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  1. Okay I want a refund on these storms in Hagerstown area. How can you have storms like that without lightning and thunder. Very disappointed.
  2. Uh, okay random rain shower rolling through south Frederick, glad my windows are open a crack. Sigh…
  3. Yeah that was some gust it came in with. Wow (Working in South Frederick)
  4. There is just a bit of a light show going on out there. Not sure about wind, slept through that part. Very impressive storms.
  5. Congrats to those who cashed in this afternoon. Ugh 0 for 2 up here. Odd to be running 10+ degrees warmer than central MD.
  6. Absolutely gorgeous out right now. Blue skies, warm but not hot, and occasional breeze.
  7. Some late night booms out here. Not too bad of a line all things considered.
  8. It’s actually off your map to the right. Home is right at the “Will” in Williamsport, been snowing and still is.
  9. The storms, at least here, are very quick pulses, nothing severe, just lots of rolling thunder and some quick rain.
  10. Rumbling thunder for the last hour, fantastic way to end a beautiful day.
  11. Missing out on wind is a sacrifice I’m willing to make if it means I keep the power on. Haha
  12. I’m under the HGR one right now, snow definitely picked up. Nothing too crazy, but it is a very nice rate right now. The thing that stands out most to me is the lack of wind we have had compared to most others east of me. We have some wind occasionally, but very sporadic and not very intense.
  13. Yeah, I’m starting to think that isn’t going to happen. Pretty much done out here in the Hagerstown area. Barely any snow coming down now. Maybe 2 - 3 inches.
  14. That is really odd. I’m on an iPhone and using Safari and it works here.
  15. Snow obviously south of Hagerstown, not heavy enough for roads to cave, but still pretty.
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