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  1. I checked a neighboring station they recorded .70 so we’re in the same ball park.
  2. .79 here in Westchester-not too bad!
  3. I know it’s cloudy and rainy home in Westchester, but I drove to our camp in Maine where we can see the northern lights!
  4. 34° light rain with some pingers here in Westchester at 500ft
  5. October 29, 2011 - why can’t snow accumulate on warm ground?
  6. Not that far north- east of North Conway, NH
  7. I have a lake house in western Maine- I haven’t seen a car on the ice in about 5 years, 2 weekends ago a UTV went thru the ice (yes it was knuckle heads on a 6 person machine). My house is on groomed snowmobile trails and the conditions have been horrible even if there is snow- the boggy areas haven’t been freezing up!
  8. I just drove from western Maine to Westchester- the only time driving was dicey was around Worcester! Home now 34° 1.31 in the rain gauge.
  9. 2.20 inches of rain and 50° winds not crazy - I’ve been listening to fire and EMS radio for a loooong time so judging on how quiet it is Westchester Co and Fairfield Co are doing OK. With the storm before Christmas the radio was going crazy and I lost power for 12 hours!
  10. No power for me since about 7:20-Eastern Westchester along the CT border @ 600 ft. Heavy rain, but the winds don’t seem crazy- glad it’s warm!!
  11. I can confirm- I live in Westchester just west of Wilton an I saw wet snow flakes!
  12. I’m in eastern Westchester basically Fairfield Co CT - yesterday’s storm knocked out power from 8pm in until 4am and again today at 4:45 and counting!
  13. The legendary Dr Frank Field has passed at 100 https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/pioneering-former-wnbc-meteorologist-dr-frank-field-dies-at-100/4471040/
  14. I’ve been without power since 5am -Vista, NY (CT used to buy beer here on Sunday’s) a stones throw from Wilton!
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