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  1. This first storm was not for us... though I’m enjoying the distance rumbles of thunder.
  2. Starting to look like we have legit initiation around the Beltway.
  3. something slowly going up N of McLean. Looks like something might be popping up over Mount Rainer too. Let’s see if these can take off.
  4. Thunder in Arlington. Not sure where from though. edit: those storms just blew up
  5. I’d really like a storm today if only to cool down the water at the pool. It’s already getting steamy.
  6. Distinct boundary(?) pushing East to west on radar right through the Beltway. Maybe it’ll fire up another storm or two.
  7. Yep, that’s me! I’m super lucky. Again, thanks to those who participated and thanks to everyone who read it!
  8. Thunder ruining an afternoon swim at the pool... almost feels like a normal summer.
  9. There are some cameos from the forum in this article... shout-out to those who let me interview them! Link:
  10. Outflow boundary from the storm is seriously gusty. Looks like I’m getting fringed though.
  11. Wouldn’t mind a storm today. Fingers crossed!
  12. Yeah, I’m pretty sure we are talking about the same thing. Ended up being about 3” an hour in Arlington for that storm. Picked up a bit more than 1” in a little over 30 minutes here today, so not bad.
  13. Super cool. Radar estimate just bumped up to about an 1” for MBY. Pretty great storm and it’s not over yet.