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  1. Maybe -- still pounding same size flakes here as well. Closing in on 2" at 32F.
  2. Now that's more like it..... @WinterWxLuvr you can stop pulling NW now.
  3. 52/48 -- but the wind has REALLY picked up, gusting to 30-40mph now. Will be interesting to see how fast the cold air actually manages to roll through.
  4. Too bad it's not snow -- would be fun to "share" a storm with you being in TX.
  5. Little over 2" here still light snow but basically it's done. Nothing worse than a windy very cold day with frozen mud to look at. Going to look awesome tomorrow with the cold and wind.... so I'm calling it a win! 28/25
  6. 1" new snow on top of existing glacier ice pack; mod/light snow Hoping we can get to 2-3" before coastal shuts us down.... 31/31
  7. Moderate snow; flakes back to small sized tho. Areas where existing glacier was melting are now caving and everything becoming completely white again. 32/30
  8. Moderate snow now with decent flake size -- snowcover mostly held so snow on snow + Friday HH = win! 33/29
  9. Yes -- I'm definitely not trying to deb on our chances..would love to see us do well on this one. The linked site had somewhat of a NC/VA focus (so I'm guessing they got nothing down there from that storm).... but it had decent graphics showing the various synoptic setups since apparently Miller is the word of the day...
  10. For those who want to learn more about Miller setups (and yes, there are hybrids/variants): https://glenallenweather.com/alink/18snow/stormtypes.htm Miller A type snowstorm This type of snowstorm has a low which originates in the Gulf; it intensifies and races up the east coast. EX: Superstorm 1993, Blizzard of 1996. These tend to be more widespread in area BUT can be less favorable for historic snows in New England. However, they can clobber portions of the Mid-Atlantic. Miller B type snowstorm This type snowstorm has a primary low over the Appalachians while a new, secondary, and more powerful low spins up along the Gulf Stream waters off the coast of NC. It intensifies and depending on its track can clobber areas of inland or coastal New England. These are less widespread in terms of area and usually miss the Mid-Atlantic. EX: Blizzard of 2005.
  11. Ack........don't use "jump" and "east" so close together like that..... EPS sure has a lot of classic Miller-B screw jobs in the mix....definitely want to see continued better trends.
  12. Yeah I'd like to see the ensembles continue to improve for the threat window first...those previous storms where the ops lead the way were a little disconcerting.
  13. Sunday, Tuesday, and then we get obliterated by a snowicane next weekend. At least for the next few minutes.....
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