppose.
  9. I got another 100th of an inch since my last post. Up to 0.04" now. Better get out the raft...
  10. I haven't been paying attention. Wasn't expecting that much rain...
  11. I just drove through. It's still there...
  12. Copied from CTP and Facebook... The NWS of State College just issued the following Public Information Statement in regards the the storm that moved through the Hometown/Tamaqua Area on September 13, 2021. The National Weather Service in collaboration with Schuylkill County Emergency Management confirmed a downburst wind event occurred near Hometown from 8:28 PM EDT through 8:30 PM EDT on Monday, September 13, 2021. Estimated Peak Wind: 75 mph Path Length /statute/: 3.1 miles Path Width /maximum/: 100 yards Fatalities: 0 Injuries: 0 Start Date: September 13, 2021 Start Time: 8:28 PM EDT Start Location: 2.5 miles northwest of Hometown Start Lat/Lon: 40.8399/-76.0237 End Date: September 13, 2021 End Time: 8:30 PM EDT End Location: 0.5 mile east of Hometown End Lat/Lon: 40.8236/-75.9686 A corridor of downburst wind damage was found near and northwest of Hometown in Schuylkill County. This damage began along Fairview Street about 2.5 miles northwest of Hometown, consisting of several trees being blown down along with a corn field being flattened. This occurred as thunderstorm outflow winds rushed downward toward the ground and subsequently spread out upon impact with the ground. A nearby Road Weather Information System (RWIS) observation near Delano along Interstate 81 reported a 68 mph wind gust, further suggesting maximum wind speeds of near 75 mph where the downburst occurred. Numerous trees were also downed in and around Hometown, including many falling onto utility lines. Damage continued east of the State Route 309 and 54 intersection, before becoming much less significant farther southeast.
  13. Nothing spectacular wind or lightning-wise, but I'm closing in on one inch as I type this (0.91")
  14. 0.78" here now. the rate was up to 1.44in/hr just a few minutes ago.
  15. Send it my way. I'm ready for round two!
  16. Well the last time I asked the $64 question, we got pounded. So I'll ask again. Will Tamaqua see a storm tonight? That's the $64 question...
  17. The closest wind gust reading was 68mph up on I-81. I'm going to try to find more when I get on my computer. PRELIMINARY LOCAL STORM REPORT NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE STATE COLLEGE PA 514 PM EDT TUE SEP 14 2021 0830 PM TSTM WND GST 4 WNW HOMETOWN 40.84N 76.06W 09/13/2021 M68 MPH SCHUYLKILL PA PUBLIC MEASURED BY A PENNDOT STATION AT THE DELANO EXIT (#134) ON I-81. CORRECTS THE PREVIOUS REPORTS LISTED AT 3 N TREMONT.
  18. Sure did, and then some. Just wish I knew what the wind speeds were. Can't believe Ambient Weather didn't include battery backup on my console.
  19. No power plus major tree damage from last night's storm equals a full school district closure today.
  20. Sad part I'd I'll never know what my high wind gust was. The weather station console does not have a battery backup. If I were to guess by the damage, 60 to 70 mph. It was strong enough to blow a motorcycle hauler trailer out of the dealership parking lot and into the street.
  21. From my Facebook post... Just took a short ride around Tamaqua. Big tree down in the 400 block of Pine Street (cleared enough for traffic to get through) now though. South ward is an absolute mess. Power pole and wires down by the football stadium. Tree on a car on Penn Street. East end, some big branches down in spots. Basically the town is a mess. I'm not sure what blew through here, but it sure was intense. First big gust killed the power instantly.
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