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  1. As of now, the complex is bearing down on the Skook. Per future radar, it could get interesting here.
  2. Unless I see the infamous Tamaqua Split, future radar looks nice for my area...
  3. Getting our second round of rain, but I won't know how much. We lost power from the first storm, so while the gauge is working, the receiving unit isn't reading it.
  4. Just looked at yesterday's data for my station. I recorded a peak wind gust of 26.2 mph, which is the highest I've ever had on this station due to its somewhat sheltered location. I'm guessing we had close to 50 mph gusts at times, especially judging by the brush that was scattered about the roadways.
  5. Disintegration confirmed. We got about 20 raindrops. Nothing but a big fat goose egg in my rain gauge.
  6. Truth... I'm kind of surprised that with a near 100% overcast, I'm still sitting at 91 degrees. Not too often that happens in my backyard.
  7. After the heat this past week, this is going to feel cold. Might have to break out the long johns... Monday Mostly sunny, with a high near 78. West wind 10 to 15 mph, with gusts as high as 30 mph
  8. 95 degree nooners for Tamaqua. In Elysburg now. Have to see what it is here.
  9. 88 seems to be the temp of the moment as it's 88 here as well at 10:25am.
  10. I'm wearing this shirt to Knoebels today, so I'll give 'em all "what for" if I hear any complaining...
  11. Mine's hanging on yet, except where the dog killed it. We've got Knoebels today, so heat be damned, I hope we miss the storms up/out there.
  12. Sometime after I went to bed last night we got 0.02" of rain. Drought Watch averted...
  13. Sorry, I didn't know about your son's accident until this morning. Hope he's doing well.
  14. I've been to Palm Desert delivering to Petsmart stores. It's actually a really nice town. But yes, that place gets even hotter than Phoenix under the right conditions.
  15. Ha....Phoenix says hold my beer. Last summer the morning lows were 95+ for many days. A couple mornings, my Jeep and the big truck were registering 97 to 99 on their respective thermometers at 3 and 4 am.
  16. 90/70 at 12:10pm. Yesterday's Tamaqua high was 94. Looks like today may exceed that.
  17. I'm back from Phoenix AZ. This winter will be epic...lol
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