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  1. Nice solid line of rain/thunderstorms SE of here but yet we got 0.00 yet again. I've had multiple misses this week less than 2 miles away and now this. I am the new east coast NPZ.
  2. Missed one yesterday by a mile to the north, and this one today slipped by a mile to my south. This spot is truly uncanny.
  3. I thought I had a good thunderstorm heading SE right towards me out of Frederick...until it took a hard turn east at the last minute. Missed by a mile.
  4. Nice looking thunderstorm up there in Frederick. Any reports?
  5. Man, they're talking about the wind blowing windows out of buildings. I can't believe a tropical cyclone looks this fierce while hitting Hispaniola. That lightning!
  6. In Ocean City for the week. Raining pretty good at 70 degrees with winds gusting over 30 mph. The drops coming off the balcony above us and floating off in the wind look just like like flakes mixing in. Looking at better weather starting tomorrow. Very happy to see the around 1 inch amounts in upper Montgomery. We needed that. Also glad to see not-so-heavy amounts in hard-hit Calvert where the family is. What the Richmond area got would have been real bad for them.
  7. NOT what I want to hear. My Calvert family are nervously asking about this system. My niece in your neighborhood put sand bags about 12" high all along the back of her townhouse as a temporary measure until they address the drainage problem. Look at the insane difference in rain over the last 60 days between southern MD and my Germantown area!
  8. Thanks to @WeatherShak for posting that radar loop above. How else could rain miss me? How about a cell passing east-to-west a mile or two south? Yep. Yeah I have received a couple hundreds, but that's not gonna cut it for my parched, hardpan yard.
  9. Wow those are some awesome caterpillars! I had to look up Regal moth to see what they look like. I got a Luna moth to lay some eggs in a paper bag a few years ago, and read up on how to raise 'em. I released about 12 Luna moths that summer. I have two monarch chrysalises that will hatch next week while we are in Ocean City. So, they are going and will be launched from a 6th floor balcony to be beach butterflies.
  10. Well got about 0.2 which is pretty good rain for us.
  11. Wow at Odenton -- looks like 4 or 5 different cells just coalesced over top of them. Gonna be wild there for a bit.
  12. I am going to run the sprinklers hard this evening. I am convinced it will not rain at all here today or tomorrow. My yard was dusty and hard as rock when I cut the grass yesterday.
  13. There will be some places that get very heavy rain, but I fully expect to be out watering my hardpan, parched gardens tonight. I am looking forward to lower temps starting tomorrow.
  14. If we are driving to Ocean City on Saturday, do we need a fanboat? Cutting the grass right now. It is HOT!
  15. A very nice setting you have there! After 20 years we are tiring of being in a tight development with houses 20-30 feet away. I mean, the back walls of the houses behind are literally in our face. With so many yards close by, it's a rule that at least one lawnmower fires up as soon as we try to enjoy the deck in the evening. Being a federal employee and looking at much more telework in the future, I am eyeballing Carroll County!
  16. Amazing. Imagine what that looked like coming down. I remember hearing about the unbelievable rain that Maria dropped in this town in Puerto Rico, including 40 inches in 24 hours. Hurricane Maria dropped 14 inches in one hour on Caguas, Puerto Rico
  17. Nothing at all after two days of flood watches. Good thing I got 1.85" from Isaias because I think yesterday was the last chance for rain for a long time.
  18. Yup. That big storm last night sat 5-10 miles from me for a couple hours. Heard the thunder but missed. I knew today would be a shutout.
  19. Got 0.00 yesterday evening and expect the same today.
  20. Wow that must have woke you up. I heard thunder around that time but only got 0.2 here. I hope no heavy rains today for my beleaguered relatives in Calvert County.
  21. I have a niece that lives in the same Prince Frederick neighborhood being referenced above (Built Wrong Homes). This first pic was her fenced in back yard this morning, and the second is the river, I mean street, in front.
  22. Final amount 2.35, with 0.5 coming yesterday in those showers. Parents in Owings say they measured 8 inches. They got some water in basement due to clogged gutter above.
  23. Bad news for my niece in Prince Frederick. Her new townhouse (three months old) flooded badly. Bottom floor ruined. This is her second flood and she wants out. Sad for her. Winding down in Germantown with just over 2" total (including 0.5 from yesterday. This was a perfect, spread out soaking rain for my lawn and gardens. I feel bad for people suffering damage.
  24. Parents in Owings (Calvert) reporting 5" rain and power out.
  25. Like Mappy said, Sandy Point would be a good spot. The northern Calvert beaches are closed, and they're real narrow. Sandy Point is really wide and would be a great spot assuming they stay open. Sandy Point