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  1. Spot on analysis! I ended up with exactly 1 inch for the event...lol
  2. 0.73" here. Looking at this morning's radar presentation at 5:00am, are we done with the rain, or is there more to come?
  3. Even getting good rain up here now. No lightning or thunder, but in the past 15 minutes it went from light to moderate. Current rate is 0.17"/hour.
  4. 73 at both my house and Fogelsville where I'm unloading. I know you guys don't want hear this, but I'd love to have 365 days/year of this weather...
  5. I can certainly do that as I drive through Pillow three times per day, three days per week on my way to and from Sunbury...lol
  6. Pivotal gives me 5" on the 10:1 map, so not bad...as long as it's the weekend. I'm not yet ready to go trucking in the snow, so this has to happen on a day off. Plus side is that it be after my new Jeep Renegade is lifted, so I'd get to test it out in some winter conditions...lol
  7. I might have had frost this morning. The temp got down to our lowest so far this season at 34.5f. It's currently up to 36.3f.
  8. Already hit my forecast low for overnight. Currently 43.9 here at 9:45pm. Tonight Isolated showers between 4am and 5am. Partly cloudy, with a low around 43. West wind around 7 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.
  9. This is the time of year where I start hating hauling spring water. Frozen valves and pipes, having to use a torch and/or hammer just to thaw out the frozen valves and end caps...ugh...
  10. Thanks. I'm on mobile right now so it's tougher to do the models, but I did anyway. It seems like all the mesos are on the same page with the line.
  11. My grandson had a cross country meet in the morning, but we should be home by noon/1:00pm. What's the timing look like?
  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I do like the warmth of summer. I'm really dreading having to layer up (I hate the term "bundle up" and refuse to use it) again this winter to do my job. Bite your tongue...
  13. Got to 85.5 here today. Sadly, it's probably the last 80 degree day of the season...
  14. Well, I got to 78.6 in Tamaqua today...
  15. Yeah, I'm doing ok. Just been a bit quiet lately.
  16. Ugh...that means frost potential up my way. I'm glad my new Jeep has remote start. No more scraping windshields!
  17. 77.2 looks to be my high for the day...
  18. Finally checked my low this morning. It was 39.2
  19. I'll admit that I didn't look at the models over the weekend, but like I posted when I left for work. I was surprised we had some light rain already at 5:30am. By the time I loaded the trailer in Hazleton and came back down through Tamaqua, a cell had popped up just west of town. Saw my first flash at a traffic light in Hometown and thought, "was that lightning?", but kind of dismissed it until I got into Tamaqua itself and saw a streak come down on the mountain in front of me. From there to the Blue Mountain on 309, it was a strange combination of lightning, moderate rain, and the rising sun in my eyes through the windshield.
  20. We had a modest thunderstorm in Tamaqua at 7:30am yesterday.
  21. Politics is still here. You just need to sign up for it separately now.
  22. It was a cesspool years ago and hasn't changed. I haven't posted there in years. All politics is even worse...
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