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  1. LOL thanks I was going to NWS State College site and trying to find it there and that was a painful search. I'll go to twiiter.
  2. Can you direct me to a link for that image? That's something else! Thanks
  3. This hit my sister friend development in Morgantown, they are safe as they sought shelter in their basement.
  4. A few pic's before the storm and during. Looks around 5" or so. The last 3 days were just amazing, loved getting snow on top of snow. Maybe we can do 1 more.
  5. We have flurries now at Shady Maple and lots of food Temp: 28 F | Dew Point: 14 | Wind: E - 5 mph
  6. Should be in my neck of the woods in about 30 minutes or so.