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  1. Did someone say thunderstorms? Bwahahahahaha! I was confident in no rain so I watered everything heavily this morning. All this talk of multiple rounds of showers and thunderstorms this week. Psssshhh. I am calling it now -- shutout.
  2. Alright sun coming back out and it's 77/66. Need to build up come instability.
  3. Wasn't expecting overcast and light rain at mid-day. Does this impeded severe chances for later today? I am coming out from under my weather blocking shield and going to Gaithersburg for dinner, and am hoping to see a thunderstorm.
  4. We have beggars at intersections around here and they have some creative signs. Saw one this morning that said "TV meteorologist out of work." LOL that's a new one.
  5. Got a total of 1.05 which is great after getting only 0.9 over the previous 30 days. Hoping to cash in on some showers next week. Can't believe it's 55 and breezy out! I saw Oakland at 43 with 26 mph winds. Wow!
  6. Finally! After weeks of little to no rain and cracks opening in my parched yard, got 0.6 so far and still raining at a nice light/mod pace. It would be nice to top it off with some showers this afternoon.
  7. Yeah here too. My bar is 0.5 which would be more than the last few weeks combined.
  8. Move that decimal point for me -- a whopping 0.15 for the "event." No significant rain since mid-May.
  9. Yep. I've had 0.25 since May 23 and 0.75 since May 13. I was hopeful for good rain since we do stratiform fine here - we just don't do thunderstorms. Now this is looking more like a thunderstorm event Monday afternoon/evening and a shut-out is on the table.
  10. Nice video ge0 - thanks for posting! Hard to believe that's so close -- I am just N of the intersection of 355 and Rt 27 and got 0.15 of rain and nothing else. Clarksburg just as close to my north got a strong storm too. This spot and Stephens City are uncanny.
  11. Are you there? What part? I am 2 mile NE Germantown in the Milestone area, and have whiffed on everything again. Saw purple on radar 2-3 miles north from one cell, then 2 miles south with this one. Got nothing more than a brief shower. I'm curious to know what those storms were like in Germantown and Gaithersburg - they looked wild on radar.
  12. My bar is 0.3 of rain. Anything else, lightning etc., is gravy.
  13. Missed both rounds, got about 0.1 from a light shower. Just 0.6 since May 13.
  14. Well that escalated quickly. Nice looking hook on that storm in FredCo.
  15. Well it's gonna be a hot one for me. HVAC shut down at work yesterday so they sent us off at 3 PM and we are closed today. Then my house AC went out and they're coming tomorrow evening. I'd LOVE to get a thunderstorm this afternoon to cool the roof off, but ol' Germantown is starting to get back to form missing all recent storms; only 0.5 since May 13.
  16. Just drove from Calvert back to Germantown and saw quite the lightning show to the N and E. Not a drop for the drive though. While in Calvert this afternoon, I watched three storms train just 2-4 miles north of us over about an hour. It was nice because we were able to sit out and enjoy mid 70s and a breeze instead of 90 like we had dreaded. When we drove through Dunkirk (northern Calvert) on the way back, there was a thick fog hanging in the trees like a rainforest. They must have really gotten drenched.
  17. Looks like very light/calm winds on Sat so it'll get warm (but at least not super-hot like Sunday). You'd have loved a steady S or SE breeze -- I've seen it 85 in Crofton and 60-something in Annapolis with that breeze off the bay this time of year. Enjoy the wedding.
  18. I got 2.7" over last weekend and have 4.7 for May so far. I really want some warm, sunny weather to get my flower garden going that I planted last Saturday. My vincas and marigolds look unhappy and my tropical milkweeds are just sleeping.
  19. Got 1.4 yesterday, total for May of 2.0. I just planted a bunch of flowers and it was MUD! I hope they live but I don't want to wait for some unicorn dry period. This is the last 365 days -- isn't our normal rainfall about 40-45 inches per year? ENOUGH!!!
  20. Nice thunderstorm in Germantown -- about 0.42 in 15 minutes, lots of lightning, and a brief gust to 45-50. Sun is back out and the air is fresh.
  21. Nice pictures! What's that in the fourth one? I don't see it in the third.
  22. Don't have my rain gauge out yet but man we must have gotten about 2 inches. Got the daughter and one other kid at the bus stop because it was hitting hard right then and there was some lightning. I was surprised to see how many kids had no umbrellas.
  23. Alright I take it back. POURING here with alot more to the SW moving this way. Decent amount of lightning with the storms in VA.
  24. That's because I canceled my mulch delivery and yardwork for the SECOND Friday in a row due to rain. I rescheduled it yet again for next Friday so we all know what will happen.