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  1. We'll... you're wrong, Back er down 20. I'd wager you (and your pal of course) are the only 2 that took offense to it. Like EVERYONE does in here rather frequently, it was a joke and in this case in reference to 3 little piggys as bubbles posted. Thats all...nothing more. Funny how some in here question or call out others at will, yet when called out..undies get wound a bit tight. Poor form. Jabs are give n take....not one sided. Like others, I get my fair share. NBD. Some in here need to remember that. Hope everyone elses stick shack like mine is ok. My cousin lost a huge tree in middletown n took out his garage. I'll offer to bring chainsaws over to help him tomorrow if needed. Believe it or not I'm nice like that. Ok, like the wind, this blows....I'm done with it. Heres Maytowns stats. Max 52mph. 01 22:56 NW 26 G 40 10.00 Overcast and Windy OVC055 49 31 50% 41 NA 29.62 1003.0 01 21:56 NW 29 G 39 10.00 Overcast and Windy BKN060 OVC150 50 33 52% 42 NA 29.58 1001.6 01 20:56 NW 35 G 45 10.00 Overcast and Windy SCT050 OVC090 51 35 54% NA NA 29.53 1000.1 01 19:56 NW 32 G 52 10.00 Overcast and Windy SCT046 BKN120 OVC150 55 43 72 54 64% NA NA 29.47 998.1 0.03 01 18:56 NW 24 G 33 10.00 Light Rain and Breezy SCT050 OVC070 54 46 75% NA NA 29.45 997.4 0.03 01 17:56 NW 18 G 28 10.00 Overcast FEW070 SCT090 OVC120 66 43 43% NA NA 29.35 994.0 01 16:56 SW 15 G 29 10.00 Overcast FEW080 BKN100 OVC200 71 37 29% NA NA 29.30 992.1 01 15:56 S 14 G 26 10.00 Mostly Cloudy FEW050 SCT120 BKN200 72 39 30% NA NA 29.31 992.5 01 14:56 SW 8 G 24 10.00 A Few Clouds FEW050 FEW120 72 40 31% NA NA 29.36 994.0 01 13:56 SW 15 G 26 10.00 A Few Clouds FEW120 70 44 70 56 39% NA NA 29.42 996.1 0.14
  2. yeah looks to be a few more hours anyway. If you need a big weight for your trashcans, I'll come sit on em for ya.
  3. Start something.....LOL. I guess the logic in me thinks it wouldn't be shaking at sub 50 mph wind and after reading some time ago about how well your house was built, it just sounded a bit surprising. That's all. I'm sure some damage will be reported, but our December fropa was notably more IMBY. And I ALWAYS hope for everyones houses sake, they faired just fine. Once again, why I'm no big fan of "severe". to all you severe lovers, enjoy the rest of your fropa/whatevs. I'm not here to ruin it for you, but I'm happy it wasnt worse. Winds sustained at 30+ over here, but so far the limbs that are ready to fall out of my big oak, are still dangling above.
  4. huh. Your house built of twigs? Just a decent fropa here but as anticipated, but meh compared to what I've been reading the last couple days. post frontal was stronger than pre frontal, but not by much. NWS saying max gust was 48. That's comparable to a decent Tboomer to me. No biggie.
  5. although Im no severe fan, all of this wind chatter has my intrigue, so I took a peek. Ok, I'm impressed...if it verifies.
  6. Yes, we struggle to keep insects from getting at them first, but we are looking for less harmful treatments options to keep them at bay. Wow, you know your stuff. Way way above me. I'm just starting to take a little more interest in managing this tree, as the pears are just great. Thanks for the info.
  7. just did my pear tree for the very same reason. I want good fruit this summer.
  8. GREAT pics man. You have a good eye for the camera.
  9. Interesting yes. Will the wind blow....yes. Am I worried.....no. Whats gonna happen is gonna happen. I'm no severe lover, but as a weather guy, I can understand the fascination that some have for it (and yes I love me a good Tboomer - just no damage to ANYONE please and thanks) That said, alot of what we see on SM or Youtube, and even sometimes in here... as most of us know...is just clickbait.
  10. and as its almost April fools - don't be fooled, that's really not anything special or anomalous for last nights winners. I know you know this, but I guess I need to remind some that in any given year, you'll see snow and white on cams into early April in these regions. As always, good for them.
  11. already growing, and many are mowing down here. Green up is well underway.
  12. Yeah we see it. Same ones that bust others for winter talk. Cool summer would be nice. Don't do anything to Ruin it. In the infamous words of Bob Ross....think happy thoughts.
  13. Glad you got to see some snow. You deserve it. Despite the beating you took in here, you are fully deserving. Hoping next year is a snow bonanza for you bud. Looks like north country has a white landscape this am as well. http://www.swedenhillsnocam.com/PCSC.jpg
  14. No...youre not off at all. No met status needed to verify your statement. Happy Hump Day to you as well.
  15. So...for the sake of disco, go to nooner GFS and look at the height lines. Then loop back a few runs. You'll see the 540s retreating and HP is no longer anchored and too far east. Then look to the west and see the big and all too familiar bulge pressing north. No reason for that to scoot off to the S coast w/ tellies progged as per my earlier disco. If you are correct, it'll be the NAO that would do it, but IMO it's not enough to hold things back w/ MJO losing amp at same timeframe, so likely it comes north. I'll say hello and give you a beer as I walk by you out on the weather limb.
  16. Yeah, yesterday was a nice event for NE and the Poconos, but thats really not surprising (in a normal year). Cams looked meh yesterday afternoon, but hey it was something... for the 23rd event, AO looks to rise around that timestamp. NAO still neg, and MJO losing amp thru 1 would suggest to me that this one has a chance, as the boundary could come north. ENS guidance has varied looks at 500mb. One less pronounced trough and other showing ridging. My gut says another rainer down here w/ the normal elevations scoring. IF the look holds. My thoughts are really just based off current looks/guidance, and not much more than that. Quite frankly I'm about "wished" out for something to happen, but thought I'd throw my .02 in.
  17. Yeah I saw that one. Good one to share. Its just surreal.
  18. Been up since 330 and was watching youtube vids of Mammoth CA. Good grief. They wont see their mulch all year. peeps using 2nd story access to get in houses n stuff. Just a phenomenal stretch for them.
  19. Yeah that off the chart 8 is impressive. No doubt. Just wished the Nina would've faded faster and we could have had a backend winter. I know I put too much faith in that happening, and it sure held on longer than expected. Yes, northers have been eeking their way back from the ledge and have had a few snows of late. Happy for them. As you suggest (and has been a fear of some of us), is that now that the rubber band snapped, were going to get all of that pent up cold when its really almost over for us (climo wise). Yes, we all know it can happen into easter, but like many others here, some of us just wanted snow in the air and otg for a while...even if only a little while. Not sure how many here have mentally moved on...but I know I have. Chalkin this one up as one of the bigger skunkers that I've witness in my years. Hoping next years Nino can work in our favor. Plenty of time to sort that out though.
  20. I saw 15 seconds of flurries on way to work. Looks like a skiff of snow on roofs. #notwinningwhatsoever
  21. Hey, you saw something and went after it, but like the other attempts at winter down here....it ALMOST worked...but didnt. Good on you for taking a stand. I've done it plenty here.
  22. Yesterday someone said w/ in an hour of Lanco, there was a WSW. Looking at todays maps...you better take a lamborghini up 95 or 81 if youve got 60min to get to plowable snow from here.
  23. Go pick your favorite go to model and loop through your beloved snowfall map outputs from the last 3-4 days. Like everything else this year, this one is slipping away. Yes, Poconos n points NE should get some fun, but the big stall/retrograde look, while still doing a single loop retro, is notably further NE and likely not what it was for the wester folks.
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