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  1. Got up at 3. Just missed seeing the snow. Rain here now but looks like maybe 1” ish here.
  2. Wow. That’s good to hear. Dp has to help. Happy weekend all.
  3. I saw 42-43 on way home from office snow hangin on in the fields north of Lititz (and mby), but starting to see stuff pokin through. Got a pic on phone. Will share in a bit.
  4. That cutoff is really nice, but once it scoots, we scorch unless we backdoor....wowzers out west.
  5. Now thats some dirty talk. Keep it up. Im intrigued. Will dive in over the weekend.
  6. and theres your answer. Need HP to scooted.
  7. Need blocking or that look wouldn't hold. Check next couple panels to see where HP is. Look at 500's and that'll help tell the tale. NAO touted to be aoa neutral would give this a chance IMO. I'm fried sitting at work....just a shit day. Bring this one home boys. I'd be glad to sign off on winter if you can.
  8. Yeah not sure what hes looking at. Maybe just trying to kill my snow a bit quicker
  9. it's 2 separate systems, and has been for several days.
  10. safe bet. I'll take a slushy coating to see the ground white once again and call it a day (notice i didnt say season). Way too early for that call IMO.
  11. take a picture though. Looks like it wont last very long :(. I may get up late tonight (as I'm often up anyway), and turn the backyard light and watch the flakes fall. Just in case.....ya know. My son and his girlfriend are headed to the cabin with some friends to snowmobile, as they are still grooming the trails (as of yesterday), and trying to get another weekend on the trails before it gets patchy. Still a decent 12" OTG up in north central (up on top).
  12. I just went the back way to work and most fields are still covered/rideable. Edges takin the hit though. Sleet/ice layer did what i expected as a glaze of ice is blanketing the snow that remains. Hangin onto as many days as we can but I'd think by Sunday it becomes patches around my area. Friends that live between Manheim and Etown were out on snowmobiles last night. Its been a great year.
  13. Blue spot over mi casa. Lol. Could still sled today. Fields gettin thin tho
  14. From what I've heard he's had some challenges guys....I'll leave it at that but would say go easy on him.
  15. All I'm sayin is you ARE due to call a storm into the matter who gets the goods. Go find us one....thats all.
  16. oh I know you were just kiddin.... Just tryin to let ya'll know that I CAN be a nice guy......
  17. You're due pal....been great to see you back on the board bubbles. Go get this one for us....K?
  18. LOL. I've spent very little time there, as we've been doing well straight outta the gate, and the chatter here has been enough to keep me "home". I really don't envy their position literally and figuratively, and while I can be a jerk just like anyone, I prefer the high road....and not kicking a forum when they are down, and other than the northers/westers in their group, its been a crappy winter for many down there. edit - but when the playing field is's sorta fun
  19. Just checked colum on PVT, and believe it or not....looks just fine top to bottom..... hmmmmmmm