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  1. For Friday or next Wed or Feb 30th? SOO much tracking ahead, I'm already getting exhausted.....
  2. Looks like NAM is getting on board -- I will feel better when all the models are on board with giving us the finger
  3. If snow isn't in the cards , then ice or sleet is fine.....anything to continue building the glacier we have going from the past 2 weeks.
  4. FWIW....GFS looks like a little more juice for DC and SE.....
  5. We going to roll this thread into obs? Also, I wonder what LWX thinks of this event, someone should post WWAs...
  6. I think sleet is often in the 3-1 range.....so call it 1.5" of sleet ftw!
  7. PSU -- do you remember what the Euro was showing for the Bob Chill storm in 2019? I seem to recall that it was way drier than reality even up to and during the early parts of the storm. Maybe it just isn't as hot with this type of event.
  8. Same here -- we were forecast to hit 45 and will only make it to 38, and it has been cloudy almost the entire time other than a couple of brief peeks of sun.
  9. So what you're really saying is, expect a juiced wave 1 and amped wave 2?
  10. It did lead the way sniffing out the extent of the warm air intrusion for the Dec storm, so I don't like seeing it come in warmer than the globals....but weenie handbook sez it's just NAM being NAM at this range so nothing to worry about!
  11. Looks tasty -- we're dumping pretty good now, so I think maybe this lasts a bit longer if you're still getting the goods further west.
  12. Yup -- a pretty good win for Winchester. I'm hoping to get one more good pasting out of that outer band, maybe make it to 5". Regardless, snow on snow and a beautiful Sunday morning out there.
  13. 30, back to mod/heavy SN, about 3.5" so far....absolutely gorgeous out there
  14. I'm on the Blue Ridge directly east of you, and yes -- never changed over to sleet or FZR here, it's been alternating between mod/heavy and light needles since around 9AM. Currently mod SN, around 8 inches storm total so far.
  15. Does this mean you are staying up for the most important Euro run of the year?
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