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  1. MD northern tier is missing out bigly.
  2. I feel cheated out of genuine summer storm. Tomorrow better produce out here, dammit.
  3. Can I buy a decent crack of thunder?
  4. Made it to 92 today. A pair of 90s the two days prior.
  5. My highs the last two days was 90.
  6. My temp is down to 67 with a stiff SE breeze.
  7. Hearing some nice rumbles of thunder. Sky darkening to the south.
  8. Picked up .91 today so far in a real frog strangler.
  9. Reached 91 today. Gross out with mosquitos right now.
  10. I only topped out at 85 today but the humidity is a kick in the nuts.
  11. Naso hot. I'm at 87.
  12. Had some very dark skies and quick squally rain. Temp is down to 67.
  13. Total for yesterday was 1.40".
  14. Well over an inch in the gauge.
  15. I didn't want much rain until my paint had a chance to dry. The mini cell hit around 4:46, by then the paint had been drying a good 4 hours.