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  1. What a beautiful weekend. Didn't see my low but the closest station (Gaithersburg) hit 39. This morning's 7 AM obs ranged from low/mid 30s out west, to 60 at St Mary's City with that Bay water. Gonna have to water the gardens good today! Here is all my rain for the month, with none in sight: Sept 2: 0.5 Sept 3: 0.9 Sept 10: 0.15
  2. Keep those feeders up for a few more weeks! I usually have a few travelers through the last week of September, and have seen them as late as Oct. 4. I am looking forward to some crisp fall weather this weekend.
  3. Wow! My son lives right down the block at College Park Towers. Oh, and 0.2 here LOL.
  4. They didn't send any pics. One is off-campus and the other is in Harford with a small green out front.
  5. It seems more and more common to get these crazy deluges in some areas with other areas nearby getting nothing. It's a thing. Both kids are at UMD and say it is just torrential rain with big thunder. At least they don't have to walk to classes today.
  6. Sorry! Your house is gonna feel so good when it's fixed. This is also going to feel nice:
  7. Just come to Germantown. Haven't even had 0.1 yet. Also haven't gotten more than 1 inch of rain in a day since August 4.
  8. LOL point-and-click forecast for my area has new rainfall of between .5 and .75 inch today and .25 to .5 inch tonight. Uh hard no, unless they meant millimeters. Man is it humid though! Went for a walk and maybe I'll stop sweating by noon.
  9. And for central MD, for the opposite reason. Glad I watered yesterday. I knew.
  10. Looks like another rain event for - where else - southern Maryland! I might get a few sprinkles up this way. NBD though as I watered the flower gardens good today.
  11. The one I remember was 10/10/1979 with 2-3" in northern Calvert. The following winter was decent with 20.1 for DCA and 26.8 for IAD. Oh and Denver - their last three days were 101, 97 and 93. Can you even?
  12. So my nephew is in the Army and recently moved from Florida to Colorado Springs. His nice Dodge Charger got totaled by baseball sized hail a few weeks ago. Now he's getting treated to highs in the low 90s today with several inches of snow tomorrow and tomorrow night. Man that climate is nuts! Imagine being at a cookout in Denver this afternoon in the low 90s knowing that it will be snowing when you wake up tomorrow. Wow.
  13. I am trying to enjoy my hummingbirds as much as possible knowing they will be leaving in a few weeks.
  14. Got 0.9 to go with the 0.5 for Wednesday. Ready for the beautiful dry weekend. Speaking of bugs, I hate the way these new Asian Tiger mosquitoes bite all hours of the day. Also, anyone else notice how LOUD and relentless the annual cicadas have been this summer? It's hard to enjoy the deck with those things making my ears bleed.
  15. This one hurt. Even Germantown proper looks to have gotten it good based on Radarscope. The meat of the storm missed me by two miles.
  16. And it splits with the strong part going into Gaithersburg. Just a garden variety shower with a little lighting. This spot is so uncanny.
  17. That Leesburg cell is headed right for me...we'll see though.
  18. Nice thundershower yesterday evening with 0.5 and a little bit of lightning. No where near severe though. Hoping for more today - LWX bullish on northern/central MD.
  19. Saw this blurb in LWX's discussion: During the latter portions of next week, the window seems to be open for any TCs that develop to strike the Southeast Coast. Monitoring the tropics as we approach the climatological peak of the hurricane season.
  20. Only about 0.1 so far, but hoping those better returns just west can get here and stay a while.
  21. My mother still talks about Hazel. She remembers those big, round metal trashcans they had back then flying down the street in her Cheverly, MD neighborhood.
  22. Man that is NUTS! For comparison, I have 5.5 for the month and 9.0 since July 1. Look at Calvert on this map! Some less than 6" amounts in northern MD for the same period. Unreal.
  23. 0.6 yesterday and 0.35 for today. Sun coming out now. It may not have been a huge amount, but it was mostly a slow, soaking rain which was really needed. Before yesterday, I only had 0.5 since August 16.
  24. Another nice shower moving thru now. Lawn and gardens will be happy. It's been a long losing streak so this is really nice!
  25. Just got home from moving our younger kid in at University of Maryland and found 0.45 in the gauge from that thunderstorm that rolled thru here around 4:30. It looked good on Radarscope with some decent lightning. Wish I got home in time to see it!