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  1. Got 0.25 from the edge of some big rainers that dropped 3-4 inches just a few miles away. What caused these cells to be retrograding NW? Was it a Bay breeze thing?
  2. Yup! Fall Oct 1 - Nov 30; winter Dec 1 - Mar 31 (40s and rain!); spring Apr 1 - May 31
  3. Wow I was wrong on this one, 1.23" which is more than I got from the Ida remnants. Great beneficial rain
  4. I am getting ready to go out and water everything
  5. The horrible annual cicadas have been the worse here I can remember. I can't even enjoy sitting out on the deck with those ear-splitting things constantly screeching. Anyone else notice them being worse than most year? And is it related to the Brood X emergence earlier this summer?
  6. It's been very dry so I was hoping for 2" but managed 1.04. Amazed at the rain totals in every direction.
  7. We visited JMU a couple years ago -- I remember "J...M...U...Duuuuuuuuuuuukes!" We chose UMD for in-state though. Enjoy! That was a beautiful campus.
  8. OMG you can't make this crap up. Solid moderate rain from a line SW to NE just a few miles from me and not coming this way. Incredible. Neither Ida nor God can make it rain here.
  9. Just looked at my point/click forecast Here let me fix it for you: Today: New rainfall amounts between 1 and 2 inches millimeters possible. Tonight: New precipitation amounts between 1 and 2 inches millimeters possible.
  10. FAIL! Just look at this and marvel at the power of the Germantown desert rain shield. 0.08 overnight with heavy amounts all around. I expect almost nothing from the rain later today.
  11. The MoCo-HoCo microdesert shows up real nice on that map -- just convert the amounts for that swath to centimeters and it looks about right
  12. Yes please! I would be really happy with that
  13. They also had a FF watch up for yesterday evening until 10 PM for possible heavy thunderstorms, including the MoCo-HoCo desert region. Got scraps.
  14. Some of those mountainous spots west of us where the heaviest totals are predicted have had 3-6" from thunderstorms in the last 72 hours. Not good! I am just hoping for more than an inch here. It has been since the second week of August that we had a decent rain. Got 0.3 one day last week and a big 0.1 yesterday.
  15. 5 to 7.5 inches in my and NPZ's areas and light amounts in Calvert How about No
  16. That is one of the prettiest Labor Day Weekend forecasts I've seen. Wall-to-wall sunshine and highs in the 70s? Yes please!
  17. Hi I do think some places will get lots of rain but lots of places will get very little too (I can name one right now). It seems that happens more now where certain areas get pounded and others not much. I'd be surprised to see an inch total....for this whole week
  18. Wow just 0.3? I am going big and predicting 0.8 for my spot. If I did get 1.5 or 2" I would be shocked and happy
  19. I am hoping for 1-2" out of this as we have a better chance with this kind of rain set-up than summer thunderstorms which almost always miss. My bar is 1.0 total
  20. I heard that too! He must mean kph right?
  21. NPZ congrats on your 0.6 which is double what my parched area has over the last week. NorthArlington nice video! We are talking about maybe Tampa/St. Pete area for retirement -- I guess there might be some lighting here and there in that area
  22. The Germantown desert shield showed its power in a new way. This was heading SE then took a hard S turn just as it got to the Shield -- see the severe warning box pointing south. The Germandesert shield could stop Ida in its tracks
  23. On the one hand I get some optimism that maybe this thing won't strengthen as fast as feared, but on the other hand it could actually be worse if it only strengthens gradually then explodes just before landfall. I'd like to see it peak early then hit an ERC and weaken just before landfall.
  24. Whew it's a warm one! Moved my son into a College Park apartment this morning and get to do it all again in an hour for the daughter. Better than last year when we moved our daughter into a dorm on a 95-degree day and you couldn't park closer than about 500 feet away! NPZ: I don't know about your area but we do just fine here with rain during the six-month long 49 degrees and rain season from November to April. It's just summer thunderstorms that almost always miss here, likely due to higher elevations close by from SW all the way around to NE. We did get one big one on August 10 but I was in OC
  25. I predict 0.00 for me and am certain that I will be watering my garden this evening
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