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  1. Just would like to hear thunder and see some lightning in the wee hours tomorrow.
  2. Uhmm, I went to the grocery store in Westminster this morning. Not busy. I wore a mask and had a disinfectant wipe with me. I picked up some chicken thighs and few other things to make pressure cooker chicken casserole type dish. No way can I not go grocery shopping for two to four weeks like some of y'all. Yes, it's worrisome as an older gent with some health issues but still gotta eat healthy.
  3. Mockingbird loves the suet Yoshino Cherry
  4. Sparky

    COVID-19 Talk

    I have a couple of these clocks in the house. You might find them helpful since they prominently display both Day and Date in a nice looking display. Even the weather nerd is satiated with the indoor temperature displayed. I have had them over a year, very reliable, multiple dimmer settings to fit the need and automatic time changes for EST, DST.
  5. Almost an inch of rain so far with lightning and thunder a little earlier.
  6. Delaware's Parrs Ridge?
  7. ^^ Don't think China would mess with the US. The flow of goods from them to us is so great they wouldn't want to break that relationship.
  8. The liquor store next to the Giant in Westminster was on the quiet side when I visited earlier this morning. I took a deep breath, entered, got what I wanted, walked out and exhaled.
  9. Hopefully Parrs Ridge will latch on to a streamer.
  10. Got a heavy snow/sneet shower that briefly whitened the ground temp has dropped off to 38.
  11. Had a period of small hail overnight around 11pm with a couple of nice lightning shots and loud thunder. Caught 0.72" in the gauge but could have been more with those bouncy ice balls bouncing in and back out of the gauge. Plenty of wind to go with that rain/ice too.
  12. Was I-795 finished when you moved up Carroll County way?
  13. That was a helluva storm for the northern tier. Many of us got 2 feet plus and that ull passage in the evening was spectacular snow rates.