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  1. From LWX: "While it appears that the best frontogenetical forcing (along the 850mb boundary) may set up to our north and the best instability and tropical moisture (from the remnants of Zeta) may set up to our south..." Yep, I am expecting 0.2 or less here in the central MD desert.
  2. I wish we could get the Chiefs at Denver game at 4! Look at this forecast -- yeah Denver gets snow in October but these temps are extraordinary: This afternoon: Snow. High near 19. New snow accumulation of 2 to 4 inches possible. (It's 13 degrees right now) Tonight: Snow, heavy at times. Low around 5. New snow accumulation of 4 to 6 inches possible. Monday: Snow likely, mainly before noon. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 17. Monday night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 2.
  3. Gonna be weird going from the really warm weather we've been having, to highs in the 40s tomorrow, then back to the 60s Monday. Of course my wife's Denver relatives say pssshhhh
  4. I was wondering what that might have been too -- maybe a severe outbreak, or a heavy rain event with wind?
  5. I covered by cherished lantanas to hold on to them for a while longer. We got to 37 and had light frost, mostly on roofs and cars. Garden looks good for a while longer. Could use some rain though!
  6. All the rain missing to the east. Gee what a shock!
  7. Was pleasantly shocked to find 1.1 in the gauge. We needed that badly! It's the most rain from one event since August 4 and is about double all of the rainfall for the past five weeks combined.
  8. LOL clouding up here in the desert too. Looking forward to my 0.2 to 0.3
  9. Those rain totals for central MD look tasty, but I'll believe it when I see it. It has been so dry for so long. I was just remembering the freak 10/10/79 snow -- we got 2-3 inches in Calvert, so I wonder what central/northern MD saw? No one could believe what they were seeing. There was a heat wave 11 days later with mid-80s. The all-time record for Oct. 10 is 92.
  10. That's really amazing. Here, it has been so dry that I had to mask up to cut the lawn because so much dust was being kicked up. As for Delta's leftovers: enjoy your rain S and E of I-95!
  11. Years ago we had a 6-8 inch snowpack with about 0.5 of ice glaze on top. We had a clear, frigid night with a full moon and it was unreal! It was as if the whole world was shining in silver. We were taking one-foot square pieces of ice and listening to them slide hundreds of feet down the hill and into the woods. It was something. Nice day and weekend coming up. Hard to believe that last year on this date the temp hit 98 at DCA and 96 at Dulles!
  12. Managed to get 0.3 in the central MD desert. Well less than an inch total over the last six weeks.
  13. Looking forward to my 0.15 of rain
  14. State College PA is supposed to be back online later today or tonight. Let's see how that coverage works for us.
  15. Just cut the grass -- whew it's humid! So October 2 this Friday looks a little different from last October 2 huh? DCA reached of 98 and IAD 96. Yuk.
  16. The pic is about the complete rock bottom that FSU football has hit. So LWX talking about 1-2" east of Route 15 and more (of course) east of I-95. I would be ecstatic with 0.75. I'd love some thunder too -- haven't had much of that at all.
  17. Since September 3, I have received 0.15 on Sept. 10 and 0.2 on Sept. 26. Extra crispy! I'll be shocked to see more than a couple tenths on Tuesday. Nice and warm today though.
  18. What a beautiful weekend. Didn't see my low but the closest station (Gaithersburg) hit 39. This morning's 7 AM obs ranged from low/mid 30s out west, to 60 at St Mary's City with that Bay water. Gonna have to water the gardens good today! Here is all my rain for the month, with none in sight: Sept 2: 0.5 Sept 3: 0.9 Sept 10: 0.15
  19. Keep those feeders up for a few more weeks! I usually have a few travelers through the last week of September, and have seen them as late as Oct. 4. I am looking forward to some crisp fall weather this weekend.
  20. Wow! My son lives right down the block at College Park Towers. Oh, and 0.2 here LOL.
  21. They didn't send any pics. One is off-campus and the other is in Harford with a small green out front.
  22. It seems more and more common to get these crazy deluges in some areas with other areas nearby getting nothing. It's a thing. Both kids are at UMD and say it is just torrential rain with big thunder. At least they don't have to walk to classes today.
  23. Sorry! Your house is gonna feel so good when it's fixed. This is also going to feel nice:
  24. Just come to Germantown. Haven't even had 0.1 yet. Also haven't gotten more than 1 inch of rain in a day since August 4.
  25. LOL point-and-click forecast for my area has new rainfall of between .5 and .75 inch today and .25 to .5 inch tonight. Uh hard no, unless they meant millimeters. Man is it humid though! Went for a walk and maybe I'll stop sweating by noon.