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  1. BlizzardNole

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Yes that does happen. For example, Opal in the mid 1990s was heading in to the same area as a high-end Cat 4 but lost a lot of strength just before landfall. Shallow shelf waters in the northern Gulf allow for the water to get stirred up and cooled. Now if Michael is moving quickly as it approaches land, it would lose less strength. I was in Tallahassee in 1985 for Kate, a Cat 2 that hit just east of Panama City heading NE. Tallahassee is loaded with pines and oaks that do not fare so well in high winds. One oak ended up in the campus pool.
  2. BlizzardNole

    October Discobs Thread

    Need to mow badly. Choice between wet grass today or mowing in the summer heat tomorrow. I might do it this afternoon to avoid watching the Noles get their eyeballs beaten out by Miami.
  3. BlizzardNole

    September Discobs Thread

    1.8 yesterday and 3.7 since Monday. June: 3.9 July: 10.0 August: 6.65 September: 9.3
  4. BlizzardNole

    September Discobs Thread

    I was in a race against that thunderstorm to the Germantown MARC station (6:05 PM). We got there just 4-5 minutes before it unleashed. It was DARK as we rolled in and people tensed up and reached for their helpless umbrellas thinking we were going to get hosed bad. Thanks to good ol' Radarscope, I knew we were good. It hit HARD as I was driving home. Had one CTG strike hit just a few hundred feet from the house just as I walked in. It was cool seeing on that Real Time Lightning website right where it hit, two streets over. Picked up 0.7 and have 7.5 for September. My foot slid and made a big divot just walking in the back yard to the rain gauge.
  5. BlizzardNole

    September Discobs Thread

    Sunny with highs in the low to mid 70s for several days straight starting Saturday? I will have to see it to believe it, but man it would be glorious.
  6. BlizzardNole

    September Discobs Thread

    48 hours ago I was 95/72 and 24 hours ago 88/70. Now 63/54! Picked up 0.75 last night.
  7. BlizzardNole

    September Discobs Thread

    Wow that's got to be a fun rush hour around DC! It's going to be strange seeing the temps fall all day tomorrow to about 60 by evening. Going from July to October in a day.
  8. BlizzardNole

    Tropical Storm Isaac

    Good grief -- they need a traffic cop in the Atlantic with all these systems. Paging El Nino -- what are you doing?
  9. BlizzardNole

    September Discobs Thread

    Just had a TINY pop-up shower pass through with moderate rain for a couple of minutes with full sun. That was weird! Thing looked about a quarter mile across on radar.
  10. BlizzardNole

    September Discobs Thread

    Lots of games had long delays yesterday due to lightning, and we got chased out of our Clarksburg High game Friday night. Poor Nebraska -- after over two and a half hours of lightning, they cancelled their long-awaited opener with a new coach and won't be making that game up. Happened to Iowa State too. I'm worried about my FSU - VA Tech game tomorrow night, with clusters of westward propagating t-storms likely all afternoon and evening. Man are we looking hot next week! No more polos at work; back to long-sleeved shirts and ties.
  11. BlizzardNole

    August Discobs Thread

    My parched lawn and garden need rain so bad. Once nice cell formed just north over Clarksburg, another just south over Gaithersburg, and they are moving NE away. Brilliant.
  12. BlizzardNole

    August Discobs Thread

    Looking forward to this heat being over, and hopefully some rain. Boston is sure getting it bad -- 83/72 at 5 am and going up to near 100 with hx approaching 110.
  13. BlizzardNole

    August Discobs Thread

    It was great! Picked up 2.2 inches. It was much, much needed as my yard was parched after almost no rain since 8/3 and it might be a while before we have another chance.
  14. BlizzardNole

    August Discobs Thread

    I want that! Pro Tier 1 only $10 a year so I'm pulling the trigger.
  15. BlizzardNole

    August Discobs Thread

    Pretty good rain and some thunder in NE DC, winding down now. Based on radar, looks like Germandesert will stay dry. The lawn was hard as concrete when I mowed yesterday.