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  1. The 0z GFS has some April Fool’s Day snow for us ! Only 9 days to go...
  2. Yes, I just said that as well. The timing & phasing was just off a bit on this one. The radar looks great, but yes If only...
  3. The 18z FV3 also looks decent for Monday night into Tuesday am.
  4. The 18z GFS also improved for the Monday & Monday night storm chance.
  5. The 18z GFS says that @Bubbler86 & @Cashtown_Coop might flip to snow overnight. Most of us tomorrow afternoon have a chance at getting some snow showers.
  6. Congrats MAG ! What are your thoughts on the winter storm chance for early next week ?
  7. I think @pasnownut & @Itstrainingtime would approve of this 0z run of the GFS-FV3 !
  8. It has been nice to dry things out this past week for a change! I will take any kind of snow that we can get over the next 2 weeks. The clock is ticking & we are running out of time to score. Hopefully next week delivers even a few inches of stat padding snow for us. What are your thoughts on next week’s potential winter storm?
  9. Great post on next week’s potential storm! It kind of reminds me of the storms from March 2014 or 2015. The Cold air pressed so much that PA missed out on 2 or 3 snowstorms that gave good snow to MD & VA. Hopefully next week the cold air arrives in time & stalls to provide a good boundary to run across so MD & PA both cash in !
  10. The 18z GEFS is showing a decent snow mean for most of us for next week’s storm. There is a blend of a couple of good hits, & a few misses to the north & south.
  11. That’s a great point about the problem with this storm. Last week we were teased with a few good runs, then for several days most models developed the coastal way offshore. Now, the system has come back but, as you said, the phasing is not right.
  12. The EPS looks good for next week with a low passing to our south & off the coast. The snow mean is starting to respond a little bit as well through day 9.
  13. I’m ok waiting until next week for snow if need be!
  14. At the end of the 00z NAM run, it flips over a good portion of CTP to snow as the low deepens off of the NJ coast. if the low develops & deepens further south, just offshore toward the VA coast, then maybe we could see more snow out of this. Most likely, this will not develop in time for us, but New England could get crushed with snow.
  15. Last year through today, MDT was sitting at just 19.5 inches of snow. It’s crazy to know that 18 more inches of snow were yet to fall before we were done in April last year! We really had a long wait to get to our 37.5 inch seasonal total last year. Hopefully we are not done adding to our 40.9 inches of snow at MDT this season!
  16. Don’t retire for the season just yet. This could be our best storm since November!
  17. The 12z Euro still is looking good for a winter storm for our region during the middle of next week. The Low passes to our south & moves very slowly as a cold High presses south. Right now the bullseye is to the south of CTP, right where would would like it to be at 8 days out!
  18. The Euro Op develops the coastal storm this week too late for our region. However, next week, it tracks a low under us while cold is pressing. It delivers a good swath of snow for CTP next week.
  19. The Euro Control likes the period around day 10 for snow for most of CTP.
  20. Unfortunately, instead of just moving the precip east, most models take what little precip that survives the mountains, to the south of the MD line tonight.
  21. If the FV3 is right, you will be shoveling later this week !
  22. The 0z GFS-FV3 gets the coastal going later this week in time for eastern PA & says congrats to @Voyager ! This run crushes coastal NJ, NYC & SNE with heavy snow. The rest of us just need this model to shift about 100 miles or so to the west. It would also be great to get just about every other model onboard for this storm!
  23. I agree, the Clipper looks to only have maybe a 50 mile or so precip band, & who ever “jackpots” will be lucky to see 1 or 2 inches of snow. I wouldn’t mind being in that small zone ! The coastal is a long shot, but it will be interesting to see if anything develops that could even have a small impact. Do you think this week is our last chance at any snow this season ?
  24. Blizzard of 93

    The March Long Range Discussion Thread, Winter's Last Stand

    No one is annoyed up in the Central PA thread. Please let us know your thoughts. Some of us still enjoy tracking every last snow potential.
  25. The 12z Euro is also still trying to get a storm going off of the coast later this week.