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  1. It was rather lackluster Bayside. But I'm not complaining
  2. Still overcast and mildly breezy along the patapsco
  3. Four and a quarter inches of rain . Thankfully it's finally moved along
  4. This storm over on the other side of the river from you has stalled right here it looks like it's going to lighten up a little bit and move on and then out of nowhere The wind kicks up again with more rain and lightning strikes
  5. Non-stop torrential rain with hail for about 5 minutes and non-stop lightning strikes
  6. Wow, we're under a waterspout warning
  7. Sam on the other side of the patapsco River. Although it looks like it's trying to thin out
  8. I'd happily trade your dandelions if you would take my Virginia creeper
  9. Wind gust at home 49 mph. Kind of surprised didn't think our weather station would ever get higher than 45 mph. update, wind gust of 51 mph
  10. Try taking a screenshot of the photo
  11. Well the ospreys have arrived, which means the hummingbirds will be showing up in a few weeks as well. It's time to get the feeders out
  12. I was outside watching all the eagles flying around in the wind and then I heard the front coming in was pretty loud, one little bit of thunder and then it roared through here at 40 mph
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