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  1. Beers cheaper and much more readily available....and you have instant replay. just trying to turn the -'s into a +'s for you.....
  2. 18z ready your post. HP ticks north and precip shield responds accordingly. Saturday in play for some moisture (for all you sport attending fans). I hope to sit in a tree Sat PM so I'm keepin an eye on it as well.
  3. congrats man. Hoping many good years in the new casa.
  4. and if they dont get us, there is s follow up wave on Thurs, that verbatim is an area wide crowd pleaser, but that's just a TAD too far out to really discuss much as it'll likely be 500 miles away in somewhereville by happy hour run.
  5. 12z keeps the concerns we both noted alive and well. As depicted, that HP up north means business (now showing 1036 as he slides SE)...and will likely play Edward Scissorhands to any tropical influence trying to get north of 40.
  6. yeah it sure looks like a rather uncertain time, as one model run shows a bunch of something...and the next a lot of nothing. IMO w/ that likelyhood of an inland track, I'd think were bound for some interaction, although frontal boundary and HP up north may shunt Nward progress. My wife has a wedding to shoot on Saturday....that might not be fun.
  7. Feels AWESOME out.... I saw the same on car thermo at 5 am.
  8. yeah that is an interesting look, but one that surely isnt outside the realm of possible outcomes. One thing for sure, is that fall is here and looking to stick around. Parsing over 2m temps through the entire run, had a max of 68 for HBG. So what we may lack in color from our dry summer, we may get in cool temps for a more normalish fall. Precip totals are a bit paltry though, so lets hope we get some action from the tropics to keep those precious lawns green...and mowers runnin....especially for those that keep track of their mow totals....lol and SMH.
  9. 1.7 In Gaines, Tioga in last 2 days .08 down here at my house... Still should keep the drought talk at a minimum.
  10. Yeah my grass has somewhat recovered, although it could use another watering. Looking like once into next week, cooler temps and a shot at some more on monday should help. Happy FALL y'all....
  11. looks like your blanket statement doesnt necessarily hold water...or does it?? Looks like Sauss (and I ) are rather safe.....and hydrated. https://learningtohomebrew.com/does-beer-count-towards-water-fluid-intake-can-it-hydrate/ or for you hiker/fitness folks worried about your before/after intake. https://www.backpacker.com/news-and-events/hallelujah-beer-hydrates-better-than-water/ and alas...we have been trained to follow the science.. so drink up...I mean here it is... https://jissn.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12970-015-0088-5 @canderson....you're on your own buddy. Not sure what beers in wine glasses do to studies...
  12. careful....youre being judged.... (and I agree...MHLL is basically water)...and still my go to, but as my kid has jumped on board, i'm now drinking 1 level up MHL as he prefers "the good stuff".
  13. this 'd be my selfie. Losing weight has been good for many things, but not the internal thermo.
  14. thats not happenin pal. that sh!t sucks....well maybe the berry might be ok in an extreme pinch...(only tasted, never had a can in my hand. Y'all don't have to think any less of me than you already do...
  15. cant lie....I wore a jacket to work.... go ahead....take your shots at me...I'm a big boy and can take it.
  16. since were talking models........long ones the fly in the drought punch is lurkn....trollin heavy. Place your bets suckas....in 2 runs thats about a 1000 mile jog SE
  17. Split my 5 qds back in March.... yeah splitting when hot sucks for sure.
  18. Yeah, this is rather acceptable. I turned AC off for hopefully the last time (although next week may change that). It has had quite a long run this season...
  19. As its about time to start looking at maps as we approach Autumn, it looks like once beyond next weeks mini warmup, 2m temp anomalies are losing the deep reds and replacing w/ white and shades of blue as we get into the first weekend of Autumn (and beyond). 500 maps on ens guidance dont look too bad either. Not diving in any deeper cause its post 240, but verbatim, I'll sign. Yes, this map was cherry picked for maximum wow factor
  20. Sounds like a great time....win or lose...but lets hope for the win.
  21. I dont have the patience to wait in line, so I always go elsewhere, but my kid and his fiance love it.
  22. Now THATS a place that yo no quiero.....( I dont like). Talk about mystery meat.....
  23. Reminder....many peeps don't have a refined palate and quest only 5 star food/beer venues. For many, coors light is just fine and totally acceptable. I'll not judge them. Hoss's in its day was (and still is) a fantastic value...especially for folks that may not make as much as others, and for them it may be one of a few remaining affordable eat out options...especially as prices continue to blow through the roof. You should feel blessed to be able to refine that pallet of yours buddy boy. BTW, i still owe you a wine glass full of beer
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