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  1. LOL thanks I was going to NWS State College site and trying to find it there and that was a painful search. I'll go to twiiter.
  2. Can you direct me to a link for that image? That's something else! Thanks
  3. This hit my sister friend development in Morgantown, they are safe as they sought shelter in their basement.
  4. A few pic's before the storm and during. Looks around 5" or so. The last 3 days were just amazing, loved getting snow on top of snow. Maybe we can do 1 more.
  5. We have flurries now at Shady Maple and lots of food Temp: 28 F | Dew Point: 14 | Wind: E - 5 mph
  6. Should be in my neck of the woods in about 30 minutes or so.
  7. Thanks man, I'm actually down at Shady Maple, as I'm sure you know that place . I'll try to stop in more often. Take care.
  8. I'm with you, and am about 10 minutes away from you in New Holland. Hoping to get a few inches today.
  9. https://twitter.com/MUweather/status/1089950780243824641/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^embeddedtimeline|twterm^profile%3AMUweather&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.atmos.millersville.edu%2F~wic%2FSWD-latest.html Horst just updated.
  10. CMC looks nice at the end, but again nothing has verified from 7 days out.
  11. A few mid-morning thoughts on upcoming impacts across the Lancaster area. • A moisture-rich & fast-moving storm--in and out in ~20 hours. • Snow begins ~3pm SAT...may come down heavy w/ sleet for a few hours, then over to an extended period of freezing rain overnight. 6:47 AM - 18 Jan 2019 New conversation E. Horst, MU WIC‏ @MUweather 28m28 minutes ago More • A brief change back to snow is possible ~8am Sunday, then a quick end as gusty Arctic winds kick up. • Temps will fall throughout Sunday with a rapid refreeze of standing water/slush. • Low temps Sunday night in the single digits with sub-zero wind chills. E. Horst, MU WIC‏ @MUweather 28m28 minutes ago More • Front-end accumulation of snow & sleet will have a very sharp gradient...with <1" in Philly up to 18"+ in northcentral PA. Lancaster will reflect this gradient...perhaps only 1" near the MD boarder up to 4 to 6" along the Turnpike. Perhaps 2 to 4" of snow/sleet in Lanc city... E. Horst, MU WIC‏ @MUweather 28m28 minutes ago More • Ice accretion from the freezing rain Saturday night is the wild card. Surface temps are the critical factor...and this will vary town to town across the county...and so the amount of ice accretion may vary from 0.1" up to ~0.4". Tough to nuance such a complex storm.
  12. thought you guys might want to hug this