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  1. excessive rainfall event—May 16-18, 2018

    still wondering if it will actually rain heavy tonight into tomorrow.
  2. excessive rainfall event—May 16-18, 2018

    1.20" since around midnight. Over 4" since Sunday.
  3. Gigantic boom of thunder just now. More storms moving in overnight?
  4. Temp down to 64 and cells appear to be training around my area.
  5. Getting some hail now, thankfully small.
  6. So far no hail, heavy heavy rain T and L.
  7. Carroll about to see some action.
  8. It's oddly dark in my neighborhood with low rumbles of thunder. I think the line is expanding north and building right on top.
  9. May Discobs Thread

    High today was 76. Not sure if that is enough for severe but the humidity has gone up noticeably. With the surge of warm air expected tomorrow, I am wondering if a "warm front" will induce thunderstorms in the overnight hours around N MD.
  10. May Discobs Thread

    Loving this cool, dark, dreary Sunday. I've been in the 50s all afternoon. Currently 57.
  11. May Discobs Thread

    Got about .40" in thunderstorm activity in the weeee hours of the morn.
  12. May Discobs Thread

    Somehow round 1 jumped right over me and creamed Baltimore.
  13. May Discobs Thread

    Made it to 83 for the high now let's see what the night will bring.
  14. As long as they get my trees taken down (scheduled Thursday morn) it can storm all it wants.
  15. May Discobs Thread

    Temp tanked to 53.