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  1. All the ash trees in my area (Westchester/ CT border) are dead or dying. I’m concerned!
  2. South Salem in Westchester @ 600 ft- 28°/28° 1/4” snow sleet mix currently light rain.
  3. I heard a clap of thunder at 2:19 so it had to be ripping then. I measured 11" on the porch railing, but there is less on the blacktop driveway!
  4. Eastern most Westchester Co. along the CT border - Just Flipped to pure sleet 20º/18º 1.5" OTG .
  5. I remember this storm well. We woke up to 6 inches of snow here in Westchester next to Ridgefield CT
  6. Our camp in Denmark, ME got power back around noon today!