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  1. Thanksgiving dessert prep started this morning when I picked up a jewish apple cake at the Westminster farmer's market.
  2. Dark and cold rain 40F.
  3. I had my roof replaced in August 2011. They also added a ridge vent at that time since I didn't have it originally. I went with the GAF Ultra HD which is a heavy duty shingle that should last a lifetime for me (50 year warranty on paper). I got it in a gorgeous dark red color they call Patriot Red. Supposedly it can withstand winds up to 130 mph. A local well regarded family owned roofing company (Thomas Roofing) did the work. Their pricing was very reasonable and the workers just seemed like good people to me. Looks brand new to me to this day no color fading that I can see and no loose shingles. One thing about getting it done in the summer is there is low chance of all day rains causing delays but of course there is a greater chance of a popup shower later in the day. In summer the roofers like to get an early start. I recall being awakened at the crack of dawn by the sound of men walking across my roof. It was still dark outside for the most part. So with that early start they can usually get done whatever they need to do before any popup summer shower would typically occur. I agree with the other remarks about getting drip edging and ice/water shields installed too. Plus they need to do new flashing around vent pipes/chimney.
  4. Low of 17
  5. At freezing.
  6. Falling temps down to 36 now.
  7. .68" so far temp 37.
  8. I am kinda liking this cozy gray wet Sunday.
  9. I once had a Camry that was 14 years old and about 159,000 miles before I traded it in and still got $800 for it in a trade-in. I've been mainly a Toyota owner most of my life. Currently drive a 2014 Highlander which has a silky smooth engine, latest technology imaginable and a gorgeous interior.
  10. thanks for the crib notes.
  11. Gotta say game 5 of the WS was pretty good for a baseball game.
  12. 1.73" storm total winds were fairly strong overnight a large dead branch down in the backyard.
  13. I'm in a decent rain band.
  14. Yikes poor Flacco.
  15. I hear what you are saying but 60-70% of normal after last winter just won't cut it.