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  1. Some of us will have 2 lines to contend with tonight…it’s September 8th, not mid July haha!
  2. Is it just me or does that cell at the bottom of the line just north of Gettysburg have broad rotation?
  3. Those storms popped fast out in Franklin County and forming a line…
  4. Looks like all this will be exiting the area between 6-8 tonight no? Or are we expecting a pivot?
  5. The radar is just exploding...holy smokes! This is going to get bad...
  6. Dumping here in York…has been for the past 45 minutes!
  7. Is the rain going to be around tomorrow morning too? I’m kinda keeping my fingers crossed that it does because I have a work event that’s supposed to be outside and I’d rather be inside doing work lol…
  8. I went out after the storms passed…got like 2 inches of rain in half hour! Crazy flooding everywhere!
  9. I’m in the middle of the line now and not gonna lie…it’s pretty tame here surprisingly. Like dead calm and just rain which is not even that heavy! Barely any thunder or lightning? What the heck?
  10. About to get smacked by that “fat ball part” of the line… for lack of better word lol
  11. If this leftover MCS junk clears by 5…tornado watch goes until 9 still? Maybe those storms firing in Ohio will expand on coverage and be the main show for this evening?
  12. That front line of Stratiform rain is going to screw everything up.
  13. Radar not looking so hot and that rain shield is coming south quickly…
  14. That line in north central PA looks to track east and stay north of the LSV…maybe that’s a good thing to not spoil our chances for later?
  15. I’m actually surprised…sun is starting to overpower the clouds!
  16. We will see what happens, but pretty socked in with clouds here at the moment…
  17. We are clear as a whistle out there today…definitely not lacking instability for later!
  18. We are so focused on tomorrow for storms, but what if today ends up being a sneaky little event?
  19. I have been visiting my grandmother in Williamsport this weekend and for the past 30 minutes, I have been watching lightning flashes to my south! I looked at the radar to see what was close and the only storms I found were over 2 hours away all the way in southern York county! Unbelievable how far you can see lightning like this…truly amazing! ⚡️⚡️
  20. What happened lol? We went from a clear day today in the forecast to a 60% chance of storms?
  21. Honestly I’m surprised there is not a well defined line yet. Those thunderstorms in west central PA are pretty isolated, small, hit-or-miss.
  22. Looks like we got a line forming just east of Pittsburgh…will be interesting to watch that develop and move west during the afternoon!
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