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  1. Just had some light flurries in Germantown. I thought "what the heck" because the sun was out with mostly clear skies out my window looking south. A cloud just floated overhead and dropped some flakes.
  2. Thanks for posting that, Windspeed. That is what I am used to seeing as well. Oh what those little islands are about ready to go through! I've seen them on the "Bahamas Life" real estate show a few times. So pretty.
  3. Man that would be awful. I remember at one point in 2017 the models had Irma going just inland all the way from Miami to central FL as a Cat 5. Luckily that didn't happen and hopefully this doesn't either.
  4. The lightning was really bad in central MontCo. We heard a bunch of fire trucks going up Rt 355 which turned out to be a house fire from a lightning strike (see story below). Two Families Displaced by Lightning Fires
  5. Racking it up here after being dry for a while. Aug 18: 0.3 Aug 20: 0.2 Aug 21: 0.3 Aug 22: 1.1
  6. Best thunderstorms of the summer! Got three cells train over with heavy rain and frequent lightning for 40 minutes. Rain has let up but still lots of lightning all around. I've had a bunch of close strikes, with a couple within a few hundred feet. Not much wind which is fine with me.
  7. And there it is! Blew up so fast that there is nothing until the last frame, then BAM.
  8. Just had a pretty loud thunderclap in NE DC near Union Station, even though there's almost nothing on radar (yet). Fun walk to Union Station in a bit?
  9. Very nice! I have a couple chrysalises that will hatch in a few days. We are getting to the time when I will start finding them on the fence, house siding, etc. I am definitely doing the dill, fennel and parsley next summer.
  10. 1.8 from the storms yesterday. Bout time!
  11. Got nailed good in downtown DC a few minutes ago. Sheets of rain with probably 50 mph gusts and some close lightning. I am happy! Glad I wasn't walking up to Union Station in that!
  12. Yep looks good. Just wish I was home to see it. Hoping for one here in DC or maybe a nice one on the train ride home.
  13. Hey Yoda, yeah looks like a cell went through to give my parched yard a drink. I'm in DC and hoping for a big one to hit here this afternoon (just not at 5 PM LOL). Looks like some training setting up in Southern FredCo.
  14. Heading to Frederick this evening for dinner with relatives -- might actually have a chance to see a thunderstorm since I will be out of the damn dome I live under. Haven't cut the grass in weeks.
  15. I got off the MARC train at the Germantown station just after 6:00 to a heavy, wind-blown downpour that soaked me from the waist down, despite an umbrella. I get home to the Milestone Microdesert to blazing sun and dry, dusty ground. This place is just unbelievable how it does this over and over. And now of course there's rain heading into Frederick missing to the north. I don't know if it's Sugarloaf blocking stuff or what but this is an absolute weather ****hole.
  16. I managed to get 0.3 but just 1-2 miles south got over an inch. Ground is still hard as rock.
  17. Got almost nothing as nice looking cells missed in every direction. Look at this shot! This happens waaaaay too much to be just coincidence. There is something really strange about this spot. I've had ONE thunderstorm this whole summer.
  18. LWX wised up and lowered rain chances to 40% or less and for scattered storms. My neighbor saw me watering everything last night and asked "aren't we getting rain?" He looked surprised when I said nope, none.
  19. Man look at poor Greensboro for the last 30 days -- 2 point something. Horrible!
  20. I have family in northern Calvert – they got a nice thunderstorm Wednesday that was moving north, and a nice one yesterday that was moving south. Now they’re getting that big slug of rain. I just went out and heavily watered my parched gardens. I don’t expect to see a drop here.
  21. Got a laugh out of the point-and-click. I don't think I will see any rain at all through the weekend.
  22. I've been thinking of adding dill, fennel and parsley to my butterfly garden for black swallowtails but haven't tried it yet. I get lots of Monarch caterpillars with the tropical milkweed, and all kinds of butterflies nectar on that stuff. Hummingbirds love it too. Have you seen any black swallowtail caterpillars on the herbs?
  23. Wow, some of those look pretty heavy, and they're slow movers. Someone's gonna end up with a surprise 1.0 or more.
  24. Radar estimates -- can't believe how bad some areas got screwed, especially southern MD. Hopefully places that were shut out get at least some rain today. I managed 0.8. Luscious 67 degrees out.
  25. Welcome to Maryland's weather hole. Rained for a few minutes here but that's not gonna cut it. My yard is hard as rock. On the plus side, the temp is down to 72.