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  1. Two lines. Nothing spectacular. 0.65" in the gauge. Ho-hum, YAWN...
  2. After I moved away, the Lehigh Valley became quite the storm magnet. When I lived there prior to 1996, not so much. Maybe I'm a storm deflector...lol
  3. If I do, it'll be after bedtime. 0430 comes way too early, and I need to be rested to be safe in the truck.
  4. This is what kills me. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you guys are getting storms. My problem is that I never, EVER, get bragging rights up here. Everything splits and goes around, or just outright fizzles. We've not even had one good light show let alone any close in CTG strikes this year, or the past few for that matter.
  5. I know. I've been watching the radar. It bypassed us to the north, now it's going to slam Lansford to our east. It got dark and a little breezy, but that's it so far...
  6. I live right in the middle of Tamaqua proper.
  7. I can see the Tamaqua Split setting up already. First line misses to the north and gets Hazleton to Scranton and the rest of NEPA, and the second line that gets the LSV slides east and gets Reading, Lancaster, and Allentown...and then on to Philly.
  8. Doesn't look promising for storms tonight per radar. Thinking everything slide north toward New York.
  9. Of interest too is that for once we aren't battling overcast conditions. Sitting in full sunshine in Tower City at the moment.
  10. Thanks. I thought the whole scene looked really cool!
  11. Looks like perhaps anther inch of rain tomorrow for some.
  12. I don't claim to be a smart fella (although I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express one time) but I saw that Mt Holly posted on Facebook about isolated severe and a chance of excessive rainfall.
  13. And I have that area in this video (going the opposite direction, though) from Wednesday when I was dealing with Ida's remnants.
  14. Yeah it does. The worst part is that I don't even get to enjoy the fruit of my labor. Someone else will.
  15. If my truck stays parked (which it almost always does on the weekend) it stays clean, so yesterday I was done early and decided to wash the trailer and then planned on going in this morning on my off day and wash the tractor. Now I'm told it will be used this weekend. With the rain chance tomorrow, it'll likely get all trashed with road grime making the two hours (and much shoulder pain) I spent yesterday a colossal waste of time. Beyond pissed off right now...
  16. Now I know what my new avatar's gonna be...lol
  17. I honestly think I could have written this post myself. I love warm mornings and not needing a jacket.
  18. In that case I'm hoping for a blizzard on 10/1/21...
  19. I know it does. The surfaces of any areas that didn't pond up are dry already...
  20. I swear, if I see any posts saying "we need rain" I'm gonna hunt you all down and
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