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  1. Sleet/freezing rain near Germantown, 30 degrees.
  2. Light snow and 30 near Germantown. What's going on near Hagerstown? Nice looking radar up there.
  3. I fully expect that to happen. We'll get an ideal pattern and a couple coastals to give us low 40s and rain in late April/early May. 27 and cloudy.
  4. I told family, friends and co-workers that last Tuesday's snow might be the only one of the winter. I hope I get shamed mercilessly.
  5. 1.5" for Milestone area of Germantown
  6. Wow that is a great pic! I love our cardinals and recently learned that they typically live their whole lifespan (up to 10 years or more) within just a mile or so radius of where they were born, and mate for life. We get a kick out of watching our male feed his mate seeds beak to beak. I thought we were done, but radar sure built back! Closing in on an inch.
  7. Just about over in Germantown, looks about a half inch. Given the winter we are in, I was just happy to see snow falling!
  8. Got about 1 inch here (two miles NE of Germantown); 33 degrees. Got a short period of sleet, and now very light rain. Shout out to Radarscope -- that precip depiction is really accurate showing the changeovers.
  9. One of my wife's coworkers lives in Manchester and texts us when it snows, like this morning. Can you imagine what that spot would be like if it was 2,000 feet?
  10. Just had some light flurries in Germantown. I thought "what the heck" because the sun was out with mostly clear skies out my window looking south. A cloud just floated overhead and dropped some flakes.
  11. Thanks for posting that, Windspeed. That is what I am used to seeing as well. Oh what those little islands are about ready to go through! I've seen them on the "Bahamas Life" real estate show a few times. So pretty.
  12. Man that would be awful. I remember at one point in 2017 the models had Irma going just inland all the way from Miami to central FL as a Cat 5. Luckily that didn't happen and hopefully this doesn't either.
  13. The lightning was really bad in central MontCo. We heard a bunch of fire trucks going up Rt 355 which turned out to be a house fire from a lightning strike (see story below). Two Families Displaced by Lightning Fires
  14. Racking it up here after being dry for a while. Aug 18: 0.3 Aug 20: 0.2 Aug 21: 0.3 Aug 22: 1.1
  15. Best thunderstorms of the summer! Got three cells train over with heavy rain and frequent lightning for 40 minutes. Rain has let up but still lots of lightning all around. I've had a bunch of close strikes, with a couple within a few hundred feet. Not much wind which is fine with me.