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  1. Wow Das that's an awesome picture. I see your heat wave continues up there! Got .4 from the showers last night.
  2. 10/10/79 -- had about 2 inches in northern Calvert. I was in middle school at the time - no one could believe what they were seeing.
  3. Just looked -- there are mid to upper 90s from Maine well up into Quebec while SW VA and western NC have some upper 50s.
  4. I laughed when I saw this. I have a very picky eater too. She's still like that and she's EIGHTEEN. I like Mrs.J's recipe list up there -- might try to add some in to our revolving list. Unfortunately my wife does not like to cook at all, so almost all of it falls on me.
  5. Wow what a difference over just about 35 miles from me! Don't drop a match up there. Hope you cash in over the next couple days. Seeing a couple peeks of sun. Maybe it'll stir up some showers.
  6. 0.45 yesterday, and 4.75 for the month so far. Big change from a very dry May.
  7. I was just out in my driveway with an umbrella to check out how my new gutter guards are working with mod/hvy rain coming down. Right as I am looking up at the roof, a CTG lightning bolt hits right where I'm looking. The loud thundercrack was about a half second later, so maybe 500-ish feet away. I moved real quick!
  8. Wow you're not kidding! Just checked Raleigh -- rain and 60, highs tomorrow low 60s. Sheesh! Meanwhile we are basking at 76 and partly sunny in central MD. I feel for anyone that went to the Outer Banks or VA Beach this week.
  9. Direct hit by the thin, heavy line of storms last night with 1.8 inches. Lots of lightning also.
  10. Got 1.25 this afternoon to go with the 1.15 from last night. Excellent! A luscious 70 degrees out.
  11. That was great! Got 1.15 out of three rounds spread a few hours apart. No big storm, but got a little bit of lightning. That was almost as much rain as the previous five weeks combined. A fresh, clean 68 degrees out.
  12. Even though it's just 73 out right now, you can just tell it's gonna be a hot one. Hoping for thunderstorms tomorrow. Speaking of "HHH" -- I noticed last summer that the hazy "H" was missing on a lot of hot days. Air seemed clearer. I remember those HHH days back in the 80s when the sky and air had that milky appearance. Yuk.
  13. Only 1.6 for May and no more than 0.3 at any one time. I am just watering the flower beds and letting the grass go dormant. These next few days are going to be GLORIOUS. Gonna be hot on Wednesday!
  14. It's a hot one! I really need to get a lucky thunderstorm this afternoon. I am sitting at just 1.5" for the whole month.
  15. Looks like I got about 0.2 overnight. Only 1.35 for May with no more than 0.3 at a time. Dry! I watered this morning not expecting any more than a passing light shower.
  16. Dang, I was really hoping for a nice shot of rain this week. Yard is getting hard as a rock. Get them sprinklers going! I'm actually looking forward to the sunny, cool weather Sun-Mon. It will soon be hot to stay.
  17. I have a couple more trays of flowers and one shrub to plant, and today's weather will be perfect for it. Maybe some thunderstorms late in the week? Friday looks juicy.
  18. Got another 0.2 overnight for an event total of 0.45.
  19. 0.25 for me, and 1.15 for the month. Last rain before today was 0.3 on the 8th. Really looking forward to some summery weather next week, but I chuckled when I read this part from this afternoon's disco. Those cut-offs probably won't bother though. Probably. High pressure looks to remain over the Mid-Atlantic throughout much of next week. At this time, mostly dry conditions and seasonable temperatures look to persist through Friday. However, there is some uncertainty in regards to possible impacts from two separate cut off lows.
  20. Mid 60s here now with a little sun. Just glad the darn high winds stopped. I am at 0.9" for May so far. Staunton, VA is at 51 while it's sunny and 80 all the way up in VT by the Canadian border. LOL.
  21. I wish for once we'd get a cold, snowy winter followed by a very warm April (say +8.0), a normal May and a -2.0 June. 70s for months.
  22. Starting out cloudy and 50, but hoping for some sun and less wind today. Gonna be chilly though. How would you like this forecast? Concord, NH LOL. Today Sunny, with a high near 73. Calm wind becoming south around 5 mph in the afternoon. Thursday Sunny, with a high near 78. Calm wind becoming southwest around 5 mph in the afternoon. Friday Sunny, with a high near 84. Calm wind becoming west around 5 mph in the afternoon.
  23. Ahhhhh, our climate. May looks great on paper with avg highs rising through the 70s, then there's reality. Through the 18th, Dulles has had only FIVE (!) days in the 70s; all the rest 50s, 60s and 80s.
  24. Actually got a couple peeks of sun here, 66 degrees. Here's a blurb from Charlotte's disco on the big rains down there -- uses the words "not good" short term guidance develops an intense E/SE flow within the CAD regime Tue night...and holds onto it for about 36 hours...not good. Strong upslope flow will likely result in storm total rainfall of 7-10", with locally higher amounts along the eastern Blue Ridge escarpment, including the headwaters of the Catawba River basin.
  25. Can you imagine a -9.3 departure for the first 12 days of February! Sunny and 64. Going to savor the next few days.