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  1. Thanks, I think the cloud cover actually helped with not having it blasted out.
  2. Not gonna lie, how about a standard IPhone 14 Pro just zoomed in. No filter, shocked how it came out.
  3. Can anyone confirm wind gust this high? Thinking its a misread but do know it has been windy.
  4. National Weather Service - Graphical Forecast (noaa.gov) Looks to be a rainer most of tomorrow.
  5. When we stayed, we went to Pop Music and Sports, many years ago and I agree the rooms were small, but I've always said I don't go to Disney to stay in the rooms, I just need a place to crash with the kids. Hope you had good weather.
  6. That’s great if I tried, but yeah we can go with the double meaning!
  7. Got an inch (after 2 more measurements, closer to 2)in the screw zone in Nee Holland, can’t say we weren’t warned. Onto the next one
  8. Unrelated to weather, but huge fire in Ephrata, Martins Country Market up in flames and over 60 units on scene. Fire broke through containment wall and now Martin's Furniture is fully engulfed. Sad they just did a million dollar renovation.
  9. Here you go @Blizzard of 93 Shady Maple and yes we are open. Lot's of food on the buffet!
  10. that would be interesting to say the least.
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