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  1. I hope not. If I do, the guys will come out here to lynch my ass instead of waiting for me to step foot back in PA.
  2. Shiver me timbers... Coldest morning of the season so far for me out west. It's currently 41 degrees at 6:00am.
  3. Hey, that's only 354 hours away. Think positive. You guys can do this!!!
  4. You can block him, unless that function is only available in off topic. The only thing is, if someone quotes him, then it shows up anyway.
  5. Hoping from afar that you all have the snowiest winter ever!!!
  6. Perhaps it's time to add one of the fine folks here as a moderator. We had one before, why not again?
  7. Come on out. Live where it's warm, and when you need a winter/snow fix, Flagstaff is just 2 hours away.
  8. Ethical question... Is it wrong for me to wish for snow upon snow and a record breaking winter in the hope that my wife gives up and joins me in Arizona?
  9. Hey guys. Off topic here, but wanted to share my latest Jeep adventure. This was Turkey Creek north of Phoenix off of I-17, and was the toughest trail I've run so far. Make sure to change the video resolution to at least 1080p if it defaults to 480p.
  10. At the time I delivered to Petsmart stores. As for the move, it's "semi" permanent. I had to come out to take care of my ailing mother. I do want to stay permanently as I love it here, but a lot depends on external circumstances. Up to this point, my wife has refused to come out and join me here. I'm on the fence as to what to do when the time comes for my mom to pass on. I love my wife, so I'm still hoping she will change her mind. Otherwise, I'll likely be heading back to PA.
  11. This is true, but only because my dispatcher sent me to Flagstaff everytime it snowed up there.
  12. It was 45 here this morning, and the house got cold enough that I turned on the heat for the first time this fall. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  13. I have always enjoyed your analysis on winter events, Mag. You are a great service to our forum. I must say, though, that I enjoy them even more now that they don't have direct implications for me...lol
  14. Got more rain today than you did. Our event produced 0.53" in my backyard so far and over an inch a few miles to my northwest. As for my Tamaqua backyard, the rain gauge on my station stopped working, and I don't think my wife would know how to troubleshoot it.
  15. Sounds like a normal to slightly below normal day here in Phoenix for late January. Tell me again why people like bitter cold, arctic air...
  16. Just save your closest local PWS from Wunderground in your Chrome (or favorite browser) and open it up when you want to check conditions. That's what I do. I have my own backyard station in PA saved, as well as one that's about 3 blocks from the house here in Arizona.
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