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  1. I think I tuned out for the season right after I saw those pics TBH.
  2. After a season of longing for an NAO, and watching everything bury NNE during a year that I thought would be epic, the grande finale consisted of the rug getting pulled out from under me in the other direction.
  3. I actually thought that my area would be near the JP zone, and boy was I pissed when it was apparent early on that I'd be porked.
  4. I hated that event. One of the many events over the past few years that slighted my area, while crushing most of E MA.
  5. 20 year anniversary! I did fine in Wilmington with like 20" after a brief start as sleet and rain, but it was orgasmic at my present locale....like 30".
  6. Probably related to the shorter wavelengths during the spring rendering a crap pattern less prohibitive to big dogs.
  7. March 1984. My first weather memory....I watched the distinct transition from sheets of rain to cat paws flash across the neighborhood at a very deliberate pace during the PM, then I awoke the next morning to about a foot of spring concrete. I was hooked-
  8. Yea, its not that rare...especially out there.
  9. I have no issue with doubting said potential succeeds at converting to a significant snowfall....was just speaking to the climo aspect.
  10. Yea, early April is a different ball game.....final week of March jives with what I would say is the climo cliff.
  11. Mid March is not that averse at this latitude...very doable.
  12. We will probably get one more event mid month....
  13. He has actually had the best handle on this season of anyone.
  14. Cosgrove said the next system was favored to bring snowfall to the "interior" NE.
  15. I remember that early April event...couple weeks earlier and it would have been great. Saw some cat paws in Sandown, NH at a fam gathering. That was another winter that left something on the table..second half could have been pretty epic.
  16. I remember I started rooting for futility that year on Eastern haha
  17. I only remember because I froze my ass off walking to my internship off campus at UML, especially since I stopped to measure for the comparison to Wilmington lol
  18. Nah, blustery, bright, sunny and pretty cold IIRC.
  19. I got 11" in Wilmington.....CF was near Reading/rt 128 most of the event, but got to me near the end, which added moisture to the snow. When I went to school at UML, they had 13" of pure powder.
  20. Best event of that ratter of a season for me. Solid foot.
  21. February was good, it just underachieved as a whole, as I intimated above...vast majority of my monthly snowfall came on 2/1. We looked primed for a huge month, then "whoosh"...that period immediately following VD Day just went to hell in a hand basket. What looked like two consecutive mod-heavy hitters just gave SNE the 7-10 split....with one going rainer, and the other nuisance. That week's failure was the game changer....only getting 10.5" of snow between Feb 2 and 28 leaves a good deal to be desired.