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  1. If anyone is brave enough to venture out for pictures, the areas around Clarksburg/Hyattstown looked amazing on my way down on 270. Trees encased in ice and a good amount of snow on the ground. Sadly had to come into work so couldn’t stop for pics.
  2. Is that why we didn’t see the usual pivot and spin on radar typical for winter storms? Or is that more of a different kind of storm?
  3. I can believe it, check out google maps traffic, that is a lot of interstate closures in that area.
  4. Looking at Google maps for 270, it looks like it has already started. Yikes.
  5. Still hanging onto snow here North of Frederick, they are getting big though, so change could be soon.
  6. If that purple is supposed to be sleet, I can tell you it is not accurate up North of Frederick, all snow here.
  7. Yeah, I moved a little north of Frederick last year and was surprised that I had less elevation than Columbia haha. Well still better spot than Glen Burnie was.
  8. There are a few readings on there that seem to be very odd. Can’t believe Hagerstown and Cumberland are warmer than Frederick.
  9. Windy and rain here, nothing to crazy here north of Frederick.
  10. 1500 HRS Obs: Rain, lots of rain. That is all.
  11. Coming up 270 can see a good number of towers, but not sure if anything will develop before sundown.
  12. Wow, that is a lot of outflow boundaries criss crossing. Might fire up even more storms shortly.
  13. That gust front from one of the Northern Frederick county storms is still visible on radar like an hour later.
  14. Just drove in to the office down I-270, just some good rain, only a few spots of any water build up. No real wind to speak of either. I’ve seen more intense rain in many thunderstorms. So it does seem all the heavier stuff (rain and wind) is staying East of I-95.