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  1. Wow. It’s howling out there.
  2. Great week in Aspen. Warm and sunny then snow for two days. Experienced amazing extremes on the mountain. 40 mph gusts, dense fog, blinding snow to people skiing in shorts. Fun!
  3. Dog peering into my face and panting a good part of last night.
  4. Beautiful last night with some fog and the trees covered with snow. Solid event. .5.
  5. I can report a trace of a wet patio.
  6. It peaked out here as well. Which was nice. Then clouds rolled in.
  7. It definitely looks like we can score after the 17th. Even if you are ‘done’ with winter, it’s still on the table. This year I’m not a fan (maybe because I have a spring ski vacay?), but you can’t ignore what’s showing up on the models.
  8. Yard looked *white after a few hours of really trying hard yesterday afternoon. Then we got fog and rain. Then we wound up with some sleet and freezing last night, topped with a bit of snow. I think we need to move on from Winter.
  9. I was thinking that Snowmass would be best for variety. We will see what the weather gods have in store for us. I’m super excited!
  10. Thanks Bob! I knew you would have a good idea of what to expect. They’ve had a good year so far, so I think it will be an excellent time.