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  1. Welcome to a place for weenies to share snow maps and fantasy storms that will never happen... unless they do, of course. Renew those model subscriptions and get to obsessively tracking those storms that are 16 days out. They say the big ones lock in early... Kicking us off for the season is a nice little run of the 00z EPS control. Still room for this to trend better!
  2. 00z GFS brings western areas their first upper 30s and rain of the season in about 10 days.
  3. Haha, impressive comeback by the Ravens. Credit where credit it due.
  4. my college friends and I will often go do the custom “make your own 6 pack” at the local grocers. It’s a good day when half meet our approval, lmao.
  5. I have unbelievably fond memories of Cox Farms. It's a great place -- but definitely less and less of a secret every year, if it ever was.. It was crazy before social media really took off ~15 years ago, can't be better now.
  6. We’ve had them come through as early as September! We’re due for an October fantasy storm.
  7. It's that time of year where I check the OP models every day for the first digital snowfall... hoping I haven't missed it yet.
  8. Not a bust in Charlottesville. Some super pretty skies and now under a STW. Good deal of small hail reported locally.
  9. Twitter is blowing up talking about it. Best explanation I saw was something about a low-level inversion trapping the sound, but who knows.
  10. Man... looking for jobs at the same time you are in school is exhausting. Feels like it's been ages since I've been in here!
  11. Let's do this thing. DCA: 11/11 IAD: 10/30 BWI: 11/10 RIC: 11/11 Tiebreaker: 1.3"
  12. Have there ever been so many flash flood warnings all lined up in a row? Nuts stuff.
  13. Minus the filming while driving and the stopping on the road, pretty cool video.
  14. I feel like that rotation looks better than the currently warned storms. Shocked it’s not warned.
  15. Nice tropical shower down in Charlottesville with some slight rotation. Good luck up there today… had enough fun here last night.
  16. Pretty nuts night here. Some student apartments and buildings apparently have water in them. Think we avoided an actual touchdown though, not seeing any damage reports locally.
  17. Warning for the city. Staying low, but looks likely to miss to the east.
  18. Absolutely nuts rain right now. Cats and dogs doesn’t cover it.
  19. CHO really needs a radar. Hoping this stays on its course southeast of the city.
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