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  1. It’s always been at least after the 5th until the pattern change kicks in! If the great look on the ensembles continues to hold as it has for days, we should have plenty to track after December 5th.
  2. It should just be a matter of time if that look holds and then locks in for a couple of weeks.
  3. Check out the blocking showing up on the Euro Op at the end of the 10 day run…wow!
  4. Exactly, their really knowledgeable posters have helped me to learn a ton over the years. When things are looking good, they are a must read for me.
  5. I looked at that as well, but the follow up storm didn’t deliver Winter goods, but 300 plus hours away!
  6. The 0z GFS showed the type of Winter storm that the good pattern could produce for us once the pattern change arrives. Here is 12/8
  7. The look has been holding for days. I expect to be tracking a specific threat sometime between December 6th & 10th.
  8. The 6z GFS stills has the @Bubbler86 Winter storm for us on 12/8.
  9. No, I’m just going to give you credit if it somehow verifies… you were the first on here to spot it!
  10. @Bubbler86 Lol, The 300 hour 18z GFS storm is all yours good sir…you posted it first today!
  11. The 12z Canadian ensemble from today looks very similar to the EPS. Greenland blocking is featured in the 10 to 15 day period.
  12. I’m going to bump this post…this is the 12z EPS from today. This is a very good look from the best ensemble in the day 10 to 15 range.
  13. Here’s another look at that 18z GFS 300+ hour away storm. The advertised upcoming pattern would support it…
  14. The 12z EPS shows a good looking pattern that would present opportunities once we get to 12/5 & beyond.
  15. I agree, I do not like the windows down in the car…too much noise.
  16. The 6z GEFS snow map through day 16 is the best widespread look so far in this early season with the 2 inch snow line getting well into Virginia. I just use these long range ensemble snow maps as an indicator for pattern potential.
  17. Good looking pattern showing on the 6z GEFS between day 10 & 15. Ridging out west and up top, with troughing in the east.
  18. We have come a very long way with cutting into the + departure over the last 10 days thanks to the recent cold pattern. It will be tough to bring it down much more with the forecast temperatures through the end of the month.
  19. The departure from normal at MDT is down to just +2.2 with 5 days to go.
  20. Yet another below normal day yesterday at MDT with a -1 going in the books thanks to the below normal overnight low.
  21. 41 with light rain currently in Marysville. Low this morning was 38
  22. I would sign up for this 6z GEFS look for the December 5th to 10th period.
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