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  1. They're here in McLean!
  2. Front yard filled with emerging nymphs tonight in McLean- appears as if parts of lawn are moving. Definitely looks to be a pickup from the past few nights of limited activity.
  3. Snow quickly disappearing in McLean but sure was beautiful earlier in the day while it was falling. Temps above freezing + tree cover resulted in some stark borders between a winter wonderland and average wet forest!
  4. Light-moderate snow in McLean, streets coated over once more. Snow on snow!!
  5. Hoping rates pick up again this afternoon, but even with the 2"-2.5" on the ground it's absolutely beautiful out in McLean!
  6. Woke up just now in McLean near the Arlington border to about 0.9 inches on the deck with beautiful light snow falling. Looking forward to the wintry day ahead!
  7. Seems to be mostly sleet now in Mclean near the Arlington border- deck has a light coat of crunchiness.
  8. Light snow with a dusting on non-paved surfaces and even a few sidewalks. Georgetown
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