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  1. If that map verified Calvert County would have triple the snowfall to date compared to places like Frederick
  2. Enjoy! We went to Puerto Rico Jan. 8-15 and it was a thrill to take off at 18 degrees and land at 83. Then we got back in time to enjoy the 3" on the 16th before it switched. Man I wish that one had a better track!
  3. I read about that somewhere and remember a quote like "...36 inches deep on a level." To have a snow depth of 36" the snowfall amounts by today's measuring must have been in the 45" range!
  4. Those really were great winters! What was the ENSO state those years? 2015 had some unusual events like that decent anafrontal snow plus a big hit by a low moving well to our west that stayed all snow. If that deal this weekend hits south and east like Jan 3, the snow totals to date for say Frederick compared to Huntingtown will look funny
  5. Agreed! In Germantown we've had approx. 2", then 5" and today 3". I would have never thought we'd be at about 10' for the winter by mid-Jan! 28 and freezing rain forming a crust
  6. Sure is -- I live just a few miles down from Clarksburg (near 27 and 355) and I've seen them get 3-4 inches when we've had a coating. Germantown: Sleet just now mixing in eyeballing about 3 inches. Going to clear the driveway and walk so I don't end up with a slab!
  7. Germantown - light snow with a dusting; 22. Amazed we are on the 3rd snow event given the way the winter looked as of a couple weeks ago! Lots of cold ahead and something else will likely come out of that.
  8. Cloudy and 14. I remember a storm in '78 with good antecedent cold but bad track, with the forecast of an inch or so of snow then quick changeover to rain. The front end thump way overperformed (PG County at the time) and we got several inches real quick, then a dry slot with mainly drizzle. We can hope!
  9. If the track doesn't change much, a thump and a dry slot would be a nice outcome. I can't believe given the way this winter looked that I've had 2" and 5" snows already, and have another to track! Glad it's Sunday - we fly back from Puerto Rico to BWI on Saturday. Oh BTW sunny and 84 today
  10. Although rare, there was a storm (I think 2015?) where the low went over/west of us but there was so much antecedent cold that we got mostly snow before the slot.
  11. Just eyeballing out front it looks like the streets have half the amount compared to decks, etc. Combination of temps yesterday and leftover treatments from Monday's little event.
  12. Germantown -- wow I woke up just before 2 am and saw less than an inch as it was getting going then woke up around 4 am and we have 4-5"! I wish I had woke up in the middle of it! Thanks for all the posts describing it in this thread.
  13. Right? Total snowfall to date for DC south and east compared to say northern Frederick County will look crazy
  14. Was that your report that NWS Sterling has up on their snowfall map? Congrats on jackpotting! My sister lives off Walton Road down there, and my parents are off Rt. 4 about 4 miles south of Dunkirk. They lost a lot of trees! 02:15 pm EST - 1/3/2022 SW HUNTINGTOWN, MD 15.5
  15. They didn't measure just said "like 8 inches" and I saw this report not far from them (they're off River Road close to the DC line and this report is a little north). But this report looks a little high compared to others around and 5-7" for that area is probably more like it.
  16. The cutoff is crazy! I have a friend 15-20 minutes away near Frederick with nothing, got about 2" here in Germantown, and my wife's brother in Bethesda near the DC line got 8! (I couldn't believe it then I saw a spotter report of 8.5 just down the street from them). Wow Bad part is my niece in rural Anne Arundel has no power as with many people. Hope they get it back quick as tonight will be frigid!
  17. Germantown: just flurries now and eyeballing about 2" which was my bar for this storm. My family in Calvert and St. Mary's are having a ball with this one!
  18. Really hope people that have missed out cash in! I got close to a foot in that 2019 storm so if I'm on the edge of this one so be it. Temp down to 43
  19. We are *supposed* to fly to PR this Saturday, all we need is negative tests and no flight cancellation! Down to 59 in Germantown
  20. HA! January 8-15 here. Would be my luck we get one big storm right then. Had a brief period of sleet at little earlier
  21. I hope not because this place and a sport board where I follow my (currently disastrous) football team are two of my favorite places. I tried social media like FB years ago and it just didn't click with me. I mostly just read on here as I don't have the expertise but it's been a fun place over so many years. Some memorable quotes: a few days before the Dec. 2009 storm someone posted "Welp time for the Euro to squeeze one off into the punchbowl" and another poster said "If that happens I'll intentionally roll my car on I-70" And how about the thread "The Hoffman cometh" So many good times on here!
  22. How about Short Pump with 25" and PSU-ville less than 10
  23. Point-and-click at 10,900 feet near Ebbets Pass, CA for some chuckles. Think there'll be some drifting? This Afternoon Snow. The snow could be heavy at times. High near 24. Strong and damaging winds, with a south wind around 90 mph, with gusts as high as 140 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. Total daytime snow accumulation of 27 to 33 inches possible. Tonight Snow. The snow could be heavy at times. Some thunder is also possible. Low around 15. Strong and damaging winds, with a southwest wind 100 to 110 mph increasing to 110 to 120 mph after midnight. Winds could gust as high as 180 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 29 to 35 inches possible.
  24. OMG the news coming out of there is awful. Reminds me of Joplin
  25. Front page of Yahoo with a story about that snow at the peaks on the Big Island of Hawaii -- LOL residents stay indoors like a lot of people live at 13,000 feet. I bet some people read the article and yell OMG a blizzard in Hawaii climate change ahhhhh The warning remains in effect from 6 p.m. Friday until 6 a.m. Sunday as up to 12 inches or more of snow is expected on the island. NWS also warns residents to stay indoors as forecasters predict winds gusting over 100 mph
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