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  1. With all of these storms something is bound to work out for some of us. Anecdotal but February 1972 was a wet stormy month in Baltimore with lots of rainfall but three of those storms produced heavy snow > 4 inches. Feb. 16th or so had a wild storm that went from driving rain to snow I had 6 inches in my neighborhood in under 3 hours. I believe Westminster did very well with 9-10 inches.... I'll take an active period over dry.
  2. Good grief are we going to be wet over the next few weeks or what? Still better to have a storm in the area than cold/warm and dry.
  3. It didn't stretch to Jan. 15. We had temps in the upper 50s from Jan. 11 - 13th. 40s on the 9th and 10th.
  4. You are likely thinking about the last week of Dec. 2017 into the first week of Jan. 2018. IMBY I recorded 6 days with highs below 20 ... 5 of them occurred between Jan 1 -7. One was on New Years Eve. I remained below freezing from Dec. 26 through Jan.8 which was an incredible stretch of below freezing weather. My lowest high temp was on Jan. 5 with a high of 13...Jan. 6 made it to 14......After the 8th things moderated and Jan. 2018 ended up +1.8F overall.
  5. After a light coating now sleet/zr.
  6. 12/04 - 0.75" 12/11 - 1.00" 12/16 - 1.75" 01/07 - 4.75" 01/08 - 0.25" TOTAL - 8.50"
  7. This storm was legit especially the last hour and a half. I am going with a final of 4.75". Considering I was above freezing for much of it by a degree or so I don't think I could have done any better than this.