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  1. Samsung Note 8 is looking awful good right now.
  2. High today 68 low 53 thought it would be warmer than that with the sun.
  3. 1.40 over the last two days and temp is a fall-ish 57.
  4. I'm liking our chances at rousing remnants the closer we are getting.
  5. .73" today.
  6. sporadic sharp lightning continues.
  7. very heavy rain with strong winds! Temp down to 65.
  8. Yeah, true, but if it starts to look like a path west of FL it will be like a smack in the face.
  9. At least this keeps us in the game.
  10. .55 was my total today. High just 61.
  11. Sitting at 60 with a quarter inch of fresh rain amazing. Surprised to see the rain bands make it this far north/west.
  12. He's in Rockport.
  13. You can see the lightning on Jeffs feed.
  14. Jeff wants the eye to come over him but it is stuck just to his east. He needs some relief from the winds.
  15. Poor Jeff thinks the car wash he is taking shelter in may be weakening.