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  1. I'm more concerned about precip than temps....let's get that initial band as heavy as possible!
  2. NWS seems to have increased totals a bit with the most recent update:
  3. For the weeenies and non-experts out there.......can you please refrain from posting definitive statements re model runs? If you have to ask whether you are one of the experienced posters, the answer is NO. We have plenty of experts who can handle the analysis and mixing in bad analysis just causes confusion.
  4. Instead of getting all butthurt, why not hear what people are telling you and just tone it down a bit on the "certainty" that is coming across in your posts as somewhat arrogant? I'm sure we'd all love to have your thoughts and input, and people will definitely give you the respect you deserve over time if you become a solid contributor. I'm assuming that you aren't actually arrogant, you're just coming across that way at times because you're relatively new to the board and you may not realize how your writing style looks to others. No way you did this for 30+ years and didn't get your ego stomped good at least a few times by the fickle nature of the game. So, again -- we'd love to have your contributions, may I suggest taking an introspective look at how you might be coming across to others and give them a chance to get to know and respect your expertise over time.
  5. Best snow event of the decade! And a really nice treat to tide us over through the upcoming shutout period. No complaints at all, especially when we were expecting a no-go until after Jan 20th anyway. @psuhoffman has been quiet (unless I missed it)......need to know how that inverted trough paid off for you in Jackpotville. Any takers for 6"?
  6. Thanks -- I'm seeing reports of 4" around her area, I want to make sure my WHITE RAIN forecast verifies!
  7. Where's @mappy? Looks like the last hurrah is moving through.
  8. 4" right on the nose. All done out here, but it's gorgeous scenery. Love the snows where it sticks to everything and is able to hang on to the branches and even the sides of the trees.
  9. Extrapolating the radar, you still have a decent bit to go -- I'm guessing you'll hit 4" of WHITE RAIN easily.
  10. Yeah snow depth was nowhere near accurate out here, we're about 4" and snow depth was showing half that.
  11. Rocking! Keep the obs coming, it's a good indicator of what's heading my way. Closing in on 3" here, mod SN with large flakes.
  12. I'll say --- snow got so heavy it flipped your house on its side!
  13. I would also think it makes sense to weight the EPS more heavily since the GEFS has already blinked, and EPS seems to be holding steady atm.
  14. Be sure to let @Ji know when you see the back edge....wouldn't want him to miss it in all the heavy snow.