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  1. I honestly think its a bit of both on each end....but again, all I was implying is that the worst of the summer is behind us and we are exiting solar max...that's it.
  2. It never fails....February and August both always feature the first people discussing seasonal change, and its always met with butt-hurt resistance Its admittedly worse in winter....won't deny that.
  3. Home-2022-New – Hooked on Phonics
  4. I understand your interpretation is different. We disagree. Touching 90 degrees again and having the season wane are not mutually exclusive to me, thus my statement is in fact congruent. I understand why it isn't through your lens.
  5. Right...to me, it means the apex is behind us and we are exiting solar max...just like in mid February when we have toasty tushies in the car. I did say we will see 90 degrees again.
  6. Yea, summer's back is thankfully broken. I'm sure that we haven't seen the last of the 90s, but the worst is behind us.
  7. Probably from about your area points southward, but not necessarily here....as long as there is cold in Canada, which there should be, its unlikely to be an unmitigated disaster at this latitude, unless there was some incredible misfortune involved. Agree RE above normal temps...pretty tough to pull off a below average season this day due to the relatively mild nights.
  8. Mixed bag for me....3 good, 3 suck.
  9. They nailed the Stormy January last season.
  10. Makes sense...figured that when I got home.
  11. I didn't get hit hard...just .14" in the gauge and did not lose power...digital clocks still running.
  12. I usually get a text from National Grid if there is a power disruption, which I haven't.
  13. Should be back by the time I get home at like 7 or 8
  14. Be careful what you wish for later this season.
  15. Helocity will be through the roof for Santa's fat ass.
  16. This is why its best to never pay attention to the severe crap....ignore it, and if you end up getting in on anything, just be pleasantly surprised. Not worth spending 30 minutes of your life posting charts on CAPE values.
  17. I stopped squatting for from like January to June bc I got sciatica, but finally kicked it. I don't do anything heavy for shoulders anymore, aside from my chest work.
  18. I have had to the flip the bar a few times while squatting like 3 plates, but not recently...been a while.
  19. I always shit immediately before squatting, otherwise I run the risk of needing to "freshen up" between sets. I wonder if there is a meme for that?
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