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  1. Coming up 270 can see a good number of towers, but not sure if anything will develop before sundown.
  2. Wow, that is a lot of outflow boundaries criss crossing. Might fire up even more storms shortly.
  3. That gust front from one of the Northern Frederick county storms is still visible on radar like an hour later.
  4. Just drove in to the office down I-270, just some good rain, only a few spots of any water build up. No real wind to speak of either. I’ve seen more intense rain in many thunderstorms. So it does seem all the heavier stuff (rain and wind) is staying East of I-95.
  5. And I’m going to counter that because we got a trampoline this summer. Of course I can’t find any securing gear now. May have to go gather up some heavy rocks.
  6. It almost looked like on the radar that two different cells crashed into one another going different directions, I can imagine that leads to quite a bit of electricity build up. Jealous of all the lightning.
  7. Radar is blooming like crazy right now on the west side.
  8. Yeah, right there with you. Missed two rounds so far today. I think I moved to a bad city for direct thunderstorm hits. Rain and moderate rumbles.
  9. Looks like some more storms starting to pop in the far western counties as well. Maybe a long day/night.
  10. Yeah that really pops out on the radar, wonder what it is from.
  11. So, anyone who is much more knowledgeable than me clue me in on what’s happening on radar. Storms seem to be popping up like they typically do, but then moving back to the north and west contrary to the overall motion of the line. Seems to be primarily in Frederick county MD. Just an odd thing to see. That and the big gust from that is in southern MD and VA.
  12. How much rain did you get yesterday? We missed out on almost all of it here north of Frederick, hopefully we can get a bunch today.
  13. Storms picking up over US 15 in Frederick county (MD). Almost like 2 separate lines merged into one.
  14. Dang, Just a little north of Frederick and got missed by everything this evening. 3-4 storms got to around 10 miles, but nothing closer. Must have angered someone, hahah.
  15. That cell near Taneytown and Union Bridge just blew up quick. Maybe seeing a small outflow boundary near US 15.