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  1. Ugh just saw highs in the mid 80s tomorrow. But nice cool weather coming next week.
  2. Forward speed of 26 mph -- man that is HAULING for being in the Gulf. Good thing it is moving so fast with how quickly it is strengthening.
  3. Am I reading that right -- that Caguas got approx 10 inches in one hour between Sep 20 8:00 and 9:00? OMG.
  4. Stay away from PR and those Virgin Islands dirty cyclone! Wow what a hurricane season. They warned us it would be a bad one and they were right. They have it around 90mph in the vicinity of PR -- watch it be way stronger.
  5. Just found out that one of my coworkers is in Puerto Rico visiting friends, and is supposed to return tomorrow. Hopefully it stays north enough to spare PR the eyewall.
  6. Was just out and about a bit and it's 62 degrees! No rain, just chilly. Ah, September! Great weather, kids back to school, and FOOTBALL!
  7. Beaumont/Port Arthur Airport 6-hour amounts going back three days: 1.42 -- last three hours 11.86 3.97 2.18 4.93 .13 .06 .20 5.15 1.16 .46 4.81 2.70 Total of 39.03
  8. With biblical rainfall amounts coming, I was curious and looked at Houston's summer rainfall so far, and they are running wet: June: 7.19 (+1.26) July: 6.29 (+2.5) August: 7.85 (+5.1) I wonder what the all-time record for summer rainfall and single event is there. OMG this is going to be ugly!
  9. What an awesome stretch for late August! This summer sure had a lot of fronts and storm systems -- can we keep that pattern going for this winter please? At work we have people coming from Arizona for a meeting in DC tomorrow. They are gonna love this weather.
  10. Germantown is starting to suck again. Got only 0.2 from those big storms on the 7th, and just 0.2 again from last Friday's front. Got totally missed on Thursday and again last night to the north and south. I am still waiting for one good lightning storm.
  11. Man am I jealous of that! Haven't seen a good lightning storm all summer.
  12. Complete split in Germantown. WEAK. Congrats Baltimore and NE.
  13. I looked rainfall for the last 60 days and Stephens City is definitely in a rain shadow -- it has 8-10" while areas east are 12-20." Luray was worse with 4-6" for the same period. Big boomers later? LWX disco sounds like more to the east. I've had a lot of rain, but only one actual thunderstorm all season.
  14. Picked up another 0.6 for a total of 1.7 for the two-day event. I wonder if this pattern of repeated rain events continues? This area would be in big trouble if we got the remains of a tropical system in a couple weeks after all this.
  15. Sun is really breaking out now. Hoping for some big boomers later.