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  1. Not sure if this helps, here a pic of the hail.
  2. Fantastic game, great game planning and our D really gave it to them and stuffed the running game. Made them one dimensional after forcing Purdy out.
  3. Light snow now by Shady Maple, temp reading 35.
  4. Wonder if that is including todays total, as this one looks different? IDK
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and for those Eagles fans, enjoy this. Eagles linemen set to release first single from holiday album 'A Philly Special Christmas' (fox29.com)
  6. At MU it shows 4.0 of snow. https://www.atmos.millersville.edu/~cws/climo/monthly-data.cgi
  7. Yeah, I saw tents and other apparatus on the beach so maybe this doesn't apply to the off season? IDK. Nah wasn't worried about the water level, but the winds had me a bit worried, as I was getting pelted and thought if something let's lose at that speed, I don't have a lot of reaction time. I went back inside and had the lady at the hotel comment that she was keeping an "eye" on me. One of the maintenance guys I was talking to mentioned this was worse than Matthew and Florence because of the winds. IAN made 2nd landfall about 40 miles to my south near Georgetown. What was cool, was as IAN landed around 2:05pm to my south, winds shifted from the NE to S and you could really feel the warmth for about 15-20 minutes before they went back to the NE.
  8. Thanks man, I have no idea what that is about, and I'm not sure who I would ask either LOL.
  9. Here are a few videos too. I had my anemometer in kilometers per hr, so take note on the conversion I had clocked it at 52 MPH at one point. It's very hard to stand and hold your iPhone and anemometer, plus record in the middle of it all LOL.
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