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  1. I agree, my hope is for 4" before a changeover and hopefully get some ice to preserve the snowpack and then dryslot. Or the storm shifts about 50 miles east too
  2. It's more than we got yesterday, so there's that.
  3. Which one did you get? I got my Tempest setup about a month ago. Congrats!
  4. 4.42" Storm Total. Feels beautiful out there this morning.
  5. A wee bit of flooding. Just had a water rescue about 10 minutes below this first pic.
  6. Just came through there myself, working down at Shady. Got 3.34" now. Almost 2 inches in the last hour.
  7. Watch, we'll have more school closings due to rain than snow this year. LOL
  8. Can confirm heavy drifting, getting my boat out now. LOL
  9. Yep, right on the southern side, love it!! All good on WU now too! Take care! https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/KPANEWHO79
  10. Thanks that worked, just waiting for the device to show online, it says it could take up to an hour. Do you know if Tempest works with CWOP program? Thanks!
  11. Got my Tempest setup last night, my obs aren't complete since it got setup late in the evening, but here you go. Question for anyone knows, can you have your weather station show up on NOAA website or others? Thanks! https://tempestwx.com/station/56906/ Loving it so far!
  12. I was there twice myself, loved it!! There's something to be said about being that close to the plane.
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