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  1. Dipped to 38 early this morning with gusty winds.
  2. Wow! 2.92" in the rain gauge and still raining.
  3. Rain diminishing now. Winds howling, like a werewolf.
  4. Relentless rain. Increasing T&L.
  5. Thunder and lightning building in.
  6. lots and lots and lots of rain...... and wind.
  7. 6/1/12 - the day of the tornadoes. It was a scary day for me with a relatively close call near my neighborhood with an EF1 tornado followed by a couple more menacing cells that day which threatened dropping one.
  8. Finished with 1.77". Skies turning blue now.
  9. Under some incredible bands. So dark and stormy.
  10. 66 dark and dreary with drizzle.
  11. Default is not a good look.