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  1. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    Our area has done well considering how bad the winter has been overall, since we jackpotted on Dec. 9 (got 5" here) and did OK today.
  2. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    Snow/sleet mix in Germantown and 32; eyeballing about 2.5 inches. Very pretty out with grass covered and trees caked. MDHokie: that is one HUGE snowman! Gonna be fun watching how long that thing makes it with temps in the 70s next week..
  3. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    Still light snow in Germantown and 34; just enough to keep the 1/4" or 1/3" coating on grass in a steady state.
  4. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    Getting into a lull in Germantown with a coating on grass and raised surfaces, 36 degrees.
  5. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    Sitting at 41 waiting for precip. When I was a kid we had heavy, huge-flake snow fall for a few hours at 40 degrees. It was the warmest I ever saw accumulating snow (grass only). It made for brutal snowballs, and we were able to make a throne-like chair out of it LOL.
  6. The Panic Room--Winter 2017-2018

    I looked at the 6-10 day and 8-14 day outlooks and am happy to see a strong SE ridge with much above normal temps for the east coast through the whole two-week period. GOOD! Time to put a bullet to the head of this winter, point blank range. I hope we have a +10 departure March. Bring on spring! OK add me to the pile of the reaped.
  7. February Mid/Long Range Discussion

    I remember that one! We couldn't believe that we got a big snow after such warm weather. Then we were having snowball fights a couple days later with short sleeves on.
  8. February Mid/Long Range Discussion

    Yeah that really hurts! (Dulles)
  9. Super Bowl Slop Storm

    Rain and 33.
  10. Super Bowl Slop Storm

    Wow that was quick -- flipped to sleet already.
  11. Super Bowl Slop Storm

    Wow nice pic from Winchester - you guys deserve it out there. The short grass makes it look impressive. Light snow and 32 now, dusting on everything but streets.
  12. Super Bowl Slop Storm

    Light snow and 33, whitening up decks, mulch, etc. Streets just wet. Wish we could have dropped a few more degrees last night.
  13. Super Bowl Slop Storm

    First few pixie flakes in Germantown, 32 degrees. What's up in Frederick Co? Radar looks good up there.
  14. Super Bowl Slop Storm

    Welcome to the forum! You are in a good spot up there compared to the cities for borderline events like this. If the precip comes in early enough, maybe an inch of snow with a crusty layer of sleet on top, then some ice glaze over that before going over to just rain. Sometimes when we have departing cold air masses like this, the models overdo the warm-up and we get more frozen than expected. That's what we have to hope for here. One thing's for sure -- there will be times in the future when you will love where you are. I've seen it snow 6-8" up there with just rain in DC. Being well northwest of I-95 is a good thing.
  15. Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    Got about a quarter inch in Germantown. A guy in a PT Cruiser fishtailed in front of me on my way to the train station, while he was blabbing on his cell phone. Brilliant!