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  1. GFS has it bearing down on Pensacola next Sat while Euro has it in Sydney, NS. Wild
  2. Went to our Costco Tuesday and was surprised by lit Christmas trees and a couple rows of decorations. C'mon man! Looking forward to some nice fall weather coming up
  3. Only 0.07 because it was a line of summer-like thunderstorms which almost always fails here. We do well in the stratiform rain events like last week but thunderstorms nasomuch. I was a kid in Calvert and remember decent summer T-storms. Man here is is unreal as we are lucky to get 2 or 3 thunderstorms in an entire summer.
  4. It's been unreal over there. One CoCoRaHS spot close to Ocean City has just 1.11 from August 1 to today
  5. That is some pretty heavy looking rain moving from southern PA into NW MD. This will sound crazy coming from me but do not need LOL The light rain last night and this morning has been beneficial though
  6. This is CoCoRaHS for a spot just east of Clarksburg and a couple miles NE of me; iWeather zoomed in on the same spot has 3.93. I thought the iWeather map was pretty spot on but does it sometimes over-estimate by that much?
  7. We are lucky we set the seed last Monday and it's already coming up! It's on a hill so if this rain happened last week, our seed would be in the neighbors' yards
  8. Incredible! The iWeather map has me at 3.58 inches. That is more rain that I had for most of the summer combined. Perfect timing as I have new seed and sod down and have almost broke my sprinklers LOL
  9. Don't like that swath of 0.25 or less just to my southwest. We HAVE to score this time
  10. This sounds super-tasty for the northern MD folks. I hope you and your extra crispy yards get it! "...widespread showers and heavy rainfall especially north of I-70. 1-1.5 inches of rain are expected generally north of US-50 with the potential for as much as 3 inches north of I-70..."
  11. Congrats and enjoy! I grew up in Calvert so I understand the winter pain LOL
  12. Beautiful 59 degrees this morning. I like fall but dread the 5-6 months of bare trees with 30s and 40s and rain that comes after.
  13. Only got about 0.2 to finish a very dry month but the temps are great. I let most of the lawn just go and it's dormant.
  14. Where was this heat two weeks ago when I was in OC? That was the coldest beach week I've ever had. Speaking of OC, the NWS rainfall map has less than 0.1 for the last 30 days there. I and I thought it was dry here
  15. Woo hoo caught a surprise little shower for 0.13, first rain in weeks. I'm used to being drier here than other places (orographic micro-desert) but this summer's been ridiculous. There are places not far away with 4-5 TIMES the rainfall I've had since July 1.
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