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  1. I'm working on a written recap of the 2012 Derecho for AccuWeather (yes, I know, hold your groans) -- if anyone wants to briefly speak/email with me about their personal recollections of the storm, reply to this or send me a DM. Would be cool to get a comment or two from you folks.
  2. Been pouring the last few hours - pretty wicked stuff.
  3. Saw some light flooding pictures from friends who are still in the area.
  4. DC might get some relief with this next wave - loud thunder again in Arlington.
  5. Speaking of swimming, I've got some doubts my team get's its B-meet off tonight. Always storms when we swim this team and this afternoon looks like it won't be the exception. Unrelated to swimming, my semi-permanent return to this area is set in stone -- will be living in Clarendon for at least the next year or so. In retrospect looking at the economy, probably should have saved some money living at home, but I'll likely have more fun with my roommate for a bit before checking out my finances after a year and seeing if things are sustainable. At least I can pop in at home for the 'rents for the snowstorms where every mile away from I-95 matters.
  6. Are you insulting my pool! It deserves it... not a great place for a competitive meet. @SnowenOutTherehas gotten quite fast, thankfully our team has a really strong talent in the age group. Our boys managed to hold him off, but it was a close meet, lots of fun.
  7. I agree in principle - what I guess I’d then suggest is that Severe Thunderstorm Warnings scale like Winter Storm Warnings/Advisory’s based on the relative severity/hazards posed. If a 40mph storm is severe and dangerous in this area, cool, just don’t lie in the warning text. I suppose laypeople hardly read the text though anyway.
  8. The only NWS critique I’d really strongly agree with is the over-warning of thunderstorms locally. Every other storm I get here is “severe,” but maybe one storm a year meets that criteria. I care about the weather and even I no longer take those warnings seriously.
  9. I think they are saying a couple things... Radar dead zone. Tough to see what's going on. This for me isn't a reason not to issue a warning when a storm looks this threatening. I think they are referring to sidelobe contamination when they are talking about lack of a couplet on DBZ. Not sure I agree with that qualm either, storm has repeatedly shown a hook and again, the radar isn't super reliable. And we've got photos of wall clouds on Twitter... The SBCIN stuff is out of my comfort zone to even begin to talk about but this is what it means apparently: SBLI (Surface Based Lifted Index & Convective Inhibition) is the Lifted Index at 500-mb, based on the surface parcel, and the convective inhibition for the same parcel. These fields are meant to identify areas of surface-based CAPE and minimal convective inhibition, which suggests some threat for surface-based thunderstorms.
  10. Storm is putting up 400+ strikes/min according to the lightning maps. Gotta be a strobe light on I-64 between Cville and RIC.
  11. Think another TW might be needed behind it south of Gordonsville. Real nasty storm. If this was ~80 miles north would be the severe wx day of the season.
  12. Rotation over I-64 looks pretty legit. Wish I was still in Charlottesville, would be a solid chasing op.
  13. Second warning out… almost looks like one mega supercell with a couple areas of rotation embedded.
  14. Peter Forister has been posting great stuff on Twitter:
  15. It’s broad and there still but not as impressive now - hook less apparent on radar.
  16. Tough to root for derechos personally, but hope folks get what they want and I can erect my house shield in time.
  17. I need the heat back -- pool is getting cold.
  18. Any day with multiple rounds of storms usually gets a win in my book. First round in Arlington/Falls Church surprised me -- was halfway to the car wash. Looks like something else small is about to pop through.
  19. They are mid-Atlantic rotating. But rotating nevertheless.
  20. Fair enough. You’ll never catch me rooting for TORs anyway but I’m in the Outer Banks so have at your 10% if you can get it
  21. Could be wrong but I almost think that might just because that watch is pretty darn big, lol.
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