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  1. Unsure, but I had thought that the dominant thought at the moment suggested that you probably can't actually get it twice and that people were simply being released too early. I think they've tightened up standards and now say you need two negative results separated by 24 hours... haven't heard of a supposed reinfection in awhile.
  2. This might be the first time this year that the EPS has been advertising more snow than the GEFS. Makes sense that would happen with a mid-April event.
  3. This is why I really don’t think anything will start back up until a vaccine is available. Good luck getting me to go back to my college campus and hopping into a larger lecture or a dining hall. I’d probably end up taking a really useless gap year, honestly.
  4. Gotta say, I’m loving Zoom. Works like a charm. I somewhat never want to do in-person meetings again. Saves a lot of travel time.
  5. Did you see the field hospital they are building in Central Park because they don't have room for all their patients?
  6. I realize that we are never gonna agree here and that is fine but I don’t think there is a noteworthy distinction between pneumonia caused by Coronavirus and Coronavirus itself. I assume that’s what you are getting at with the last point.
  7. China fought the virus by enforcing social distancing to an extreme you don't want... they welded morons who were going to leave their houses into them and covered the highways with mounds of dirt to stop people from leaving their cities. The death toll and number of cases there is likely underdone (though I'm not sure I believe its as dramatically underdone as others, hell, our case numbers and fatality numbers are way underdone), but they stopped it through social distancing. They aren't out of the woods yet though, other countries could bring it back to them. China instituted strong social distancing and, you are right! Massive drop off! That is proof it works. Jesus. I'm sure China is laughing at the U.S. response, I know I am. Yes, everyone catching the virus and getting immune would solve the problem quickly. But also millions of people would die. So weigh that how you will.
  8. Checkpoints would be when this gets real... imagine being stopped crossing the American Legion Bridge. Tough to imagine.
  9. Could be wrong, but I don’t see it. Doesn’t seem to line up with the velocity scans/rotation — which is super limited
  10. yup, pretty shocked to be awoken by thunder. Kinda nice though!
  11. I’m not confident about going back in the fall, honestly. Question is whether we do this correctly or we all just get tired of the situation/the economic and social damage becomes too much to bear.
  12. This is a CAD setup, correct? I’m sure it’ll get a little colder. I definitely didn’t hate the 18z ICON. I’m sure we can at least get one last good NAM’ing out of this.
  13. It is percentage wise. The increase is far from its original exponential track.
  14. IIRC the “suck it up scenario” has 80% of the population getting infected with 2.2-4 million Americans dying — this is the Imperial College study. As a young and healthy person, it is a tempting option to have this over with in a month or so. But it’s simply not responsible.
  15. it put enough pressure out there for me to be officially done with in-person classes this semester... shocked they didn’t pull the plug earlier. Truly saddening. It’s a necessary sacrifice, but you only have so many years of college. Thankfully I really like my family. Based on some of the more dire projections for the virus I’ve read, who even knows if I’ll be back in the fall.
  16. Seriously? Sick with Coronavirus or not, you had a high fever this morning than went to a buffet-type eatery to get food? God help us all.
  17. GEFS supports the idea of snow in the western part of the subforun... might be something to legitimately watch
  18. Nope, probably not! This is a national emergency. Rights and freedoms are greater limited in these times. There is centuries-old precedent to support such measures. Shutting down large gatherings in a time of a pandemic... really a fantastic idea. Let’s not go straight to conspiracy.
  19. I’ve definitely seen people arguing the constitutionality of these prohibitions online. People apparently haven’t taken enough Constitutional Law to know that every right can be limited... the First Amendment included. Not gonna win a Freedom of Assembly case during a national emergency.
  20. Beyond frustrating. No economic stimulus seems to help — the market knows what’s coming. Just gonna have to ride it out and watch it hit the floor.
  21. Bars and restaurants will be closed everywhere by the end of this week. Illinois and Ohio just shut them all down starting 9pm tonight. Other states will likely follow.