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  1. In our area there are certain trees here and there (mainly cherries) that are massively infested with the hissing sounding ones, with everywhere else quiet. There's one house 10 or so doors down from us that has a big tree that is still ear-shattering. They have a nice deck and I bet they're not using it! Meanwhile nice and quiet at our house.
  2. This weather has been awesome, and it looks like we get another shot of this later next week. Thanks Canada!
  3. That Kettering storm was unbelievable. I still remember the date -- July 10, 1978. The hail was tennis ball size and took out all the west-facing windows of people's houses. I remember my dad running from window to window helplessly as they shattered. Everyone got new roofs too. The Orlando storm caused $1,500 damage to my car and some neighborhoods had several inches of hail on the ground.
  4. Yikes -- Warning says trained weather spotters reported quarter sized hail in Baltimore City and the storm has since strengthened.
  5. Haha yup, and silence of loud deck party behind us. Man that was some rain though -- some yards downhill from us had rivers running thru that you could see with the lightning strikes. Best T-Storm for me in a couple years.
  6. Not quite severe but pretty intense -- very heavy rain with lots of lightning, a couple gusts to about 50, and a brief shot of small hail. I always get nervous with hail because it always starts small. I have bad memories of two monster hailstorms in Kettering, MD in 1978 and Orlando, FL in 1992.
  7. Central MoCo cell almost here -- let's see what it does. Neighbors behind us have a loud deck party going on -- they are trying to keep it going under a table umbrella. LOL we'll see...
  8. Good point about the dews. I just spent over an hour sitting out on the deck and it is very comfortable for mid 80s. It just doesn't "feel" thunderstormy.
  9. I don't care about severe but a nighttime thunderstorm loaded with lightning would be fun. That's what I'm hoping for.
  10. I'm thrilled with the 0.9 total which is more than twice what I expected. 1.2 for the month so far. Hoping for some sun to break thru this afternoon
  11. Thanks CAPE, that is excellent! I measured 0.9 and the map looks dead on. I'm amazed at the amounts so close by both west and east.
  12. What is a good site for radar estimate rain accumulations? I used to use the NWS radar but that new one...
  13. Not for my area. I had only 2.5 for May and this puts me at just over 1.0 for June so far. I'd like to see another 0.5 from this but radar looks weak.