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  1. Ended up with a total of 0.61 yesterday which is OK. Incredible how much rain keeps hitting the same areas.
  2. Nice light, pitter patter rain and 72 degrees. Gimme this for a few hours
  3. Managed 0.37 from the edge of that earlier storm, with 1.0 to 1.5 amount just a mile or two away. I'm lucky I got anything though with places close to the north getting skunked. It's amazing how the same places keep getting nailed over and over again this summer
  4. Managed a few minutes of good rain and some close strikes, with the temp knocked down to 75. The northern part of the cluster poofed and screwed Clarksburg and Damascus. I was just barely on the edge of it and got lucky. Meanwhile what a thunderstorm magnet Gaithersburg is! It's amazing how much more they get hit than us and it's just a few miles.
  5. Glad you finally got a flush hit since your area has been left high and dry lately! Got a nice looking cluster to my west moving right towards us -- Sugarloaf Mtn keep yer hands off my storm!
  6. Not a drop. Hoping for some today because it's the last chance for a while
  7. No rain yet but got some strong gusts that have to be close to 40 with a colorful sunset
  8. Wow small but intense! From the flash flood warning: Between 1 and 3.5 inches of rain have fallen. Additional rainfall amounts of 0.5 to 1.5 inches are possible
  9. Well hi there Deep Creek folks -- s'mores around a bonfire? Humidity will fall markedly later in the week in the wake of the front...with some guidance indicating the potential for lows in the upper 40s Saturday morning over the higher terrain.
  10. Glad I scored that 1.2 yesterday because I only managed about 0.1 today. Didn't see that coming based on forecasts! Hoping for a little more over the next few days
  11. Thunderstorm fell apart but still provided a nice shot of rain. Last couple days were so badly needed here.
  12. Some really loud thunder -- long rolling house-rattling kind from that new cell in western MoCo
  13. Outflow boundary from the DC storms moving NW thru MontCo
  14. That video is crazy. Rough evening between the DC lightning tragedy and that tornado. We had a couple close strikes at one point while completely dry and not under the cells. Dangerous
  15. For the region? Lots of showers and thunderstorms For my area: same as today, 0.0
  16. This was the full line after it formed and moved off. Good thing I watered the garden this morning LOL
  17. New and creative way for my area to fail. Two cells popped 1-2 miles east and a few miles SE. Then they congealed into a solid line moving away to the NE.
  18. 90/73 and no wind. It's a hot one! People in Deep Creek area are getting their money's worth
  19. I looked at the July rainfall map from LWX (under Current Conditions/Rainfall) and there are swaths around Bowie and in St Mary's Co. in the 10-15 inch range. That is crazy. My area was in the 2-3 inch which is a little dry but no drought. New Bedford, CT and much of Cape Cod had 0.25 to 0.50 for the month
  20. Neat map but deceiving. It has Montgomery County at just above normal (105%) but places like Bethesda had several times as much rain as my spot. All three major airports were above, but I think I had around 2 inches total or about 50%
  21. Wasn't expecting pop-up showers today. I'm missing one just to the south but the breeze and clouds from it are nice
  22. LWX thinking that areas that have been left out recently could have a chance Sunday night -- let's hope! "...Although areas to the north across ern WV, and north central MD could see heavier rainfall totals, these areas have been very dry recently and I`m not anticipating any flooding issues across those areas at this time."
  23. Yes, finally! A pretty good shower (no lightning). About a half inch which is best rain in weeks.
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