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  1. Gorgeous weather to be in a stadium yesterday watching the Terps go to 4-0 with low 70s and a beautiful cirrus-decorated sky. Took a long walk this morning with nice temps in the mid-50s. This is why September is great!
  2. I caught just the edge of that bowed cell moving into northern MontCo and it produced some pretty good gusts. Looks a little hooky?
  3. Updated FFW for eastern WV and Western VA: Showers and isolated thunderstorms are expected late tonight into Thursday morning across the watch area. Given the local enhancement of the higher terrain and a very moist air mass, widespread rainfall amounts of four to six inches are expected by Thursday morning. However, localized amounts of 8 to 10 inches are possible, especially along the ridges. Flash flooding is possible. Wow no thank you!
  4. Got 0.25 from the edge of some big rainers that dropped 3-4 inches just a few miles away. What caused these cells to be retrograding NW? Was it a Bay breeze thing?
  5. Yup! Fall Oct 1 - Nov 30; winter Dec 1 - Mar 31 (40s and rain!); spring Apr 1 - May 31
  6. Wow I was wrong on this one, 1.23" which is more than I got from the Ida remnants. Great beneficial rain
  7. I am getting ready to go out and water everything
  8. The horrible annual cicadas have been the worse here I can remember. I can't even enjoy sitting out on the deck with those ear-splitting things constantly screeching. Anyone else notice them being worse than most year? And is it related to the Brood X emergence earlier this summer?
  9. It's been very dry so I was hoping for 2" but managed 1.04. Amazed at the rain totals in every direction.
  10. We visited JMU a couple years ago -- I remember "J...M...U...Duuuuuuuuuuuukes!" We chose UMD for in-state though. Enjoy! That was a beautiful campus.
  11. OMG you can't make this crap up. Solid moderate rain from a line SW to NE just a few miles from me and not coming this way. Incredible. Neither Ida nor God can make it rain here.
  12. Just looked at my point/click forecast Here let me fix it for you: Today: New rainfall amounts between 1 and 2 inches millimeters possible. Tonight: New precipitation amounts between 1 and 2 inches millimeters possible.
  13. FAIL! Just look at this and marvel at the power of the Germantown desert rain shield. 0.08 overnight with heavy amounts all around. I expect almost nothing from the rain later today.
  14. The MoCo-HoCo microdesert shows up real nice on that map -- just convert the amounts for that swath to centimeters and it looks about right
  15. Yes please! I would be really happy with that
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