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  1. Interestingly enough, 1938 and 1954 represent the last two major hurricane strikes in New England.
  2. Reading LC, seems like we have kind of a back and forth fall, while the interior remains more consistently cool.
  3. Stein has two different droughts ongoing.....
  4. My guess is that it peaks earlier than that....maybe Novie.
  5. Be careful daddy doesn't poke through the water
  6. Some of us maybe even drinking the toilet water and watering with the dishwater.
  7. At least the lawn won't grow much...the dearth of yard work may be a worthwhile trade off.
  8. May start getting to the point at which the heat/drought combo becomes severe enough it interest me....careful what you wish for-
  9. Of course, I'm usually ground zero for these monstrosities.....but come winter, guess where the MO-FO' Subby Hole is?
  10. There was a storm in December 1981 that dropped more than the Megalopolis storm in some areas of eastern MA, but you are right for the most part. The storms near the end of March 1984 and in April 1982 were also very impressive.
  11. Kev just disappeared to prepare his longwinded reentry post.
  12. I'm about 77% of the way to my record for consecutive days at 72+ with relatively humidity at 64% or greater.
  13. That too...must be tough watching the weather peasants at a lower elevation continuously accumulate more snow.
  14. Maybe that map was plotted prior to his latest rescues.....couple german sheapard contributions to the poo mound and there you have it....250' becomes 515'.
  15. Def a sneaky good spot there....your elevation is just enough to make a bit of difference.
  16. Hi so far is 94.8 IMBY...since slipped back to 94.5
  17. Right...because the hill is higher than he is, but that doesn't mean that he isn't around 500'.
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