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  1. IAD has hit 96F so far today.
  2. I assume that that was the ISS that just went overhead in the sky from WNW/ESE.
  3. IAD hitting 97F. Hottest temp of 2022 so far.
  4. That's a fairly low flying airplane probably not far from KIAD (Washington Dulles Int'l Airport).
  5. I just saw a very small meteorite immediately behind the storm in the clearing sky to the NNW/NW at 11:13pm here in Herndon. I doubt anyone else saw it though.
  6. Roughly halfway through the heat/humidity.
  7. Baby Yoda: @JerztwoVA Is very pleased. A Frost Advisory is in effect from 3AM to 8AM EDT Thursday August 25th for the Greater Washington Metropolitan area. Temps: Lows will drop to the low to mid 30s in the close in suburbs of DC with upper 30s in town. Plants left outside could suffer damage from frost. … JerztwoVA: @Baby Yoda @Randy This post right here... You know what to do. Joe the Eskimo: @Baby Yoda Ah yes. Wasting an all-time record breaking cold airmass in the August of all months. A true Mid-Atlantic tradition like no other. You just KNOW that we’ll see all-time record warmth of this same magnitude come winter time. A strong modoki Nina will make sure of it. Alpha: Gorgeous weather for August! JerztwoVA: @Alpha @Randy That’s a two-fer! 40N70W: @Joe the Eskimo The Nina will be mod at best. I don't know where this "strong" stuff keeps coming from.
  8. And yet probably no lightning yet as of when you typed this. The magic of 2"+ Pwats.
  9. Let's all drink and pretend that it's 50F colder and 6 months later.
  10. IAD also had a peak HI of 103 with 96/71 earlier. Though I've noticed that the HI on the NWS weather.gov page is always a degree higher than the HI shown on IAD 1-min obs page.
  11. Wednesday and Thursday also have potential if the front remains far enough north for us with at least modest/moderate shear.
  12. IAD actually getting down to a relatively cool 66F this morning.
  13. Probably not. Just some heavy rain, gusty winds and occasional lightning.
  14. 85/75 at IAD at 9:21am after a low of 77F this morning.
  15. My P&C for Herndon, VA shows 98F for Sat and 100F for Sun.
  16. I'm watching the line-segment currently in southeastern WV. If it holds together over the mountains it could be our main (or one of our) event(s).
  17. IAD currently at 80/77. Wearing the air.
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