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  1. Dang, that is some heavy rain.
  2. Sky definitely has that snow squall look to it.
  3. Just some light rain here in the Hagerstown area, looks like the good stuff set up east of us. Oh well, you win some you lose some. It is a nice relaxing rain to fall asleep to.
  4. They are ticking me off. They keep blowing up right after passing over my house. Haha
  5. Been under on and off heavy rain for a good two hours now. Not too much thunder and lightning, just lots of heavy rain bursts.
  6. Small squall popped up over Hagerstown, single thunder so far.
  7. Yeah, that.....was....not a good thing to do. He was making it worse in the comments too by changing his story and claiming he was a professional. (This is what I was referring too up higher.)
  8. And now the line is blowing up over Frederick County where that is the last thing they need.
  9. Check out the Frederick Scanner on Facebook, they have a running thread with flooding photos, yikes it looks bad.
  10. An old neighbor in Walkersville posted a vid of our old street flooded out so I'm not surprised. Looks like more rain is on the way too. Boooo
  11. Sigh....I'm quickly reminded this afternoon that 1. I hate twitter and 2. If you make an big ooopsie in the moment of excitement, it's probably better to just apologize to move forward rather than keep lying about it and keep getting called out.
  12. I’m actually surprised how much it’s still raining. Not heavy by any stretch, but sure seems more than is on radar.
  13. Oh, that would be why my winds have picked up. Can confirm the accuracy of this map at present time.
  14. Okay, rain has slowed down, but now winds are starting to pick up pretty good.
  15. Wow, the heavy stuff just doesn't let up for you all. Looks like another batch of red returns coming up next. Stay safe.
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