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  1. Hope no one was out on the water. Went from calm to uh-oh in maybe five minutes.
  2. Oh hell yes! WTOP: Maryland joins states moving toward ending Daylight Saving Time WTOP: Maryland joins states moving toward ending Daylight Saving Time. https://wtop.com/maryland/2022/02/maryland-joins-states-moving-toward-ending-daylight-saving-times/
  3. Hopefully the skies keep clearing up WTOP (@WTOP) Tweeted: NEWS ALERT: NASA Wallops Flight Facility is scheduled to launch a rocket on Saturday at 12:40 p.m. that will be visible to the DMV as it climbs into the sky. https://t.co/9KA2RO17na
  4. Snowing on the west side of the Bay. 33 degrees
  5. Mini blizzard along the Bay. 27 degrees 23 mph gusts
  6. 3" inches on top of the 8'from the other day.
  7. Well it's a great day to get one of these sunburns!
  8. Yeah your mom definitely got more than that. Heading back out to very gently get the snow off the split leaf maple.
  9. Solid 8 in" across the river from her. We may have lost a rose bush. Went out to knock all the snow off of our trees and boxwoods and found the rose bush laying dead flat and looking very perturbed.
  10. not sure about Annapolis but up in the Baltimore area they did not brine because of the rain that was coming in prior to the snow
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