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  1. If we get a little sun, it might be possible. Very cloudy now at this time.
  2. Lol, I’m just concerned with their snow measurement issues!
  3. No, she is still in the 10 & under league. Maybe someday she will play for Susquenita!
  4. How much rain do you guys think that we will get this weekend? My daughter has a Softball tournament near Harrisburg this weekend. I’m hoping that the rain showers are just a minor inconvenience.
  5. 42 in Marysville this morning. Another nice Spring day on the way!
  6. 1.6 today + 2.3 yesterday. Event total of 3.9 in Marysville 46 degrees currently
  7. 1.5 of rain today so far on top of the 2.3 from yesterday.
  8. I’m day dreaming of seeing this radar in January with a widespread 2 to 3 feet blizzard ongoing.
  9. .93 of rain so far today since midnight. 49 degrees & moderate rain currently in Marysville.
  10. Yes, the current radar is really juiced up & expanding in Virginia slowly heading north in our direction overnight.
  11. Great win! They showed some heart tonight. Must win game on Sunday night.
  12. If this was snow… I would have 2 feet on the ground with another 1 to 2 feet on the way!
  13. Multiple chances for rain later this week after a nice Monday & Tuesday.
  14. .24 of rain here in Marysville. The rain stopped recently.
  15. Currently in Bradford, PA at 9 pm. BRADFORD LGT SNOW 29
  16. Yes, I froze at my daughter’s softball game this evening. The wind didn’t stop and temperatures were dropping in the 40’s with mostly cloudy skies. At least they won the game!
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