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  1. Interesting. I saw the same thing when the President was addressing Congress a little while back, except it had the call sign Zombe worryingly. My dad thought it might be continuation of government related. Not sure what’s going on with it today.
  2. North of Frederick getting some small thunderstorms. Pretty good amounts of Lightning for their size. No hail here though, just rain.
  3. Hearing scanner reports of multiple trees/wires down around MD 26 in Frederick County.
  4. That is the same cell right? All the way back to the WV one?
  5. Looks like more strong storms coming into Frederick. Seems like flooding issues are going to be the hazard now.
  6. Yeah it even got the hole in the middle a frame or two later. Too close!
  7. Yeah I see that on the radar now. Worried about my friend down there.
  8. So far nothing really crazy up here. Moderate rain, and not much wind.
  9. Yeah some of the breezes with these storms are chilly.
  10. Nice little storm rolling up the valley for Frederick and North. Lots of good boomers and some pretty good rain.
  11. To me, I think it has to do with amount of buildup or anticipation of winter storms and the nature of winter storms themselves. For severe storms, I think most of us going in know that on any given chance, some get them, most will not. It is what it is. Plus severe chance isn't something you spend nearly as much time tracking and analyzing (or at least pretend to know how to). Just check on it, "cool there is chance" and move on. It is much less of a time/emotional commitment for most I think.
  12. I was worried about that when I looked this morning and saw how much traffic was heading in. I said nope, I'll work from home today.
  13. It was a cargo 747 that crashed taking off in Afghanistan some years ago. I believe the cause was the cargo broke loose and shifted the weight to the rear of the plane, so plane was impossible to level. Sadly crew was killed.
  14. About 10 mins north of Frederick here, just by eyeballing it looks like about 4 - 5 inches fell overnight. So yeah warning criteria was met, and NAM was pretty close, just a hair under maybe.