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  1. Still Pond. Per my soon to be 90 year old mom Raining hard now barometer back up wind still 18 miles an hour guaranteeing I I will have to mow Rain has swung around now coming from the East Think everything is all over rained hard temp down 20 degrees
  2. Storm overhead. Rain, some thunder, hardly any lightning strikes. Meh.
  3. It's trying to make it across the Patapsco
  4. Can confirm coastal flood (Baltimore County.) Not sure if "high tide" means anything, due to the winds continuing to blow out of the southeast until 8pm.
  5. Yeah, it appears that the Patapsco River was a delineation line of sorts. Husband on the Anne Arundel side of the Key Bridge said that they probably got about a 65 mph gust there. But on the Baltimore County side of the Key Bridge it was surprisingly weak.
  6. This. Pretty meh winds compared to a few days ago.
  7. Message from friends who have been trying to get back home to Maryland. They ducked into a Marina in Southport, NC yesterday. "Tornado just ripped thru the area about 10 miles from us - we had to stand in front of the door to the sun deck to keep it from being blown open shearing the lock. 2 vessels near us lost all canvas ( Bimini tops that they did not take down and secure ) and a sail boat at end of pier that did not secure the main sail - broke lines holding the sail and it is now flopping/shredding in the wind."
  8. From one December baby to another, Happy Birthday!
  9. Bank on it. 8 am flight to Key West on the 12th for a Friday the 13th birthday weekend.
  10. Early April 3:1 May-Mid Sep 4:1 Mid Sep- end of Oct 3:1
  11. Same across the river. Heat index 105