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  1. Yea, well....decide how great it is later tonight. Unreal....of course, the MLK deal locked right in when that shit went west. If this fails, I am out on this season completely.
  2. https://easternmassweather.blogspot.com/2022/01/first-call-for-potential-weekend.html Took a lot of balls for me to hedge this strongly right now, but 'alas....
  3. This going to settle and tick best west a bit tonight, IMO....however, in the mean time, I will book telehealth for any WOR clients who see fit- We can contract for safety...
  4. That run of the EURO looks just like March 14, 2018 just before it hit....I agree it would throw precip further west than that, though. Point is that it also appeared to jackpot PYM then, too....ended up IMBY
  5. This is exactly what I expected to happen...I knew the early capture and stall was BS....I think we are arriving at our solution....deform from me to perhaps CTRV as western goal post
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