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  1. LOL. A whole week of build-up to this "severe" event. Not even a single rumble of thunder.
  2. That's what I get for scheduling a delivery of six cubic yards of mulch and a landscaping crew for my gardens this Friday. Damn wedge tornado will probably suck up all my mulch.
  3. Great Falls, MT was 18 degrees below average for the month of February, and is running -30 for the first 14 days of March. Can you even imagine?! I think DC's coldest ever might be -11 or -12?
  4. 2 miles NNE of Germantown, 39.208660 N, -77.251600 W November 15: 3.0 Jan 12-13: 12.5 January 17: 1.3 January 29: 2.5 January 30: 0.2 February 1: 1.5 February 10: 0.5 February 20: 5.0 March 1: 1.9 March 8: 0.8 Total: 29.2
  5. 0.8 here at Rt 355 and Rt 27 in Germantown. Remember the great March clipper of 1999? I cannot believe that was TWENTY years ago today. Wow time flies.
  6. This part of LWX's disco gives hope for something next weekend. I hope we get one last hurrah. The bigger threat for a storm really comes later in the weekend. A strong upper-level trough will traverse the US around the end of the week leading into the weekend. Surface low pressure will form in association with this upper-level feature. Meanwhile, a strong high pressure (~1036 mb) could be in an optimal position for a cold air damming setup across the forecast area. You put these two things together at the right time, along with a potential secondary low forming along the east coast, and there could be winter storm potential. This is way too far off to really get specific at this time, but this is certainly something that bears watching.
  7. After this cold week coming up, I hope we get a massive SE ridge for the rest of March. I am ready for spring. I started dozens of tropical milkweed seeds under lights a few days ago. The monarchs will be happy with me this summer.
  8. First few tiny flakes in Germantown, 38 degrees. I don't have a weather station, but nearby Gaithersburg reports 37/25 which should give us a little room to drop. The dews in VA are terrible.
  9. One of the main reasons I left Calvert County. That place could be demoralizing in winter sometimes.
  10. 2 miles NNE of Germantown, 39.208660 N, -77.251600 W November 15: 3.0 Jan 12-13: 12.5 January 17: 1.3 January 29: 2.5 January 30: 0.2 February 1: 1.5 February 10: 0.5 February 20: 5.0 March 1: 1.9 Total: 28.4
  11. Agree. I'm sitting at 28.4 which is almost twice my median of 15, and got a 12-incher which I consider a big storm. Good winter for my area. But I know there are many on this forum who have had a real stinker. It would be great to have one of those long-lead time coastals that gets everyone. Hoping for something next weekend before the pattern flips.
  12. Wow you're like 5 miles from me and I have pure rain and 33.
  13. Glad they didn't -- next one might come off the already shortened spring break. They couldn't even have done a 2-hour delay because it's a half day -- either opened or closed.
  14. Same deal in Germantown - measured 1.9 inches. What will really suck is if we get rain and 33 tonight, more cold rain Sunday night, then super-cold and dry for a few days as currently predicted. I hope the SE ridge sets up shop after next week and stays for the rest of the month.
  15. Oh what that storm could have been with a better track. In Calvert, I got 5" then a flip to rain and spiked to 50 degrees.
  16. 2 miles NNE of Germantown, 39.208660 N, -77.251600 W November 15: 3.0 Jan 12-13: 12.5 January 17: 1.3 January 29: 2.5 January 30: 0.2 February 1: 1.5 February 10: 0.5 February 20: 5.0 Total: 26.5
  17. The great sleet storm of 2007 was one the craziest things I've ever seen. Sleet is usually a just transition precip around here and we rarely see more than a coating or half inch of the stuff. In that 2007 storm it POURED heavy sleet for hours with a loud hissing sound and sleet literally cascading off of roofs. We got like 6-7" of pure sleet which was welded together by a crust of freezing rain. You could walk on top of it without breaking through. I remember people's cars helplessly stuck because inches of ice had their tires locked in place.
  18. 5.0 total for me in the Milestone area of Germantown. Puts me at 26.5 for the winter which is incredible given the overall pattern. Radar looks like the precip is over, and I am fine with that. I did not want a bunch of freezing rain. It would be great if the rain stays away tonight. Edit to add that my parents in northern Calvert (4 miles south of Dunkirk) report only about an inch with light sleet falling. That's why I am N/W of the city!
  19. Just did the driveway and walkway with mostly sleet falling, but changed back to snow in that band as I finished. Bob Chill was not kidding when he warned of dense snow! My electric snowblower was choking on that stuff and it was sticking to the shovel. I hope we don't hear of heart attacks from people shoveling. Measured 4.5" with moderate snow, 30 degrees. For cellies: 2 miles NE Germantown.
  20. Sleet snow mix 2 miles NE Germantown, with 3.8 on the ground, 29 degrees. Going to clear half of the table to measure sleet.
  21. 3.5 with light snow. About 2" of that fell between 8am and 9am. 28 degrees. As another poster said, it's a good sign that we stayed snow with the much lighter precip between bands. Later on will be a good test for the precip depiction on Radarscope comparing with ground truth.
  22. This doesn't do it justice -- it was REALLY coming down for a while there! Dropped about a half inch in 15 minutes. I love that we are getting this in daylight hours.
  23. Heavy snow and 28; about 1.75 on the ground. Looks beautiful with the air-filling small/medium flakes. 2 miles NE of Germantown
  24. All in! Four inches would put me at a cool 25" for the winter which is damn good considering how the winter has been for the MA and NE as a whole. I just looked at snowfall at Boston Logan -- only 8.4" for the whole winter (3.4" for biggest event), and predicted for just 1-2" from this before flipping to rain. Areas west have fared much better of course but still. Snow fans up there must be crawling the walls.