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  1. I had the taxes taken out as well. I knew that there would be a hell of a bill to pay if I didn’t. Hopefully, it covers what the costs of the year will add up to. Ive also saved the majority of the money as well. Not driving around for a few months saved me a decent amount and I have the best saving I’ve ever had.
  2. I am sorry to say I am not familiar how your area dealt with it. I am from the Onondaga Hill area and worked at a place over towards Solvay/Fairmount at the time.
  3. I went through our labor day storm here in syracuse that was a derecho event that came in on Labor Day eve of 1998. The things I remember most about that night was the color of the sky. It glowed green and purple under the constant lightning. The 4 bands of winds that came through had to be gusting to around 75-80mph. It tore trees up around here like nothing I'd seen before. It took around an hour for the storm to pass through completely. It was the only time our family gathered in the stairwell of the house because we felt the need to. Power was knocked out for around 5-6 days, a few vendors over at the fairgrounds were killed because they were tenting at the fairgrounds near their booths. A major church lost one of it's steeples that only recently got replaced. It was a hell of a storm and every labor day weekend there are retrospective shows on that nights weather and how we all pulled together to clean up and make it.
  4. Worked there for around 4 years. Between 2012 - 2016... Not something I'd recommend if you want to retain your enjoyment of it.
  5. If you run chrome, you can right-click the page, go down to the code inspector at the bottom of the popup and you'll get a panel on the right. If you hover your mouse over the code bits that you see, you can right click and delete them until you drill down to a usable page.
  6. I find them claustrophobic... I sound like I'm dying when I wear 'em...
  7. I work juuuust below Phoenix. One of our bigger R/C flying clubs is up there. They are currently in a war with a family of beavers at their field. lol. Glad to hear you guys are doing good up there. My brother lives up in Central Square. Appreciate you passing the info along man!
  8. So, just got through the Skywarn introductory class. Glad to be able to contribute and help out in any way I can for you all! -Mike
  9. Onondaga Hill has more thunder approaching. Pretty similar to the front that came through earlier.
  10. Down here around Onondaga Hill it blew through probably 20 minutes ago now. It was a blustery little front that now has backed off to a trickle of rain and a slight breeziness. The temps behind that are very nice to my tastes. 60's now around here.
  11. The more forecasts you post, the better chance you have of one of them being on the money!
  12. Hey guys! So I looked back and normally this thread has started by now, but for some reason it hasn't this year. So, what is everyone thinking?
  13. On that note, you do know the rules of the road up there, yes?
  14. Be aware of the batteries in the cold. The advertised flight times, and the actual flight times, may vary. Nice score though!
  15. Reed's out in the Keys as well.