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  1. We went to OC last Friday and noticed all the dust being kicked up by farm equipment along Rt. 404. I was surprised how dry things looked! My location was just lucky with a soaking 7.8 inches in June. It was very well spread out too, with no week letting less than 1.65.
  2. I did not hear a thing either. Is there a way to look back at radar for several hours?
  3. Woke up to 0.6 in the gauge -- I think it was after midnight but not completely sure. I'll count it as July 1.
  4. At Ocean City for the weekend. It was cool most of the day with a stiff south breeze off that chilly water - in the mid 70s with bout 20 mph wind. Then about 4:30 the wind stopped suddenly, then shifted west and it felt like someone opened the oven door. Went to 94 in just minutes. It was so hot that I went inside. Couple hours later it shifted back and you almost need a sweatshirt on the beach.
  5. Had a very busy workday and didn't know we had yet another big t-storm rolling in. It hit pretty hard with some 50-ish wind gusts, lightning and rain blowing in sheets. The purples on Radarscope were just north - I wonder if there was hail up there. Looks like about 0.7 more added to June's rich coffers, which now stand at 7.9 inches. Wow. Also dropped the temp to a nippy 62.
  6. Picked up 1.25 yesterday from two storms. Total for June 7.2.
  7. Ended and sun already coming out. About 1.0 fell in less than 15 minutes. This pic does not give it justice, but the yard behind us floods BAD when it rains this hard. The people on the right put in a huuuuge stone patio that takes up all but a couple feet from their back property line. Also the people a couple houses further up cemented their entire back yard. This makes the drainage a nightmare for the houses behind me. That stuff can't be compliant with codes.
  8. LOL. I get off work at 5:00 and went out to get the grass cut with recycling coming tomorrow. I check radar and there's nothing anywhere close so good to go for my 45-minute job. After two strips I hear a thundercrack and look up at the sunny sky. Shrug. A minute later I hear a LOUD crack and look at radar and see this new cell forming right over top of me. Within another couple minute it's raining hard with multiple bolts. Now it's raining in sheets, with close CTG bolts, and still sunny skies to the NW. So much for that job! *reaches in the fridge for a beer.*
  9. Good ground truth on LWX's radar estimate here. Just a couple tenths in my gauge with over 1" amounts all around.
  10. Ha can you imagine Jeb if this happened again: Huge Central Texas Snowstorm of 1985
  11. We've had three separate "thunderstorms" but only about 0.2 total of rain. So much thunder and so little rain.
  12. Big, severe warned storm weakened and split right as it arrived. Still enjoying some thunder but not much rain. Thought is was gonna be a gully washer until the last minute.
  13. That one that popped out of nowhere in western Montgomery County almost caught my kids out for a walk. They were moving when they got back LOL. Made it by two minutes. Rained pretty hard for a couple minutes with some thunder. Tiny little cell. Edit: severe warned already wow! Close miss for us for the big stuff.
  14. Got 0.4 again (three times in four days getting 0.4) for a juicy total of 5.55 for the month.
  15. My late 70s parents were coming up for a visit from Calvert today -- I told them to hold off and maybe we do it tomorrow. They called a half hour ago and said we're plowing through it. Actually slackening up a little on their route but still! Heavy downpour just now but ending.