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  1. Thank you, appreciate and will stay updated on this. Appreciate the input.
  2. Nice I guess, I'm really hoping to experience some "weather" but not be evacuated either. I know there's a chance this heads over the Atlantic but at a greatly reduced strength and was trying to figure out if it's only a TS would they issue mandatory evacs along the coast. Staying at a Ocean Front Condo.
  3. I'm actually leaving tomorrow for Myrtle Beach, do you have any specific info or link I can get updates on? Thanks!
  4. Looks to be strengthening upon landfall
  5. Got slammed in NH, 1.25" rain and hail.
  6. Got almost 3/4 in my gauge this morning and still coming down.
  7. I got almost 3/4 of an in. Came in on the gauge at .73"
  8. This is just painful to look at in Lanc County.
  9. I know I’m in the wrong forum, but enjoy everyone, just a bit north of you all in Lancaster. Windy, cold, snowy, can’t ask for much more.
  10. Just flipped to snow in New Holland, let the fun begin!
  11. At this point if we get 3 inches of wind driven snow, I'd call that a win and a perfect way to end the season to a not so stellar winter.
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