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  1. IceCAPS

    March 1-2 wind event

    This monster is really amazing churning south off the coast. The radar is something to see. Even out here here in Gainesville, it sounds like a departing or deteriorating hurricane.
  2. IceCAPS

    February Medium/Long Range Discussion Thread

    Great! That's exactly what I need! I try and try to follow along but, for the most part I'm just kidding myself. I've actually considered taking an online met course. Clearly if one is on this blog, one is a major weather fanatic! Sign me up for the front of the classroom!
  3. IceCAPS

    Model discussion--1/5-1/8 Period of Interest

    Thank you all for the welcome to the club. :-) I love learning so much to the many great minds here. I feel I've been here forever...thought it was time I make it official. Now, let's make a snowman!
  4. IceCAPS

    Model discussion--1/5-1/8 Period of Interest

    Newbie poster here...long time lurker... FWIW, HM on Accuweather feels the second wave will hit VA, MD, DC and not be as far south as modeled... mentioned model bias and personal feeling with these setups... anyway, I'm sure it's nothing more than cannon fodder but I enjoy any and all positive notions for snow. If this isn't news worthy, please forgive me. I just love weather... especially the wintery kind! :-)