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  1. Just like sex, intense over too soon gonna be a wait until the next one
  2. Impressed, want to know of Gallatin was skill or luck. Ste Geneviere, mo getting dim out and some cumulus, hopefully they disipaite
  3. made it to Festus, near CL Got my shortwave for WWV
  4. We are headed for FELIX VALLE HOUSE STATE HISTORIC SITE in SE Missouri in case you want to join us. 443-789-9680
  5. In St. Louis hotel. Easting Snyders pretzels, BRISK lemonade, comedy on CNN. Thinking of leaving at 5 am for the area between Hopkinsville and Carbondale. GFS is clogged with clouds and the hated NAM is favorable. Bust heartbreak, anyone?
  6. Same. Here at STL. Humid cloudy sweaty day. Much incertainty for tomorrow. Nowcasting time. Water vapor loop.
  7. Jerry, it is still too early to pick a clear spot among patches of clouds. So the GFS image here is going to change. But if it stays mostly clear from SE MO into N and NC TN, then we've got a good sense of where to be.
  8. I'm concerned . The models have trended more cloudy for about three runs now.
  9. Jerry, I guess so. It seems that having a stew of very weak steering current in the lower mid-West leads to a ton of non-specific clouds, some of which are debris from decaying thunderstorm clusters.
  10. Guys, the GFS is trending cloudier with each run. I've attached cloudiness and 850. Jerry, I have no clue as to how you picked north-west-central TN but it looks to be a nice [partly cloudy] choice based on the current numerical guidance. STL AFD:
  11. Looking like the correct play for now.
  12. NWS at STL suggests Carbondale, southern IL
  13. Nothing but soupy summer heat and humidity with very weak lifting triggers.
  14. Hello red tag meteorologists: any probabilistic cloud forecasts for the centerline? GFS looks more cloudy with each run.