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  1. Of course when the big cell gets to Glen Burnie it dies out because the circulation gets all screwed up by a pop up storm that didn't do more than rain a bit and have a couple of lightning strikes. Just our usual luck.
  2. Same here, I swear in Columbia in the 90s we would get those lines all the time and hail was a lot more frequent as well. Up until last year I think it had been 8 or 9 years since I had seen a good hail storm at home. I guess some of those little quirks of climate change.
  3. It just passed thru Glen Burnie on the north end and it was pretty garden variety here. Some wind but nothing too serious and some heavy rain. Got some lightning but again nothing more than they typical summer storms. Sounds like the real stuff was to the south.
  4. Yeah you would think so looking at tonight and tomorrows forecast. It's almost feels like late spring outside right now with the warmth and humidity. The winds look to shift between 8 - 10pm so maybe a little later for us. I would try figure out how to read a skew-t chart, but I'm supposed to be working on school work and that is not weather related. Oh well. #AlsoNotanexpertopinion
  5. MDphotog

    2/19-20 Winter Storm Observations

    Just made the drive from Whitemarsh to Glen Burnie, major highways good for the most part, smaller highways are a crapshoot, and conditions are all over the place. Side roads are a complete mess, even larger one. Very very slick use caution if you have to go out.
  6. MDphotog

    February 10-12, 2019 Storm

    Looks like Southwest Airlines is going the extra cautious route. Wife’s flight out of BWI tomorrow at 1:35PM is already cancelled along with a whole bunch more.
  7. MDphotog

    February 1, 2019 Clipper Snow

    Anne Arundel just pulled the plug as well. I’m in Glen Burnie area it has been a nice light snow for the past 1.5hrs I guess. Side roads are pretty bad. We will have to see how much more of the moisture makes it over the mountains.
  8. MDphotog

    July Discobs Thread

    Hey, did any one else have a fairly strong gust move through in the last hour or so? At work and all of a sudden wind picked up quite strongly, enough for people to think a thunderstorm was about to happen. However it only lasted for about 15 - 20 seconds then back to relative calm. Very bizarre.
  9. MDphotog

    February Banter Thread

    If anyone is out tonight or early tomorrow on the roads be very careful. North Anne Arundel county is nasty, lots of accidents happening right now.
  10. MDphotog

    December 11 Week Event(s)

    Flurries have commenced in Glen Burnie, well in and off.
  11. MDphotog

    March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    Glen Burnie did not fare to well with this storm. Got I think about 2in of snow maybe, then sleet and freezing rain all night. Finally changed back to snow towards noon today. At least we got some nice ice on the trees.
  12. MDphotog

    February Obs/Disco Thread

    Yeah, Glen Burnie is getting lit up litterially. Best thunderstorm lightning and thunder wise in a year at least.
  13. MDphotog

    April 2016 obs/ discussion

    Yeah not fun for the pilots up there. One of the flights coming into BWI just reported losing 20 knots at 400 ft alt, that could get really dicey.
  14. MDphotog

    April 2016 obs/ discussion

    Hope they got those rides at the carnival next to the MVA shut down in time.
  15. MDphotog

    April 2016 obs/ discussion

    Winds have reached Glen Burnie, and some rumbles of thunder too.