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  1. Here are another few frames from the 18z EPS showing the cold air in place with the precip getting underway early Wednesday into Wednesday afternoon.
  2. I was just getting ready to post these. The 18z Euro Control run actually shows that suppression might be an issue!
  3. The Euro, Canadian, EPS & Ukie all have a more wintry solution for us for Wednesday. The GFS is starting to come around as well, but the other models say we get at least some winter weather next Wednesday according to the 12z runs.
  4. Yes, hopefully we score an Advisory level front end event next Wednesday. We warm up the following week. Then the MJO progression into phase 7 and the EPO heading towards neutral should help to return us to a colder pattern the following week before Christmas. It think this is a case that we already see our way out of the warm up into a better colder pattern as the milder days are ongoing mid month.
  5. The 18z GFS took a good step in the right direction for the Wednesday storm chance. It now has frozen precip for the northern half of CTP this run.
  6. Great signal…hopefully it keeps trending in the right direction the next few days.
  7. Still a long way and many model runs to go until next Wednesday, but it’s something worth tracking.
  8. The 0z Euro Op and 0z Canadian have a more flat solution this run. They both have snow for us this run with the storm chance next Wednesday.
  9. All joking aside, we could use some precip. November was below normal for both temps and precip. Hopefully we can time some above normal precip with below normal temps sometime this month.
  10. Exactly! The early week system on Monday is carving out a trough after it moves out. The next system is quickly moving in on Wednesday. I don’t think that the cold will have time to move out prior to the next storm moving in. I think we have a chance of some front end snow to mix at the least, just as the 12z Euro & Canadian showed today.
  11. Hopefully 12z runs will still be looking good for a Winter storm next week.
  12. I like the fact that all of the models have a storm on 12/8 at this time. This might be our first chance at a widespread Advisory level event if the track and timing are right.
  13. The 6z GFS & 0z Canadian both have a wintry look to them for 12/8, but now the Euro has a warmer rainy solution at 0z.
  14. I think that we will have some periods of cold and some warm ups. The MJO is going through phase 6 this week and should go into phase 7 by the end of next week. Phase 6 is warm, but phase 7 is cold. The EPO will also be a factor. When it goes negative, the cold air in Western Canada will have a chance to be delivered to the east. We should have some Winter Storm chances once the current northern stream dominated pattern gets reshuffled.
  15. Now that the Winter thread has arrived, This is a friendly reminder that the Harrisburg are only averages around 6 inches of snow in December. Last year we had 1 event mid month that delivered near 1 foot of snow to MDT. Most Decembers, we scrape together a few light to moderate events. Most years, we need to wait until January or February to get the chance at a major snowstorm.
  16. MDT only had a high of 40 today which is 8 below normal. MDT also had another T of snow today.
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