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  1. No. Probably will be next year, but it the right opportunity came up, who knows. We want to plan to get a nice group together and see what tix we can get and many in my crew are hunters, so really September games are what we'd want to do.
  2. Glad you had a great time. I look forward to the next trip to happy valley. E
  3. it sneaks up on me/us every year, but my town has quite a few maples and first week of Sept, I usually see first signs of change. This year i remember looking at my phone for the date when sitting at a traffic light. 9/7
  4. Actually the maples are typically the first to turn, and I often see that in my hood in mid Sept. This is was on par for that. Cabin had maples turning burnt red color over labor day. Headed up tomorrow, and hoping to see a little more color.
  5. Just drove from Etown to Lawn and back to Etown. 88/87/88
  6. my wife finally admits that she likes to sleep in the cooler temps. Like you, I'm so proud of her. She now complains when I turn the air off when the humidity drops. ( I like open windows w/ a breeze more than anything).
  7. Im just gonna say that Penn State must be sold out of 4" tube tops....cause MANY seemed to be wearing them on Saturday. As the parent of a daughter similar in age to these "kids"....I looked at my bud, and we collectively just shook heads and said "good Lord" and "hell NO". not sure if we'd win the fight, but it'd be said.
  8. He threw his heat blanket onto Etown. 79 here.
  9. ok, Bubbles got me excited a bit....so I peeked, and if ENS guidance holds....hello early autumn and as the month ends, it might even get a bit nipply.
  10. You know that i know, that you know that i know that its just that...discussion. I hold noone to anything when it comes to weather. (Ralph Kramden from honeymooners for you old ones like me....)
  11. havent had much time to look lately. You just made my day.....no matter what shows up (unless what shows up is hotter). lol
  12. But....post 9/22, I really like the tune that its playin...... It's been showing up so hopefully it has some legs, or even a compromise, would be acceptable. Biggest takeaway on GFS is that 9/22 on, the BIG red blob in the central basin is no longer there. Thats the signal I'm focusing on. Without it, westerlies are just 60's and 70's for daytime highs...
  13. thick haze in Etown...almost mostly cloudyish 80 on the button. Hope it holds n knocks the tops off the temps.
  14. lol...i'm hooked, and yeah I planned my piss's.....hehe Cant wait to go back.
  15. Yep first time ever. Was fantastic! I'll be back for sure. My wife will be along next time. Next week is whiteout and they say its something to see. They look good BTW. There were 105322 other people like me that were happy to be living life once again.
  16. we are THERE. Headed to my first PSU game w/ some friends. Cant wait. Happy weekend all.
  17. Oh jeez. Guess i missed a bday....lol. Totally agree that last year cemented any doubts. Pretty impressive to say the least. Makes me feel better about disliking Belechek.
  18. A la GFS, still looks warm through Tues, but frontal boundary a bit more progressive on Wed which tempers mid week torch. By Thurs were back to regularly scheduled program w/ 70's. Beyond that looks rather see sawish (much like Sept can bring). Last 2 panels on 2m's were money shots (just ran it to the end for fun). I put no money down, but if verified, would be awesome.
  19. he's 43. Rather incredible run he's had....like him or not, he sure looks like a GOAT to me.
  20. ok...i see you got me above. I hate having to back read stuff. my hampster only runs forward.....
  21. you missed my joke pal.... I know what you meant....just telling you what my mind saw and twisted it to..
  22. right....in september Its flat out unwelcome - we've had enough Bullsh!t
  23. yeah september "cold fronts" are just bonus points. Mid october is when I start to focus on real fall..
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