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  1. So here's a snippet from our AFD this afternoon. Heading through the rest of the week and into this weekend, the central anticyclone is expected to slide west-northwest or develop a new center, with increasing H5 heights. The high is expected to center over central CA this weekend before drifting back over AZ early next week. This will unfortunately continue the prolonged excessive heat we have been enduring. Surface temperatures are expected to go up with the strengthening of the high. NBM has the hottest temperatures this weekend, pushing 115-120F for many lower desert locations. Morning lows will also remain quite warm, ranging from mid-80s to low-90s, and even mid-90s in some locations like Phoenix.
  2. So here it is. The official low was 94. My Jeep thermometer is quite accurate since it showed 93 this morning.
  3. We've been exceeding the FM dial for nearly two weeks now...
  4. You know I don't mind this stuff...lol But yes, the station number is nearly the same as the outside temp, not to mention possibly warmer that some PA locations yearly high temperature. One of these years, Phoenix is not going to go below 100 overnight.
  5. Temperature at work reporting time this morning...
  6. That's because I'm not there... I thought the streak would be broken as it was mostly cloudy today, but we managed to keep it going with a 110 reading just after 2pm. I do think we have a solid chance of breaking it, though.
  7. Just saw this online. Perfect illustration of the Tamaqua Split®
  8. Even out here, where 107 is the normal July high, the TV news is sensationalizing 110. That's only 3 degrees above normal, OMG...the sky is falling. It's ridiculous (in a relative way). Every time they do that I damn near yell at the TV saying "it's July in Phoenix, what do you expect?"
  9. Current rainfall so far for the day in Tamaqua... 0.00"
  10. In the words of the great Bob Ueker it was "just a bit outside"...lol It actually, per radar, popped about two miles east of my house.
  11. I would say the entire Susquehanna Valley is. At least as far as rain is concerned. Not only Agnes, but other extreme rain events seem to target the Susquehanna. Imagine if some of those events bullseyed lesser river channels like the Lehigh, Delaware, or Schuylkill? The Susquehanna is a broad river that can handle extremes better than the narrower channels of the others I mentioned. While the Susquehanna floods were catastrophic, getting 15 to 20 plus inches over a widespread area of the other narrower channels would have probably been even more catastrophic.
  12. Read it and sweat....I mean swear...ah, I mean weep.
  13. Actual nooners for Tamaqua. 90.1 degrees.
  14. They loved me when I brought the winter rains. Not so sure about now, but perhaps I'd better lay low for awhile...
  15. Yes perhaps. Now, this morning, the big story is the dangerous heatwave coming next week. 120 is a real possibility, and we even have a small chance of breaking the all time record of 122.
  16. I listen to news radio for traffic reports, and this is getting increasing coverage. As it is, we're over 100 consecutive days with no rain, and none is in sight. Temps next week of 115+ as you also pointed out. It's bone dry now, and fires are popping left and right. So far they've been on the small side, but one up above Wikieup, on the way to Kingman is approaching 3,000 acres. It's going to be bad if we don't get much of a monsoon this year.
  17. Yeah, I know. I was checking my Tamaqua station and it was up there and I'm sure it was uncomfortable. Anyway, our high today was 116.
  18. Desert nooners. 12:20 pm. 110 degrees!
  19. I was punking on the NWS graphic where they mislabeled the counties on that tornado statement...lol There is bituminous coal out your way, isn't there?
  20. So my daughter and her family are at Splash Mountain RV Park just east of Northumberland with their brand new camper trailer for the holiday weekend, and I guess were close to all the action. Fortunately they did not have any damage and are all OK.
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