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  1. Nice. Cold, some serious wind gusts, + a ton of pollen. Happy Wednesday!
  2. Friendly PSA: Anyone on this board (I.e. moi) who had COVID will tell you to do everything in your power to avoid it. Please protect yourself and get the vaccine.
  3. I had someone tell me that they are very healthy and never get sick and eat really well and that, therefore, there was no need to get vaccinated. This is the person the virus will target. Like bees to honey. Whatever.
  4. I was talking on the phone with Vaccinate Virginia when the emergency alert came through! Trying to find an appointment close by is hard. I guess we will go through VAMS for my husband’s appointment. Everything is booked at the big retailers. I got my first last week st Dulles mall and was down for a day (as COVID+ to be expected). Some of the smaller pharmacies may have openings though. I will have to call.
  5. Pfizer #1 yesterday. Today laying on the couch with a slight fever, aches, and a headache. But that could also be from the pollen.
  6. Most if the appointments available in Virginia via the grocery/drug stores are in the south. Especially Southwest. I was fine to wait my turn. But we never got the supply we needed in NoVA to cover the number of people who wanted the vaccine. My family in Southern Jersey and Philly have all been vaccinated. And I mean everyone. Granted I have two doctors and two nurses in the fam who had early priority, but the rest were not in any particular category. Very frustrating we are still scrambling here.
  7. Going tomorrow for an mRNA at the Dulles mall vax center. I’m pretty excited. I’ll probably have some kick back with this first dose since I already had it.
  8. We do wind well. That’s for sure.
  9. 53 and clouds with some mist. Had a downpour early this morning.
  10. Enjoy. It will be fun. Like Spring skiing in the Rockies. One day it’s shorts and the next it’s a blizzard.
  11. Ooooooh. Wind Advisory. And none of the good stuff?
  12. I wanted to come in dead last. Maybe next winter.
  13. Nope. We need a confirmed visual, sir.
  14. Pixie dust here. Anyone else?
  15. I have no problem with restrictions easing when the data shows it’s ok.