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  1. More flakes mixing here in Taylors!
  2. Seeing a few snow flakes mixing in here in Taylors. Temp is 36f.
  3. Current temperature graph from my acurite. Getting there more quickly now...
  4. Snowing on Paris Mountain and Piney Mountain. Snow level was about ~1200 ft.
  5. Snow's been falling in Taylors, SC since about 8:30pm. The car and grassy areas became coated by 10pm. Currently 32.2 (it had been 32.4 for a while now) and looks like some heavy returns about to come through the area. I've been watching the CC radar [link] at GSP and it looks like the snow line is slowly drifting south of i85 now.
  6. That'll be internet weather kook and scam artist Kevin Martin. Looks like he started this site back in April [link].
  7. Up to 30.3 and still rising here in Taylors, SC.
  8. My weather station's temperature is oozing up ever so slowly from 27.2 six hours ago to 28 now.
  9. A light snow shower here in Taylors, SC just started.
  10. Still snowing nicely here in Taylors, SC and 29F. I cleaned the ice off the car, and now it's covered in snow.
  11. Moderate snow here in Taylors.
  12. The dual pol radar for GSP: http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=GSP-N0C-1-12 My favorite tool from last year for determining snow vs other.
  13. Flurries / light snow just started here in NE Greenville, SC.
  14. Snowing here just northeast of Greenville, SC.
  15. Snowing in Taylors, SC.