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  1. Yep, moving to phase 2. Super cool to see this transition happening - HRRR modeled it well.
  2. All it takes to impress me is the grass being covered and I’m ljke 85% of the way there. Side street still mostly caved, occasional awesome wind gusts. Doing well here in NW Arlington.
  3. About an 1” in NW Arlington - guessing there was more all told but we’re battling melting.
  4. Picked back up in Arlington. Working on covering up the road again, but guessing that’ll be a losing battle throughout the day.
  5. Rates look to pick up again soon, which is good because the snow on the roads is starting to melt a bit!
  6. Really intrigued by the HRRR’s depiction - suggests that some W-E squall-like segments are gonna start mixing in and dominating by noon. Current run keeps us going till 3pm or so with those.
  7. I’m calling this a blizzard and nobody can stop me. Howling winds, snow blowing off the rooftops.
  8. Wow, road has totally caved. Massive wind gust, near-blizzard in Arlington for a moment.
  9. Seeing the early signs of caving roads in NW Arlington. Might take my first walk of the storm in a bit. Temps hovering around 32.
  10. Instant non-pavement stickage, huge flakes, and gusty wind.
  11. Man, wind-driven snow is special. It could do this for 15 more minutes and I’d probably be satisfied.
  12. Nothing like waking up to the sound of intense gusts. Everything looks on schedule if not a little early. Let’s do it.
  13. We didn't continue the uptrend right to gametime, but let's think about what this looked like even a day or so ago and then look at the current EURO run, lol
  14. it also really cuts off the backside - almost nada past noon. Good news is it's still a fun morning - I'd buy this right now.
  15. scratch that - I had 12z up as the comparison. it's not dissimilar regardless
  16. RGEM took a nice step towards a snowier solution for the metro. Finally moved some of the heavier stuff east.
  17. Join in the Zoom chat! @psuhoffman is live and dazzling us with his knowledge.
  18. Hi-Res FV3 took a slight step backward but still pretty decent for everyone, favored zones favored.
  19. What I said above about sleet I still believe to be true but it does have a nasty I-95 dry slot - hope it’s wrong.
  20. I’d wager the 12k is overestimating the amount of sleet we get based on the downstream obs + every other short range model. But we’ll see in 12 hours
  21. For the debbest debs, even the snow depth map would be a great event for March.
  22. It's got the deathband for ya up there but spreads the love much better than the HDRPS.
  23. Not worth overanalyzing the HRRR yet (or probably ever) but it has sleet lasting for ~15 minutes at most places before it turns over to snow from 5:30-8:30 west/east. Should be a pretty quick transition all things considered.
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