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  1. Sleeting hard in Taylors, SC. Temp is 35.4.
  2. Snowing hard in Taylors with 1" on the ground.
  3. Just got back a short drive from Paris Mountain on Altamont Road. Snow level at Paris Mountain is about 1400 feet.
  4. Light snow has tapered off to an occasional flurry here in Taylors.
  5. flurries trying to up their game to light snow here in Taylors.
  6. Flurries started up here in Taylors. 29 degrees.
  7. 32.5 in Taylors. Everything is white now.
  8. Snowing moderately now! Everything is quickly turning white. Temp is now 34.3.
  9. 35.6 in Taylors. Wind now from the northeast. Rain has changed to snow!
  10. 36.5 in Taylors with snow mixing in. Also wind is now from the north east instead of southwest.
  11. Raining here in Taylors. 37.6 and dropping.
  12. Hmm, a few flurries are flying here in Taylors, SC.
  13. Seeing a few snow flakes mixing in here in Taylors. Temp is 36f.