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  1. Sunny, 86 and 71% humidity after our down pour this morning. Pina coladas, anyone?
  2. The only *person enjoying this weather is my dog.
  3. Where was this pattern...oh never mind...
  4. Clueless

    COVID-19 Talk

    I’ve seen a few of these markets. I’m not sure what to say except that this is not something that will end soon without huge pushback from the public. Maybe the Chinese will be able to control it for a bit. But they will be up and running again when the pandemic subsides. It will take an enormous education effort over a generation to eradicate them.
  5. I hear you. Pretty depressing ‘winter’. I’m done with winter weather in March and cold dreary Aprils. Enough.
  6. Not a fan of March snow. Sun angle is a real thing. I’ll be ready to get this winter over with by Feb 29. And will be super pissed If we have a cold Spring rather than a normal one.
  7. Anything to stop me from flipping through photos of past snowstorms. All aboard.
  8. Model grazing just makes you want to camp out here.
  9. No flakes but pinging away. Sleet and freezing rain. 28/25
  10. Dusting here. Not that I witnessed it. Oh well.
  11. Well, you never mince words. Consistency. I like it.
  12. Well, there’s always a Friday night cocktail to soothe the crappy winter blues.
  13. If we get any type of wintry precip on Saturday it will be a plus in my book. That’s what the past few years of crappy winters will do.
  14. Happy to have some semblance of winter coming up!
  15. Balmy 60. Coffee on the patio.
  16. Scoring in crappy patterns is pretty satisfying.
  17. Sometimes, well, actually, most times, I am ashamed of the incessant whining of my hometown. Eagles are a good franchise and a class act.
  18. Losing Wentz was a fitting end to the season. A good season end run though. Go birds.
  19. Wow. It’s howling out there.