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  1. 38 with a teeny bit of frost. Gonna be beautiful today. My tender annuals can finally go in the ground. Crazy that Sunday gets back doored from 80s to now possibly 60s and showery.
  2. Looking forward to it. Haven't seen my parents in Calvert since February, so we're going to visit outside spaced apart in their huge yard. A chilly 54 here at 1 PM. So glad today is the last day of winter finally.
  3. I thought we were really going to tank when Gaithersburg airport was already down to 31 just before midnight, but it held pretty much steady after that. That is a low spot and reports colder than most surrounding areas. I got down to 32. Looking forward to a nice afternoon! Grilling steaks for the wife.
  4. Just saw a brief flurry in Germantown; temp 43. As someone else pointed out, the sun angle and strength is equivalent to August 2! Unreal.
  5. Got down to 32 and leftover water on deck and table froze. I was happy to see my hummingbirds still at the feeders. This is the coldest temp I've ever seen them at. The small disturbance coming through later should bring clouds that will help today break the record low-max.
  6. Light rain and 55. The 6-10 day and 8-14 day outlooks are looking good! 70s and some low 80s FINALLY. So, while we are freezing tomorrow, here is the weekend forecast for Fairbanks, AK: Saturday Partly sunny, with a high near 73. Southeast wind around 5 mph. Saturday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 46. East wind around 5 mph becoming north in the evening. Sunday Mostly sunny, with a high near 79. East wind 5 to 10 mph.
  7. Found it -- George BM posted: Now still before that, in the pre-record era, accumulating snow fell from Northern Virginia through the NE corridor on May 4, 1774 with 4 inches falling in Northern VA and even more falling in places northeast. This was recorded in diaries.
  8. Someone yesterday cited a May storm in the 1770s (based on journals) that dropped 4 inches in northern VA with higher amounts north and east.
  9. Not May, but back in April of 1985 (in Calvert County) I saw snow squalls with grass whitening one day, and temps in the low 90s five days later.
  10. We all knew this was going to happen when we were blowing through Dec-Feb with well above normal temps. Just for fun, take your seven-day forecast and subtract 30 degrees to see what this pattern would have done in mid-winter.
  11. They've confirmed those darn Asian Giant Hornets (aka "murder hornets") out in Washington. One bee keeper out there found thousands of her honey bees decapitated. I killed a European hornet the other day. Mean looking thing!
  12. Partly sunny and 77 in Germantown. What a nice surprise!
  13. I am right with you! Got some gorgeous new guinea impatiens for the deck pots, and will have some afternoon beers and BBQ some chicken later. Up to 66 with sun. Got the same ones as last year that look like this by late summer:
  14. I've just had it with six months plus of the year with dead looking leafless trees, gloomy cold springs flipping instantly to 90s, and boring winters. I want to be able to garden longer and have less months of looking at forests that look like dead sticks. I'll travel for a couple snow fixes per year. Happy for today though -- almost 60 already. Get those grills fired up later!
  15. Can't wait to retire in 9 years and move away from this climate hellhole.
  16. LOL at the 6-10 day outlook. Well at least we are hopefully looking good for tomorrow and Monday. Like others, I want stretch of dry so I can plant my garden.
  17. Chilly sprinkles and 48. Hoping we break into the warm sector later, but probably a little too far north. I am liking the look of next weekend finally bringing some real nice weather.
  18. After two very warm Mays (IAD with +5.0 in 2019 and +6.4 in 2018), I hope we are not due for a cold dreary one. We just knew back in Jan and Feb that we'd get a perfect winter mid to late spring. Glad to see the sun coming out here now. Need to enjoy it with all the rain coming up.
  19. I'd love to see a snowy winter followed by a very warm April, average May and a cooler than average June one of these times.
  20. Wow it got down to 28 at Gaithersburg airport; still some frost in the shade here. I am hoping for a warm pattern to set in as my tropical milkweeds need a couple of weeks outside before they can go into the ground. Being a garden hobbyist, I am so glad they didn't shut down our garden centers.
  21. The butterfly bush is perennial, all the rest are annuals. If you only want annuals, I'd go with some taller zinnias and milkweeds with the smaller anual vinca in front. I love those annual vincas -- they look kinda like impatiens but are for the sun and rabbits won't touch them.
  22. Not too late to get a butterfly garden started! Get a couple butterfly bushes (I recommend "Miss Violet" - just 3-4 feet, full and nice purple color), a couple lantana, some zinnias and annual vinca from the garden center around mid-May. Deer and rabbits will mostly leave all of those things alone, and the annual vinca flower all the way to frost. If you want monarch caterpillars, look for some milkweed plants. 33 when I got up in Germantown -- no ice on the birdbath but some frost. Snow for our NE forum folks huh? They can have it.
  23. Still raining with thunder in Germantown with clear blue sky to the west. Was pretty wild for a couple minutes with torrential rain blowing in sheets.
  24. Main line is approaching and I'm hearing lots of thunder with this one.
  25. Really pouring now, but no thunder. Darn gutter is already clogged again.