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  1. Still cloudy in northern Lancaster and judging by the line racing on radar we might be running out of time for getting this heating going.
  2. Trying to decide if I’m going to invest in Monday. Looks really borderline down here. Seems like a few more chances at least!
  3. great winter scene this morning, but paweather and blizz93 are total weenies for hyping round 2!
  4. My bar for round 2 is 2”. Anything over that and paweather is a champion. Under and paweather is a complete weenie.
  5. Interestingly, I thought the 18Z GFS is the first model to really initialize the stuff down in KY and WV correctly. Hopefully it’s on to something and not just on something.
  6. I just saw the run and snow map and thought, “paweather is going to go full weenie on this run” 3-5 On the 10-1!
  7. I'm like 10 miles from less than 4 inches on a Kuchera map. That's not ideal! Hopefully it's the Euro being too dry, but can't take another haircut on QPF.
  8. It’s the steady drying trend on the northern extent that’s worrisome. Hopefully comes back a bit at HH
  9. I think we’ll be seeing a lot of downward adjustments to maps. Horst and NWS in the 6-10 range. Don’t see a lot of support for that now.
  10. If that’s everything, it’s advisory level. Damn.
  11. Thanks for doing this! But also if you could make the run be awesome and describe with a “BOOM” or shocked emoji...
  12. Just saw the full 6Z Euro map in Midatl forum and...yeah it's fine.
  13. 6Z NAM looked fine to me. Negligible difference from 0Z. The Euro was the lowest snow model at 0Z and may have reduced at 6Z, could be right but it's a bit on its own.
  14. Gotta love HH NAM runs! That was filthy. As others have pointed out, I love the look of all that overrunning with the surface low still in the gulf.
  15. Agree with this and PSU pointed out that the trend today is south with the big thump but also trending to more coastal interaction for us. It’s been a net positive. We don’t flirt as closely with the sleet line and get in on some coastal action.
  16. Guess I’ll invest in this Thursday thing. 0Z GFS looks pretty awesome.
  17. Lots of freezing rain on Monday/Tuesday per 12Z Euro. If you’re into that sort of thing.
  18. Awesome!! Definitely feels like a community even when you lurk. Welcome aboard!
  19. This is a sizable shift north from 0Z. Thanks for posting!
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