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  1. Yeah, right there with you. Missed two rounds so far today. I think I moved to a bad city for direct thunderstorm hits. Rain and moderate rumbles.
  2. Looks like some more storms starting to pop in the far western counties as well. Maybe a long day/night.
  3. Yeah that really pops out on the radar, wonder what it is from.
  4. So, anyone who is much more knowledgeable than me clue me in on what’s happening on radar. Storms seem to be popping up like they typically do, but then moving back to the north and west contrary to the overall motion of the line. Seems to be primarily in Frederick county MD. Just an odd thing to see. That and the big gust from that is in southern MD and VA.
  5. How much rain did you get yesterday? We missed out on almost all of it here north of Frederick, hopefully we can get a bunch today.
  6. Storms picking up over US 15 in Frederick county (MD). Almost like 2 separate lines merged into one.
  7. Dang, Just a little north of Frederick and got missed by everything this evening. 3-4 storms got to around 10 miles, but nothing closer. Must have angered someone, hahah.
  8. That cell near Taneytown and Union Bridge just blew up quick. Maybe seeing a small outflow boundary near US 15.
  9. Fredrick area has a Svr Warning till 3:45PM for that storm.
  10. Gorgeous morning so far. Seems warmer than it should be for a high in the sixties today.
  11. Thanks! That was from my old place in Glen Burnie, was on the 3rd floor with a deck facing to the south. Was able to get some cool shots of lightning/storms in the early years.
  12. Hey, an actual rumble of thunder in Frederick!
  13. And as soon as it went over the ridge...pretty much dies out. A little bit of rain, and some quick gusts, but not much else.
  14. MDphotog

    COVID-19 Talk

    Thanks! Best wishes to your family as well. I'm not terribly worried as she is only in 1st grade, so there will be time to get her back on track. I'm actually a little bit happy with the situation for the middle school student as it is causing her to have to really up her personal responsibility outside of school (keeping up with assignment due dates, and such) which is an aspect she has always struggled with.
  15. MDphotog

    COVID-19 Talk

    I have a young elementary school and a middle schooler. The middle schooler is doing somewhat better with the distance learning. The elementary school one....sigh. I wish I had more time to help, but both the wife and I are working from home, so it is a challenge.
  16. Hahah, okay weather bug, well see about that happening.
  17. Ouch...watching the storm and obs thread in the southern forum was brutal today. So many similarities to the mid Atlantic threads on the oh so close storms.
  18. Wow...that is almost right next to an elementary school if I am right...jeez. Seems like everyone is okay according to the Twitter account. Thank goodness.
  19. Don't know if that even would have mattered. Got a pretty solid line here in Frederick and nothing to show on the ground. Curse you dry air!
  20. Wow, wind really starting to kick up here.
  21. Oh definitely. We may have hit 2" in the Frederick area.
  22. Oh of course once the back end speeds through Frederick County it grinds to a halt. Looks to be about 1 - 2 inches here in Walkersville.
  23. Just finished the run up I-270. Started as rain/snow mix in Bethesda, but changed to all snow north of Rockville as far as I could tell. Intensity varied a lot, heaviest snow at the time was between Germantown and Clarksburg. Probably the highest accumulation so far was around Hyattstown/MD 109/MD 75, but still just a half and inch or so by my eyes. Temps dropped quickly heading northwest. Traffic was very heavy but no issues with the roads of course.
  24. But that is pretty much all rain. It was raining on 270 from Rockville and to Bethesda where I work. That little bit of snow will be gone momentarily.
  25. Pretty good amount of wind, rain and now some lightning going on north of Frederick. Lightning seems to be to the north towards Woodsboro and Thurmont. It has been raining pretty good for at least 30mins here.