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  1. If I'm posting too much Arizona stuff let me know, but here at high noon the temp is only 85 degrees.
  2. Not too often. Only if clouds hold like they are so far today. Still, even if it stays overcast all day, we'll likely get to at least 95.
  3. 10am and only 82 here in Phoenix. Tamaqua is 87. We had a storm this morning before sunrise, and right now it's nearly 100% overcast here, so that's holding the temps down.
  4. Tamaqua high was 95 today. Even with all the heat and humidity, nearly every morning the temps drop to the mid to upper 60's.
  5. Currently in Sun City (Phoenix) AZ. Check out the dewpoint and heat index. So much for a dry heat...lol.
  6. My Tamaqua high today was 95 and the heat index high was 105.
  7. If I play my cards right and stay in Phoenix long enough, Blizz's snow maps will bring a smile to even MY face...
  8. Most are native plantings with rocks, but duplex areas have grass. These places were built in the 1970s with Midwestern retirees in mind. BTW...the storm missed me to the west...lol Got a helluva light show, though!
  9. If I were, no one else in the neighborhood would be happy, that's for sure...lol
  10. 104/68 here in the desert. Monsoonal humidity at its finest... Heat index: 109.
  11. Not right now. The monsoon is here and dewpoints have been in the mid 60's to near 70 even during the afternoon.
  12. Ha... 104/67 here in Phoenix. I'm soaked just from spraying weeds in my mom's front courtyard.
  13. High in Tamaqua was 94 before the rain came. Here in AZ, it's 104.
  14. 2.72" in Tamaqua today and 3.30" since yesterday. As soon as I leave, the Tamaqua Split ends...
  15. Thanks! As long as I felt she had adequate care, I stayed in PA. Now that that's gone, I have and want to help her. She needs family now, not a neighbor/caregiver. Thanks!
  16. Final day on the road today. Here in Grants NM it's currently 61 degrees. I can't wait to get down to Phoenix and see my mom. It's been three years since I last saw her. I stayed away during the worst of the pandemic, not to mention recovery from my shoulder surgery and the financial blow that created. Now, she needs my help since her caregiver abandoned her. As for how long I stay out, I don't know. It all depends on her condition. I won't leave her alone, and there's no way I put her in a nursing home, and come back to PA and abandon her. If she's bad, decisions need to be made. Moving her back to PA may be too much for her to handle in her deteriorating condition. If that's the case, then I stay, and my wife has to decide whether she wants to join me in AZ or stay in PA. Either way, my mom will not be abandoned again.
  17. Here's what a desert monsoon storm looks like. Shot this out my motel room window here in Grants, NM which is 85 miles from the Arizona state line.
  18. According to my wife we got a good thunderstorm (0.58") today in my absence. I must be a jinx...lol
  19. My Tamaqua numbers today. The 107 heat index was quite impressive...
  20. Interesting question. It seems my (our) afternoon highs are higher than some of our friends to the south. My overnight lows run cooler, though. I just looked and it's 63 in Tamaqua.
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