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  1. This steady light to moderate rain is just perfect. The grass and gardens are going to be happy. Wow at northern WV getting pounded again. There are some nasty looking cells out that way.
  2. For fun, check out the storms just W and SW of the MD panhandle on the lightning map. Real Time Lightning Map
  3. OK, running the sprinklers for four hours this morning was my version of a rain dance, and it worked. Nice t-storm passed right over giving me 0.6 and dropping the temp to a luscious 70. First real rain since July 5-6. Some wind gusts of 40-50, and a few rumbles. How about that line coming into the MD panhandle -- does that hold together for later?
  4. Just 84 degrees at 11:20am, but humid -- 72 percent. Looks like Pennsylvania has some nice rains moving in yet again. Not so much here. I'm confident enough of no significant rain that I ran the sprinklers for four hours this morning.
  5. I was just looking longingly at that MCS, but I know there is just no way. You know it's bad out when you have to bring potted impatiens in even though they are well watered and in the shade. Surprisingly only 89/72 here.
  6. Yesterday's LWX disco said that we lose 18 minutes of daylight by the end of the month. Nice fall weather seems far off, but it is coming! I can't believe the next door neighbors chose this week to have sod laid in a large area in their side and back yard. It's not gonna make it. Oh and LOL at rain chances Saturday afternoon and night. The only water will be from my garden hose.
  7. I wish a big storm would hit in DC when I am in the office -- it's my only chance to see one.
  8. That huge Laytonsville area storm earlier then one popped just a few miles south around Gaithersburg. Only a brief minute of drops here, not even enough to wet the ground. I've never been fringed this bad before just 2-3 miles in multiple directions. Stephens City has got nothin' on the infamous Germantown micro-desert. OK back out to finish mowing my dusty, weedy hard-packed lawn. At least I don't have to cut often.
  9. LOL at Germantown included in that warning -- not a drop here and I am at Rt 355 and Rt 27, a couple miles east. This is the most agonizing miss I can remember with a stationary severe thunderstorm literally three miles away. Just disgusted.
  10. Wow. Big, heavy thundershower developing almost in place just a handful of miles east of my dusty, parched location. It's not just how often we miss out on rain - it's how close it typically is. What a desert micro climate.
  11. For once I wish I had been at work in DC for this instead of home in the Central Maryland Desert Zone. At least I heard a few rumbles from other people's thunderstorms.
  12. Just SICKENING. Strong line consolidating to my south now. Ended up with less than 0.20 and we're done here.
  13. LOL spoke too soon. I had such a nice looking t-storm inbound that I though no way it misses me. WRONG. It split in two an I have missed out again except for that 5-minute shower that was probably 0.10. I sucks having a garden hobby living in a micro-climate desert.
  14. Wow Mappy that's a lot of rain! I'm actually catching a pop up shower right now. Got mod/hvy rain and 87 degrees. Amazonian!
  15. Man am I glad this front is coming as we have an outdoor wedding from noon to 5pm tomorrow. Today's weather would have been brutal. I would be ecstatic to get 0.5 of rain, but I'm not too hopeful for that. Jealous of the rain Ohio and PA have had the last few days.