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  1. When's the last time that you got at least three 1"+ rain days in a single month out there?
  2. With the high clouds over Illinois and near the Mississippi River fairly far to the west areas that do not have too many low clouds from Ophelia yet, especially from the metro region westwards, may experience a, at least, briefly gorgeous sunset before any of the aforementioned Midwest clouds try to cut the show short (they're pretty far west so we'll see how long a gorgeous sunset lasts). The further WNW you are the better. (Medium confidence)
  3. Note: Nineteen year anniversary of northern/central VAs most prolific tornado outbreak, probably in recorded history.
  4. IAD down to 49F earlier. The first sub-50F low since May 31st. It feels like Mother Nature diverted a tropical system from the Mid-Atlantic out there.
  5. 0.8" last night and a total of 3.45" for September (all in the last six days).
  6. Margot the hurricane. AL, 14, 2023091118, , BEST, 0, 265N, 398W, 65, 988, HU
  7. That would be yours truly but I'll one you up. Try Herndon watching those downbursty rain/hail curtains drop immediately to my west for two days. I salute @EastCoast NPZ for what he goes through.
  8. Lee now a Category 4. Forecasted to become a 145kt Cat 5 tomorrow. Not sure I've ever seen a forecast that strong for a storm not already a 5. Maybe once before?
  9. Fun fact: Nary more than a drop here a few miles to your southeast in Herndon.
  10. IAD recently got into some sun and jumped to 97F. There's a storm cell in the area now, though.
  11. So for today (assuming no late changes) it looks like: IAD: 100F BWI: 100F DCA: 98F ... RIC: 100F ETA: RIC: 101F
  12. IAD just had a 100F reading for a single minute... awaiting climate report.
  13. http://iadasos.org/IAD/index.html
  14. For the fourth day in a row IAD hits 99F. Today's the best chance at a brief 100. We'll see what happens.
  15. IAD has hit 98F so far via one-min obs.
  16. Today's climate report just in shows that all three local airports have hit 99F today. A new 2023 high for DCA. DCA: 99F IAD: 99F BWI: 99F ... RIC: 98F We'll see if any funny heat business occurs over the next half hour or so.
  17. IAD touched 99F again in the past few minutes.
  18. IAD has just gotten up to 98F so far today.
  19. Looks like IAD got down to 74F early this morning. The record warm min for today there is 73F and with no storms through the day that is likely to hold.
  20. Based on the newly released Daily climate report (assuming nothing unusual happens) it looks like todays airport highs were: BWI: 99F DCA: 98F IAD: 99F RIC: 98F
  21. The hourly reading of 99F at BWI is also a yearly high.
  22. IAD has made it to 99F again.
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